3rd Grade Reading List ~ Update

As we close up our homeschool year I wanted to share the books my daughter, who just finished 3rd grade, ended up reading this year!  At the beginning of the year I shared this list with you, which was the list I created to launch from. In that post you can download her exact reading guide, shown in the photo below.



This girl loves to read. I can’t keep up with her. She chose to read MANY of the books on the list and MANY that weren’t on the list! Below you can see her final ratings of each book from the list! I have her put a dot sticker with her 1-10 rating when she finishes a book. We also kept a written list for books not pictured.

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3rd Grade Reading Log (1 of 2) 3rd Grade Reading Log (2 of 2)

Books from a series are not all listed, these are the names in case I didn’t write it out above!

  • Wings of Fire
  • Sophie Mouse
  • Shelter Pet Squad
  • The Menagerie
  • Pet Rescue Club
  • Dog Diaries
  • Ranger in Time
  • Ragweed, Poppy, Poppy & Rye, Ereth’s Birthday, Poppy’s Return, Poppy & Ereth
  • Toys Go Out, Toys Come Home, Toy Dance Party
  • The Mouse & The Motorcycle, Runaway Ralph, Ralph S. Mouse
  • Leila & Nugget Mystery
  • Dragon Keepers
  • Zoey & Sassafras

Below you can see the books on Amazon {jump to blog if reading in email}

Creative Creatures A to Z Q-Tip Painting

Creative Creatures A to Z Q-Tip Painting

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WHY use Q-Tip Painting Printables?

The big answer is fine motor skills! You’ll notice how we focus on not only the tiny dots, but also using small items in painting or adding to the dots. All of this works on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

The letter/number identification is a secondary bonus!

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Ideas for Using Q Tip Painting Printables


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