Oily Moms and Their Oily Kids


I am beyond exciting to share this with you! In partnership with two of my greatest friends, Jodi and Jolanthe, we bring you three weeks of OILY KIDS learning events!

Are your kids perfect? No?! Great! Ours aren’t either, but we have found some awesome ways to support the kiddos in our lives and are excited to share with you.

What it is:

Through Facebook, we have set up a public recurring event hosted by all three of us. Over three weeks, one of us will be there to share on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting March 19 at 1pm EST! The lessons will be a surprise, filled with either LIVE or pre-recorded videos, some graphic-based tips, and several fun PDF downloads!

ALL are welcome to attend, even if you aren’t on our Young Living team, but please know this event will be specific to Young Living products. Only positive and helpful comments will be allowed!

Topics that will be covered {all centered around KIDS}: Focus, Sleep, Emotions, Wellness, Moms, Cleaning with Kids, Healthy Bodies, & more!

Join us on Monday, March 19th as we launch the fun with the topic schedule, downloadable note taking guide, and giveaway. On March 19, the fun will begin at 1pm and posts will appear throughout the day, closing up by 9pm. Be sure to pop over on the 19th so you don’t miss the giveaway and PDF download!

What you need to do if you want to participate:

Click “GOING” in the event here and you will be able to access all of the recurring events.

STARTS: Monday, March19th, at 1pm EST

Continues every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm through April 6th.


If you aren’t on Facebook:

We realize many of you have chosen not to be on FB and currently we are only running this event there. If you are interested in learning more but aren’t on FB we encourage you to email us for more information. We have hopes of creating different versions of this event {off of FB}, but currently this event will only be in our FB group.

Bunnies & Carrots 1-10 Q-Tip Painting Printables

Bunnies and Carrots Q Tip Painting Printables

We have a new set of Q-Tip Painting printables featuring adorable bunnies and carrots with numbers 1-10! There are so many fun ways to use these printables. Making tiny glue dots and sprinkling glitter over them is a favorite of ours! You can see many more ideas for using these here!

Bunnies and Carrots Q Tip Painting

If you have some tiny objects, like bunnies or carrots, use them for some counting practice too!

Bunnies and Carrots Q Tip Painting-2

Download your free Bunnies and Carrots Q-tip Painting Printables here!

WHY use Q-Tip Painting Printables?

The big answer is fine motor skills! You’ll notice how we focus on not only the tiny dots, but also using small items in painting or adding to the dots. All of this works on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

The letter/number identification is a secondary bonus!

See ideas for using these here!


Looking for all of our Q-Tip Painting Printables? Click on the images to see the free printables for each theme shown below! I am always adding more, so be sure to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss new themes!

Apple-Qtip-Painting-34 Slide542 Slide3

Thanksgiving Q-tip Printables Slide4 Jack and the Beanstalk Q-tip Printables

Despicable Me Q-tip Printables Lalaloopsy Q-tip Printables Tinkerbell Q-tip Printables

Sofia Q-tip Printables Noah's Ark Q-tip Printables Mouse Paint Q-tip Printables

Christmas Fun Q-tip Printables Nativity Q-tip Printables Slide24

Slide272 The Mitten Q-tip Printables Slide2522

Q-Tip-Alphabet-Painting Q-Tip-Painting-Number-Printables

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