Our School Room

It is time again, time for a school room post! I have written a couple in the past year, you can find them here and here. Today I am posting for Brenda’s Keeping it Real gathering :). About a week before I found out she was going to do this, I began the major school room overhaul, but I stopped and grabbed the camera before I finished!! I am actually almost done but I will save the final photos for another post. For today, here is the schoolroom–real style!

Our schoolroom is located in the very back of our approximately 100 year old inner-city row home. We have a unique house, and thankfully we are blessed with this unique space to have a schoolroom! You walk into the school room from the kitchen, this is the view walking in. The basket on the top left is my collect all (ooops it’s overflowing) basket-big trouble spot.Keep looking down that same wall and you see this. The drawers are filled with many different school related items, all labeled and organized. I got the drawer sets from Target. I will be posting later about the reorganization and what is in each one! I couldn’t survive without these drawers, they are the best thing in my school room!Then you see this, the wagon used to store all of the outside toys, since our schoolroom is also the mudroom/outside storage area. These great Ikea baskets are hanging above the wagon, I usually store our current lapbook themed items in these. You can see we’re working on oceans right now!This door leads outside to our back (mini) yard. On the wall are awesome baskets from Ikea, where we store outside stuff: sunscreen, bug spray, bubbles, sunglasses, etc. Below the baskets on the wall is an awesome round basket from Target where we keep all of our *backdoor shoes*.

This is looking from the entrance door into the middle of the room, at our school table, where we work mostly. Many of the tot school and other school photos you see are taken here! Pac and I have stools (from Ikea) and Krash has a Hook-On High Chair. This is my awesome table tray (Ikea) that holds all of my most needed small items.This is the black hole of the schoolroom, it’s is mainly out of sight and collects much junk–ugh. I hate this corner. It is actually all clean now, but this was what it looked like the day I snapped the pic!On the other wall (when walking in the schoolroom it’s on the right), we have shelves lining the entire wall (also from Ikea). You can see how overloaded they became this year and they got completely redone last week! Again, after photos will come soon!This is the Tot-School shelf, where I store many of our Tot School Tools. When this pic was taken, things would fall out on me when I tried to take one thing down, it had gotten bad!This is the final wall, which holds P’s computer, more storage drawers and our wonderful storage board (also Ikea).

I had to write this post quickly (I am short on time this week!), I plan to do the finished one more in depth! Feel free to ask any questions about the room and I will try to answer them in the next post!!

Go check out Brenda’s blog for photos of other school rooms!