Give a Little Bit

We’re starting something new here at 1+1+1=1, I am really excited to give a little bit and hope you will be excited too! You may or may not know about my mom, Sandi, if you don’t I want to tell you about her and if you do maybe you will learn something new about her from this.

This is my mom…
She is a very talented woman with a HUGE heart and she uses much of that huge heart to help our own family. We are full time missionaries and my mom spends much of her time supporting our mission work.

About 2 years ago my mom gave my new baby (K) an adorable taggie blankee she made herself. At that time I hadn’t seen these for sale anywhere (although we now know others sell them too) and I instantly fell in love. I asked her if she’d ever want to go into business and she said yes, but only if she could give all of the money to our missionary work. We argued about this for awhile and she finally won and Little Bits was created, entirely non-profit.

I worked to get a website up for her and it has evolved into what it is today (it certainly didn’t start like it is now!). She began sewing and sewing, in addition to her FULL time job. Yes my friends, my mom works full time and does everything for Little Bits in her spare time.
Not only does my mom work full time and give so much of her heart during her free time, she also has lots of physical problems. She struggles with a body that tends to always have “something” wrong, most recently it has been her hand, which greatly impacts her sewing. She has had surgery on her hand, knees, shoulders, stomach, and lives her life in much pain. BUT, she is not one to let pain get in the way, she rises above and is a great example of serving the Lord with ALL that you have. She is a constant inspiration to me and many others.

I tell you all of this about my mom and the work she does through Little Bits so you will understand a little bit more about why I am starting “give a little bit.” I want to give a little bit not only so the winner can have a new Bit, but also to remind us all to give a little bit. Not necessarily an item, but to give of yourself. Let my mom be a source of inspiration to you, let the Bits we give away be a reminder to give to others in some way every day. Even though I live a life as a missionary I often need to be reminded of this myself, don’t we all? So, yes it will be exciting to receive a new Bit if you’re the winner, but don’t let it end there, give of yourself in some way to others!

Here at 1+1+1=1, I will begin to offer FREE giveaways of beautiful Little Bits.
I want to give away different Bits each time, and hope to host a giveaway often, although I will not set a certain day so you’ll have to check in often to see if there’s one up! If you’ve never been over to the Little Bits site, give a visit and see what you like because with each giveaway you will also have the option to vote on the next Bit we giveaway!

Why am I doing this on my homeschooling blog? Because I believe that we all desire to teach our children to give back in some way and to be more selfLESS in all they do. At least that’s what I desire for my boys. Hopefully this regular giveaway will remind us all to not only be strive for this in ourselves but also remind us to teach our children each and every day to give back.

Check back soon for our very first give a little bit giveaway! We’re excited to get going!