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Tot School

We began the week trying something new (well, old actually but we got away form the idea). I put out our bins on the kitchen table, each with a different Tot School item in them, and let Krash choose his activities like that. We are currently schooling out of our school room due to heating costs, so we’re mostly in the kitchen now, I just run into the freezing schoolroom to get the supplies we need!Right away he noticed the bottle top name cards and announced, “I wanna see Pop Pop,”

He also worked on ALL of the cards at least twice each! He really seems to like this tool!Another cool new tool we have around here is our awesome hand made alphabet bean bag set! My mom made this for us at my request and they are a huge hit. This week however, they became an even bigger hit as the new game “Bean Bag Monster” was invented! Krash lays out a row of letters and then hammers each one as he yells out the name, then Pac-Man quickly grabs it (he’s the monster) and takes it away. You can see a video of the boys in action playing this game here on our Phanfare site!
After they’re all done, they both throw them back into the chair and start over! This is by far the best Tot School activity we have ever done!!! Both boys love it!!!! If you aren’t a sewer, you can buy some online, ABC bean bags.

K also chose to use his markers again this week, he hasn’t been drawing a lot lately. I got him a new set of Crayola Pip-Squeaks and he was very excited! He is still VERY into practicing his cutting skills…We did a lot more, but I seem to be lacking in photos for the week! I can’t wait to show him our new Song Notebook tomorrow for Tot School!

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If you have a tot (approximately ages 1-3) at home, join in the fun and share what you’re doing with your tot! Here’s how to get started if you’re new…

GO HERE 1st for more details, then if you have any ideas you’d like to share, link up your exact post to Mr Linky (if you have questions about how to do that, let me know in a comment or email). Provide a link back somewhere in your post to this post so your readers can see other ideas too!

Tools for Tots ~ Song Notebook

Krash loves to sing, and he loves our box of instruments and finger puppets that we use with our songs. The only problem is…I don’t remember all of our songs off the top of my head and sometimes I even forget to sing at all! Lately he has been begging me to sing our version of Row, Row, Row Your Boat and this has inspired me to create a song notebook for him so he can browse through himself and choose the songs for our song time! I hope this notebook will grow and become a integral part of our Tot School time as we have so much fun when we remember to sing together!

I typed up some of our favorite songs and put them in PDF form for you to download if you’d like to use them too. I will also be adding to the list as I find time! I printed his out on colored paper and put them in sheet protectors and into a 3-ring binder.

I snapped some photos of a few of them, showing you our finished products along with the instruments we have to go with them. What a neat gift it would be to make a song notebook for a tot you know and then provide some of the instruments or puppets to go with it!

If you don’t own any instruments, be creative and make your own! You can make sock puppets too! But if you’re looking to buy some, here’s a few I really like online…
6-pc. Rhythm Kit Set
Friends From Literature Finger Puppets (Set of 10)

Story of the World 1 ~ Cuneiform

We are moving along with our The Story of the World course and Pac-Man continues to love it. We don’t do much with the extensions, given our present life circumstances, but I couldn’t pass up making clay tablets for ancient writings of the Sumerians! Pac-Man used the cuneiform chart provided in the SOTW activity book and wrote his name in the clay tablet he made. It turned out great and we both had fun doing it.

I found another mom on a blog I read who is just beginning to use SOTW in case you’re interested in seeing the great resources she is using with her 2 kids!

Word World ~ Tot Book

I finally got the photos up on the Tot Book site for the new Word World Tot Book! If you have a child who is a fan…you can download the free Tot Book from the site!

Tools For Tots ~ Learning Wheels (colors, shapes)

Color and Shape Wheel Printables

I was inspired to make these from the ideas I saw on Four Little Penguins, I also saw an adorable adaptation of that idea on Cheeky Monkey, where she used little wooden sticks and velcro for her son instead of the clothespins.

I decided to create Learning Wheels, and began with color matching…
and shape matching…For the colors I started K today with different colored bottle tops to just place on the colors, I also plan to let him use colored pom poms, wooden sticks, and of course clothespins. BUT, before you go thinking K always uses his tools in the proper way, this is what he thought of my idea today…the purple bead (I didn’t have a purple top) was used as a hammer to pound on the other tops and he wouldn’t match them up on my lovely learning wheel :). That’s OK though, we still yelled out the colors as he pounded!
He did well with the shapes and seemed to enjoy the challenge of this one. I used little foam shapes I had from this set
What you will need:
  • The Learning Wheels, you can make your own or download mine here as a pdf file (click on the image on the site page)
  • colored objects to match up (wooden sticks, clothespins, pom poms, bottle tops, even pieces of construction paper…be creative!)
  • shapes to match up (I made sure the colors DID not match in order to get him to focus on the shape) Pull shapes from any other tool you have or make your own out of construction paper or cardstock
  • cardstock (to print on)
  • laminator (if you have one, or can get one-it’s SOOO worth the $40, I use it all the time!)

I am working on more Learning Wheels too, I know this tool will grow with him as I add different leveled wheels. It is certainly a tool that can be used for tots and way beyond! I am also making gift sets of these, most likely including the clothespins for them. For older kids I make them for I may make a clothespin set with color/shape words on them too.