Spectacular Homeschool Science Resources

Science is not the easiest subject for me to teach but I truly enjoy learning alongside of my children! There are SO many awesome science resource in this year’s Build Your Bundle!

BYB 2017 Science Resources

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Where Are All of the Science Products?

Below is a detailed list of all science products {unless I accidentally missed something – which is possible, there’s a lot!}. I hope this helps you see where to find what you want an how to get the best deal! There are full science curriculums as well as lapbooks, unit studies and printables.

Here is a list of which product is in a pre-made bundle, so you can see if that might be a better option for you. If you buy 2 of these bundles, you get 1 free! Remember, there is more in each bundle, I am just highlighting the science products!

Ellen McHenry– Price $29.95

  • Protozoa; A Poseidon Adventure! {$14.95 }
  • Botany in 8 Lessons {$14.95}
  • Cells; An Introduction to the Anatomy and Physiology of Animal Cells {$14.95}
  • The Elements; Ingredients of the Universe {$14.95}
  • Carbon Chemistry {$14.95}
  • The Brain; An Introduction to Neurology {$14.95}



I am in LOVE with these books! I had never even heard of them before Build Your Bundle but took a chance and added them all to my Build Your Own. I am blown away! Highly, HIGHLY recommend grabbing these!

Unit Studies – $14.95

  • Space {$24}
  • Sensational Sharks {$9.95}
  • Owl Unit Study – Wildlife Adventures {9.95}
  • Oceans Unit Study Adventure {$12.95}
  • Magnificent Frigatebird – Wildlife Adventures Unit Study {$8.99}
  • Jellyfish Unit Study – Wildlife Adventures {$8.99}
  • Human Body Unit {$12}
  • Alligator Unit Study – Wildlife Adventures {$9.99}


Thematic Units – Price $9.95

  • Volatile Volcanoes Download N Go™ Unit Study {9.95}
  • Super Sequence Pack {$5}
  • Ultimate Life Cycle Bundle {$9.99}


Upper Grades #2 – $49.95

  • Guest Hollow’s Biology Curriculum Schedule {$15}


Elementary #2 – $39.95

  • The Science of Seasons Learn-and-Play Activities Book {$15}
  • Guest Hollow’s Jr. Anatomy Curriculum {$20}


Elementary #3 – $39.95

  • Periodic Table of the Elements {$4.99}


Elementary #4 – $39.95

  • Rocks & Minerals Learn N’ Folder {$21}


Charlotte Mason – $49.99

  • Quark Chronicles: Anatomy {$15}
  • Nature Study Notebooking Pages {$10.95}
  • Backyard Science {$4.99}


In the Hands of a Child – $24.95

  • The Human Body Curriculum {$12}
  • Rocks & Minerals {$9}
  • Exploring Light Curriculum {$9}
  • Animal Classification Curriculum {$9}


A Journey Through Learning – $24.95

  • Oceans of the World with Study Guide {$8.00}
  • Light Lapbook with Study Guide {$8}



If the pre-made bundles have what you want, great! If not, you can do a Build Your Own! Remember, Buy 2, Get 1 FREE!


Homeschool Grammar Plans for 3rd Grade

I love finding new curriculum, and thanks to Build Your Bundle I found something new that I LOVE! I have been trying it out with my daughter to see if it’s a good fit and it is SUCH a good fit, we are just moving right along instead of waiting until fall to begin! She loves it!

Our new addition is Grammar Galaxy!

Grammar Galaxy -18

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This curriculum is totally different than anything I have seen and I am certain that is the reason she is hooked. She LOVES me reading aloud to her which is a main component to this program. This is not something you can hand your child and send them off to do it independently.

There are two different portions, one is the Mission Manual and one is the book which I have on my iPad. I read the chapter to her and then we go to the Mission Manual together and do the “work” which is described as a mission – making it seem less like work and more like fun!

Grammar Galaxy -14-2 Grammar Galaxy -14


For next year we will be using Grammar Galaxy {if she doesn’t finish it this summer} and will continue with Growing with Grammar {level 3}. GWG is a traditional workbook and her more independent grammar workbook. I like the combo, but you absolutely could just use Grammar Galaxy alone! It exposes so much more than just grammar.

Grammar Galaxy: Nebula, the first in a series of language arts texts for first to sixth graders, teaches:

  • reading skill development
  • literary concepts
  • vocabulary
  • spelling
  • grammar
  • composition and
  • speaking

This week you can get a copy of Grammar Galaxy in the Elementary #1 Bundle which is $39.95. Grammar Galaxy alone is worth $50!



Don’t need the entire Elementary #1 Bundle?

Do what I did and add Grammar Galaxy to a Build Your Own Premium Bundle – 5 for $39. Grammar Galaxy alone is worth $50! MORE THAN THE COST OF THE ENTIRE BUNDLE! <— yes I am yelling excitedly because this is an incredible deal!





See our other Build Your Bundle posts to get more ideas of how to get the most out of this sale!

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