Tot School

This was settling in week, we arrived home from a 9 day vacation on Monday evening. I have had a hard time getting back in the swing of things-thus no other blog posts this entire week! Thankfully my camera was sitting around a lot so I managed to grab some photos of some Tot School moments! We are hoping to begin *school* either on Monday (P’s request) or Aug 11 (my desire). We’ll see how I feel on Monday :).

K loves P’s Sansa Shaker MP3 Player. P got this for Christmas and he likes it, but K loves it just as much and uses it often! It plays music without the headphones, but lately K has been into wearing the headphones!! This is a great, inexpensive, and easy MP3 player for kids if you are looking for one!

We got this Water Symphony set at a consignment sale and they stay up in a bag mostly. K asks when he wants them down. He is finally into making them play their sounds (they are musical).
K learned to actually ride his scooter the right way!!! We are so proud of him!!!
He can hang with big bro now! And yes, we keep scooters in the house (aren’t I lucky) since we live in the inner city-there’s no where really to ride them outside much so they ride them all over downstairs!
K had his first experience with a glue stick this week. He did well, but kept wanting to put glue on top of the shape he just stuck down!!!He LOVES scissors and is determined to learn to use them ALL BY HIMSELF. He will not let me show him how and spends lots of time learning his way. This is the first time he actually got them to cut anything!!!He played with our Latches BoardThe boys used the Cardboard Blocksas dominoes. K did well playing with P instead of just knocking things over. P has really enjoyed that!They also set our small Wood Blocks up as dominoes…I was shocked when K took apart and put this McQueen (from the Mega Brands Cars Dinoco Stage) together. He worked and worked until he got it, all by himself! We went to our church picnic and K wanted to play basketball with the big kids…I convinced him to play a bit on his own 🙂
He also got to swing, a lot!!!

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