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We have loved Step Into Reading Books for many years and Amazon is having a big sale right now. Note – current prices can change at any time so be sure to buy what you want quickly!  All of the books displayed {you will need to view this post on a computer or iPad – my mobile site is down and the Amazon display won’t show in email} are on sale at the time of posting! Most of these books are normally $3.99 each and some are marked down to less than $2 right now!  Happy book shopping!

Just a Few Make it ALL Worth It!



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Is the Parenting Super Bundle right for you? I always like to do my best to help you decide if a particular bundle is right for you. and that’s what I chose to focus on with this post. This bundle won’t be right for everyone but will be a GREAT fit for some of you and you will get some really valuable resources at a fabulous price.

Many of my readers have young children at home. If you have a tot and are interested in Tot School I highly recommend this bundle for 5 reasons in particular.

First, my Tot School Printables Bundle is included, which is a $12 value!TSP Bundle

The next product I want to be sure you notice is The Toddler Journey, which is a The_Toddler_Journey$10 value.

Looking for creative ways to keep toddlers busy? Here are 100 fun and easy activities toddlers will love. If you are a parent, grandparent, or caregiver to toddlers, THIS is the book for you.

Here’s what is included in The Toddler Journey:

  • List of developmental milestones for toddlers
  • Hands-on activities for sensory play, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, art, and more
  • 100 toddler activities categorized by age groups

At the top of every page, you’ll see what age group this activity is developmentally appropriate for. Age groups are broken down into 12-18 months, 18-24 months, and 24-36 months.

You can do most of these activities with materials you already have at your home. These are simple, engaging, and FUN activities your toddlers will love.

The Toddler Journey inside

Note – The Toddler Journey is available in print format on Amazon here.

I also want to be sure you notice Playing with Purpose: Character Building Made Fun, which sells for $6.99. This is an amazing resource and is something I wish I would have had especially when my daughter was young.

If you are a parent or teacher who wants to help your children grasp the meaningPlaying_with_Purpose and real life application of character traits such as friendliness, courage, patience, and more – without giving continuous lectures – you can use Playing with Purpose: Character Building Made Fun to explore the concepts together in an engaging, age-appropriate way. This ebook:

  • Contains over 100 fun and simple activities to help your children learn about a range of positive character traits
  • Has a user-friendly checklist format with space for notes; plus the activities are numbered for easy reference and plan-making
  • Is gender neutral – the activities are great for boys and girls
  • Includes a range of activities – crafts, at home, and in the neighborhood – that can be done in a short period of time and which require very few materials
  • Was created especially for kids under age 5, but can also be adapted for older children with a bit of creativity

Another product for your tot is the Farm Life Quiet Book, whish is valued at $4.99. This is so adorable!

This is a printable quiet book to help create a quiet book that will engage children My_Farm_Life_Quiet_Bookand help them learn. The printable includes quiet book page templates.

Perfect for keeping those little ones entertained at church, in the doctor’s office, traveling in the car–you name it!

Comes with 16 pages: 8 book pages, and 8 sticker/cutout pages.

Quiet-Book-photosMy Farm Life eBook contains:

  • Build your own farm page
  • Help the mommy animals find their babies
  • Heads and Tails
  • Who am I? (match up the silhouettes with the correct animal)
  • Put together the puzzle (jigsaw puzzle shapes)
  • Match up the correct number of eggs for each numbered Hen
  • Help the mommy duck sort her ducklings from tallest to shortest
  • Match up the tractor tires to the correct color

Finally, be sure to peek at Crafty Critters, valued at $9.99. If you like having ideas for crafts and don’t like spending hours searching online, this is for you! You get 100 crafts with all directions formatted on to one page each.

Each page of Crafty Critters has:Crafty_Critters

  • a final picture of the craft
  • a suggested age group
  • a detailed list of needed supplies
  • the approximate time it will take to complete
  • step by step instructions
  • step by step pictures

All of this is neatly displayed on one page. This makes it super easy to print out. Below you can see a sample page.page_preview

Want to save the ink and/or paper? Each page will display great on  a tablet screen or computer screen, without the need to scroll!


I have another VERY favorite that I just know my kids are going to love. The Funny Mom Joke Pack, which is valued at $29.99! I have already begun making my kids laugh with these!


There are so many amazing resources included in this bundle, I shared even more that I love in my first post here but wanted to highlight just a few in this final post! I hope it was helpful!