Draw, Write, Now Book 3 Printables

Draw, Write, Now Book 3 Printables 

I am continuing to plow through creating the Draw, Write, Now printables and recently got book 3 completed and have plans to complete the rest of the books, hopefully this summer!

Book 3 has some fun themes; Native Americans, North America, and Pilgrims. If you aren’t familiar with Draw, Write, Now, you can see the post I wrote last year when we gave a set away and learn more about them!

You may remember me sharing Book 1 last year, and the printables to go along.  These printables are exactly the same, two different options.  One for tracing, one for copying.  Both have the same drawing space.

Draw-Write-Now-Book-1-Hen6 Draw-Write-Now-Book-1-Hen-26

Visit the new webpage I created to host these printables to download this set and the book 1 set!Draw-Write-Now-Printables4

Thanks to Barker Creek Publishing for their permission to share these with my readers!

Read and Write the Room {House}

Read and Write the Room Printables

Back when I taught Kindergarten we always had a writing center and a part of that center was the Read & Write the Room activity. I did this with PacMan when he was in Kindergarten and it is now time to begin with Krash! I am working on adding printable sets to go with our different themes, some will be included in new Preschool Packs, others will be grouped in with the Tot School Printables themes since I often base our whole theme for school around Ladybug’s current theme.

The idea is simple and one that can be expanded on in many creative ways-this is just one way to do it.

  • Print the image/word cards and cut apart.
  • Tape these around the schoolroom or school area in your home.
  • Give your child a clipboard, and a pencil and have him/her go around and find the words and record them on either the tracing sheet (younger kids) or on the blank lines (older kids).
  • For fun, allow your child to use funny glasses, a fun word pointer, and a special pen or pencil! You could even slip the recording sheet into the Crayola Dry Erase Center and have your child use that to write on with a dry erase marker!

This past week Krash had his first experience. I made cards to go along with Ladybug’s theme: nature. I hung the 10 cards all over the school room…




I gave Krash a clipboard and his recording sheet and sent him on the hunt.


The goal of Read and Write the Room is to reinforce print awareness. It is not for spelling practice {although it could be for older children}. It is a way to connect pictures with words and practice handwriting in a fun way.

You could expand on this idea to hang up sight words and have your child hunt for them, use just letters or any theme. There are MANY possibilities to this idea!!

You can find word cards to download for free in the Tot School Printables units starting with letter Jj.

You can also see the new Read & Write the Room webpage here for even more free printables!

My Little Author

Pac Man has been a *book writer* for awhile now, it has been something he really enjoys. He takes long breaks but eventually goes back to his love. Thankfully this is something that he just loves, I never have to “make” him do this, he does it in his free time!

Recently he decided to write a chapter book. Honestly I didn’t think he would see it to completion, but I must eat my words-he finished it!!!! I never reminded him, never helped him (during the rough draft), it was ALL him :). He worked on this rough draft for a long time…Then when he finally finished he asked me if I would help him edit it. He is learning what an editor does, and what publishing means, it has been a great learning time together. I sat him with me as I re-wrote his story for him in Microsoft Publisher. He read it out loud as I typed. I showed him what I was doing, he helped me choose and place the graphics. Here is how it turned out…
After printing, he had to color a few of the graphics, he loved doing that…Here is the final book, can you tell how proud he is??? I am pretty proud of him too!
I hope he keeps it up, I created a 3 ring binder for him to keep his rough draft and final copies in, what a great keepsake it will be for him when he is older!!!

Writing Progress!

I love to teach elementary writing, always have, hopefully always will. It is something I wish I spent more time on, but unfortunately I have a son who is (was-hopefully) content telling wonderfully imaginative stories, but NOT writing them clearly and neatly. I knew I had to push forward anyhow, and thanks to the free writing downloads a few weeks ago from A-Z, I found lessons that I could really use with him. It was pulling teeth at first, but then the light came on and he produced this final copy…I am SOOOO proud of him, his handwriting is usually awful, and he usually could care less. He didn’t even want to write the final copy (the rough draft was horribly sloppy by the way). I had to drag the 1st two final draft sentences out of him, but then he got into it and copied the last sentences entirely on his own, I couldn’t believe it!

He claims it is thanks to this (Pencil Grip)…He also hated this the first day I gave it to him, but now he claims it is the reason for his new improved handwriting. Who knows? I am just happy.

I broke down…

and I am glad I did. I learned awhile back about Start Write and I wanted to order it right away. I didn’t though, thinking I could live without a $40 program. Well, as P’s handwriting continued to NOT improve much and I really wanted an easy way to do copy work that I create myself, I broke down and clicked “order.” I am SOOO glad I did! I honestly thought P would hate me, he does not like handwriting, but I was quite wrong! He was so excited that the sheets were custom made for him (some with his full name, our address, Bible verses he likes, color words, etc.). He asked me to do more than 1 in a day!
He doesn’t LOVE them as much now that the newness has worn off, but he does it without complaining and doesn’t mind them at all. He even enjoys some of them! I am excited to have this as I prepare for K’s more formal schooling too, it was a $40 well spent, I highly recommend it!