Tot School ~ well, sorta

~Ladybug is currently 14 months old~

We did not have official Tot School all week long, but that doesn’t mean Tot Schooling wasn’t happening!  I just didn’t plan anything, but we still did lots!  I was actually surprised to find all of these photos when I was preparing for this post!

Ladybug learned how to stack this week!  She LOVES to play with her brothers in their room, and I went in to find her sitting with the train blocks and stacking them one on top of another!


Pac Man made her dominoes out of our cardboard blocks to knock over…IMG_9595

She dug all through the pegs, and played with these almost every day!!!IMG_9557

Cheese monkey, she loves Magneatos too!IMG_5922

The boys had these colored bowls {we got them at a consignment sale} and small blocks out.  Ladybug found them, so I set them up for her and she put blocks into them 😉IMG_9612

Krash attempted to read to her, which lasted all of 15 seconds! IMG_9397


Moms FavoriteThe rest of Ladybug’s week was spent just being LOVED ON.  Seriously we just adore this sweet girl.  These are all of my favorites from the week…lots of Ladybug loving!



IMG_5914IMG_5915     IMG_9552IMG_9424