Tot School

Krash seemed to really *grow up* this week. I feel like my baby boy has sort of disappeared into this little talking, questioning, explaining, understanding-grown up little tot. He’s still my baby, still my tot, but something seems to have changed. We have entered into the world that just makes more sense-you know? He just gets it now, I can reason with him, he listens (way better than big bro ever did at this age), and his play has changed a lot.

As I looked back through the photos of this week, my feeling was confirmed as I have shots of a few new milestones for him. Oh my baby boy…don’t grow up to fast!!!!

We began our week with a wonderful staff retreat at Camp Men-O-Lan. Our entire ministry staff goes all together for 2 1/2 days and we spend tons of time just hanging out together. The boys had a blast. K perfected his scootering skills…And played TONS with the few little trucks he brought along… (you can see the little truck rolling down the rock)We arrived home on Wed evening and managed to pack lots more into our week, which began with a big boy moment of finally learning how to work this helicopter all by himself. He can load it, balance it, and pull the string to get it to fly–we were all impressed!!!He did some work in the house this day…ha ha! Wouldn’t you hire him?One of his favorite learning games, lining up our rechargeable batteries and counting them….Another milestone was that he finally was able to build his own Marble Track, I was amazed. He kept trying and saying, “no, other way, yea, like that…” talking himself through his mistakes. I stepped in to help a few times but he did it mostly on his own…We played with our Leap Frog Alphabet Go Fish, he liked these since he knows the characters from the DVDs.He played with a paint color thingy.We searched for colors together and made shapes with the fan part of it…We painted…He worked on W for his ABC Notebook
I got out our Hopscotch mat (he has never played with this before) and we had a blast doing all sorts of things with it, he loved it! Here he is standing on the number Pac-Man asked him to find…

The boys played dress up, my favorite part was watching Pac get K dressed up and seeing their patience with each other.
K hit a big behavioral milestone this week involving these toys pictured. He was getting VERY angry that the Heroes wouldn’t ride the motorcycle just right. He spent most of the morning crying about it, it was ridiculous. So bad that he and the Heroes had to go in time out. After his nap we got the Heroes down and I explained to him that he could not cry if it didn’t work. I told him to ask for help or just keep trying. I am shocked to say that he did not cry the entire afternoon, even when he got mad. I was so proud!!!

He loves our Drum Set… (I know our neighbor does too)Finally, the moment that made this whole *growing up baby boy* thing real for me. He role-played for the first time on his own. I walked in and heard him speaking softly to Buzz and realized he was pretending Buzz was his baby. He was “changing his hiney,” “putting him night night,” “covering him up,” and various other things. I also heard him saying a few things to Buzz that me and Daddy say to K and P, it was SO sweet.

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