Playful Learning with Spielgaben March 2015

Playful Learning with Spielgaben is our monthly post sharing Spielgaben in action!  If you missed the introduction to this series, you can see it here and also see links to our past posts. We were given the Spielgaben set to review and are honored to have them as a blog sponsor.  I will be sharing once a month a detailed post featuring Spielgaben.  You can also see my Learning with Ladybug posts to see what my daughter has done with this learning set!

 Playful Learning with Spielgaben March 2015

Lessons We Enjoyed

This month we use a couple worksheets to review fractions.  These are from Worksheet Pack #7, Level 2.  Below you can see screenshots from the pdf file we used.

Spielgaben Worlsheet 7 Level 2  Spielgaben Worksheet 7 level 2

We have learned basic fractions before but it has been awhile.  We used these as a discussion tool as she created and wrote. Loads of vocabulary going on in an easy and fun way.

Spielgaben -5613

Spielgaben -5618


After we worked together we made more models using other shapes practicing our fraction vocabulary.

Spielgaben -5621


Free Play

The new additions to Spielgaben have been a HUGE hit with my kids.  She gets them out a lot just to play.  This day I captured some of her creations.

Spielgaben -5293


She worked really hard making spinning tops and had a blast spinning them with me!

Spielgaben -5301

Spielgaben -5304


This entire creation had a story to it, I wish I had written it down.  She has quite the imagination!

Spielgaben -5320

Spielgaben -5325


She loves creating just about anything, I think this was a fish if I remember correctly!

Spielgaben -5626


Mommy Inspired Play

Remember the big project she assigned herself last month?  The clean up became another project this month!  She wasn’t nearly as self-motivated to do this one, so it was “mommy-inspired’ if you know what I mean. 

Spielgaben -5315

See the brand new version 4.0 here!

I can’t say enough about the new storage system, it is AWESOME!


AN Word Family Beginning Sound and Matching Worksheets

Word family work continues to be a part of our homeschool Kindergarten and we have new _an word family printables for you! 

an word family worksheets

Worksheets can be used in many alternative ways, other than the obvious intention.  These 2 worksheets can easily be used with a pencil {the obvious way}. On the first sheet, the child can write in the missing beginning sound and trace the remaining letters.  As you can see below, Ladybug likes to use our Perler Bead letters to work on the beginning sound work!

YCR an word family -5451


In the worksheet below, you can simply draw lines to match, which is what she usually prefers. Another fun idea is to use Wiki Stix to be your lines!

YCR an word family -6323

Variety makes repetitive tasks more fun and interesting for young kids.  If something gets boring, try a new angle or spin on the same work!

Grab your free copy of the_an Worksheets here!

While there you’ll get a peek at the full _an word family printable set.  Many FREE individual files will be coming soon, the full set is available in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop if you want it now! 


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