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The switch was just finalized and I cannot thank Joy from Five J’s Design enough!  She has held my hand these past two days during the intense work.  I am so grateful for her intelligence!

Tot School will be posting tomorrow…but in the meantime I want to welcome you to my new online home.  The official address is www.1plus1plus1equals1.net.  My website is www.1plus1plus1equals1.com. The old blogspot address redirects here now, so no need to change anything on your end.

I am SURE there are problems that many of you will find for me.  If you come across a broken link, a portion I forgot to link, or anything that you think I might have missed, I would love the editing help Winking smile.  You can leave a comment here or shoot me an email.

Currently I have not imported Disqus comments from the blogspot blog, they are coming. That’s a project for this week!

I hope you enjoy the new perks, be sure to peek at the navigational menu up top, I worked really hard on it to help save you time finding things!  I truly hope it helps many of you!

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Changes in Blog Land

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen my little note sharing about a big change going on behind the scenes here on my blog. Thanks to my lovely friend Jolanthe encouraging me along, I have made the leap and my blog is in the process of transferring to WordPress behind the scenes right now, the final migration will be done this weekend!
blogger to wordpress
I hired Joy from Five J’s Design to make the switch for me and to help me with some design transferring issues. The transfer won’t affect you, it will switch behind the scenes and redirect old links. You may notice the new design, you may not – it’s very similar – just cleaned up a bit! Once we are up and running I will do a post to give you a tour of new features, especially MUCH navigational help I am working to help you find things and not waste your precious time searching around for something!

If you are curious as to why the switch is being made, you can read a great post on Blogging with Amy about switching to WordPress and whether it is right for you.

In preparation for the switch, I wanted to make sure I don’t lose my Google Friend Connect Followers, as this widget won’t transfer. GFC is ultimately disappearing on all blogs soon, but with me making the transfer right now, it is happening soon!

If you follow in Google Friend Connect, please take a moment to choose a new method…

    • Subscribe in an RSS Reader, I personally use Google Reader.
    • Sign up for emails, you will get an email each time I post. Be sure to confirm your email subscription after you sign up, you’ll get a simple email with a confirm link.
    • Like 1+1+1=1 on Facebook, the blog posts transfer over there via Networked Blogs. If you choose this option, I would also choose a method above if you don’t want to miss a post, sometimes Facebook is finicky.

I was actually on the phone with Jolanthe when she put up her Amazon giveaway to say thank you for subscribing, and since we share many of you as readers I thought I would do the same thing! If you don’t subscribe to Homeschool Creations, I recommend it! Jump over and subscribe if you don’t already and then enter to win her giveaway! If you already subscribe, you can enter over there too!

As a thank you to you for subscribing either via RSS or via email, I invite you to enter below to win a $50 Amazon gift card! If you already subscribe, you can enter! If you become a new subscriber today, you can enter! I am grateful for all of you! Just click “I Did It” and then tell in the extra information if you are email or RSS!

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