Preschool, Tot, and Kindergarten Printable Packs

I have MANY themed printable packs and I wanted to have a post that had links to all of them in one place to make it easier for you all to find what you are looking for! I will add a link to this post over in the sidebar so you can easily find it when you need it!  I am putting links to popular posts down on the bottom of my sidebar to make jumping around easier!

Printables Packs from 1plus1plus1equals1

Although they are sorted into Tot-Preschool-Kindergarten, many can be used for a variety of ages.  All packs are available to download for FREE on my website, these links will take you to the blog post that introduced the printable pack, or to the webpage where the PDF files are hosted. If you find an error in this post, let me know so I can fix it!  It is quite possible I linked something wrong or left something out!

If you have any trouble downloading or printing these files, or any others on my blog, please see this post for troubleshooting tips!

Tot Books and Packs were my original creation years ago, the very first one was a Cars Tot Book for Krash when he was 2. It was a hit so I began making more. The Tot Books/Packs are geared towards kids ages 2-4.

Doc McStuffins Tot Pack Button Rainbow Tot Pack Button Octonauts Tot Pack Dora Tot Book Chicka Chicka Tot Book Little Einsteins Tot BookBig Machines Tot Book Five Little Monkeys Tot Pack Dinosaur Train Tot Pack Feelings Tot Pack Nemo Tot Book Hermie Tot Book Thomas Tot Book Word World Tot Book Veggie Tales Tot BookCars Tot Book Handy Manny Tot Book Noah's Ark Tot BookOcean Animals Tot Book Pond Tot Book Monster Tot PackFarm Tot Book Tarzan Christmas Tot BookWinter Tot Pack Love Tot Pack Spring

Preschool Packs came along as Krash grew up and I teamed up with my friend Jolanthe to create a wide variety of themes.  Preschool Packs are geared for ages 3-5.

Ballerina Pack Birds Button Cars Preschool Pack Cats Preschool Pack Dragon Preschool Pack Pretty Bugs Princess preschool Pack Toy Story Preschool PackUnder the Sea Preschool Girly Pack Batman Preschool Pack Solar_System_Preschool_Pack Monster Truck Preschool PrintablesCandy Button Pumpkin Fun Thanksgiving_Preschool_Pack_150x150 Nativity Preschool Pack 150

As Krash continued to grow, I developed a series of Kindergarten Packs based on his interests.  Kindergarten Packs are geared towards kids ages 4-6.

Angry Birds K Printables Jake and the Neverland Pirates Printables Monster PrintablesOctonauts Kindergarten Printables Phineas and Ferb Printables Pirate K PrintablesSkylanders Kindergarten Printables Lego_Printables Webkinz_K_Printables

Printable Packs are not really age specific, they feature skills for kids ages 2-6, depending on your child.

Baby Animals Printable Pack Brown Bear PrintablesMickey Mouse Printables

Very Hungry Caterpillar Printables fairy printables Scarecrow Printables

My-Little-Pony-Printables5 The Mitten Printables girls gymnastics printable pack Lalaloopsy Printables

Jack and the Beanstalk Littlest Pet Shop Sofia the First PrintablesDaniel Tiger Printable Pack Despicable Me Printables

Be sure to check out Homeschool Creations, for MANY more Printable Packs!  Many of hers are listed on my Preschool Pack page since we collaborated to develop themes for years together! Find Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, Camping, Transportation, and more on her site!

I also have a new series featuring theme based printable packs from MANY bloggers! See the first post here, which contains links to any other posts that are complete!

Theme Printables A through E

Monsters Tot Pack

I began making the Tot Packs in place of the smaller Tot Books back when I was pregnant, but honestly I haven’t even used the ones I made much, as I was making them for readers! BUT, the monster one is made for Krash so I put a ton of trial into it all.

It took me the longest to come up with a storage method I liked, as the Tot Books were no longer working for us. K wasn’t able to go back to them easily, as they were a bit too flimsy. I also wanted something, simple, inexpensive and Tot-proof to a degree (meaning he wouldn’t dump everything out or destroy it in a second).

Here’s what I came up with…

I took a simple clasp folder and a gallon size freezer Ziploc bag. I folded the bag to the right size, so I could 3-hole punch it on the folded part to hook into the clasps, like this…

I then got little Ziploc bags, whatever size was right for the item, and placed each individual item in a baggie by itself, with the cover image facing out so K could easily dig through them if he wanted to. I still need to open and shut the baggies for him, but he can easily sift through the folder without destroying it now.

I added the file folder game I made to the front pocket, as well as the mini book, “Monster Eyes.” The mini book could easily go into a baggie too, I just kept it out for now. The pockets are also great for storing projects that we are partially done with, so I don’t forget about them (if there’s coloring involved or something like that).

When it’s ready for storage, I store the tiny baggies into the bigger bag and seal it. Close the folder and it’s done! Compact, sturdy, cheap, easy. Also, with a storage folder like this, you can easily add other activities you may find on the web. It’s just a great way to store everything for a tot for a particular theme. AND, I like that I can easily take this with us if I want to-like to church, a doc appt, etc. Since it’s all separated, I can grab a folder and go, with pre-made games inside to play with!

If you’d like to make your own Monster Tot Pack, you’ll find all of the printables here on the new site. You’ll also see Pac Man’s monster’s as a part of the Tot Pack! This was also my first time “drawing” my own clip art…I made the monsters myself in Publisher, it was fun!


Brown Bear, Brown Bear ~ Tot Pack

This pack has been updated with new clipart and photographs! See the new files here!

I finally finished it and this one I am SO excited about because it is perfect for Krash!!! I had so much fun making this set, and forgot how much I love this book! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

One mini book is for coloring…

The other is for reading and identifying shapes…I made a fold out alphabet (there’s also one with lowercase in the download)… A pocket with counting cards…Size sequencing bears…

And, my favorite…the Heads and Tails pocket…Believe it or not when I went looking for the book, I realized that we didn’t own it! I guess i had always gotten it form the library. Well, I decided we needed our own copy, and instead of just getting this book, I decided on this great set…

It also has Polar Bear, Polar Bear, and Panda Bear, Panda Bear, which I know Krash will love also!!!

Christmas Tot Book

The Christmas Tot Book is up and ready for you to share with your tot! I hope you all enjoy it, it was fun making it!  There are additions to the basic Tot Book that were added later.  You;ll find links to all of the free downloads on the same webpage here!Christmas Tot Book

Introducing ~ The Tot-Book!

The Tot Book

God has planted a new idea in my head, I hope many of you might find this idea useful too. The idea itself has been rolling in my brain for awhile now, but finally came all together last week and now I am ready to share our first Tot-Book! I have wanted to begin making lapbooks with K when he showed readiness signs (you know-not ripping up every paper he sees ;) ). But, I knew a full sized lapbook was just too much for a little guy. Then I saw this great idea to cut a file folder in half a couple of months ago. Still, my idea hadn’t come together.

Finally last week, it hit me! I decided to run with the idea of taking the skills I hope to expose K to (ABC’s, colors, shapes, etc.) and put them into themed miniature lapbooks for him. Hoping the theme would draw him in since he already loves it! I chose the first theme of Cars (the Disney movie) since he ADORES the movie and cars in general. I thought that would be a great place to start–man was I right! Before I keep blabbing on, here is a photo of the Tot-Book (yup, I decided to give them a name too, so people would know what I was talking about when I wrote about them and shared them).

He began with the Cars Colors mini book and this was the first time he repeated colors back to me while using the correct color crayon! I was thrilled. He loved the Cars, so he was more than interested enough to discuss a few colors! He even read along with me, it was great!Then I put the rest of it together for him, and let him explore it. He was VERY interested in it since it had all of his “friends” in it. We were able to spend a long time together because it kept his interest.I put a piece of construction paper on the back to make it more sturdy and let him decorate the back with Cars stickers. As he grows I hope to begin letting him illustrate something from the theme. I love the early drawings so very much–don’t we all?! I think these will be wonderful keepsakes and memories of his tot years. His favorite part is definitely the “My Name” fold out book. I don’t know if he loves the way it folds or if he loves that it is his name. I printed this on card stock for durability, and so far he is following the *be gentle* rule well. ;)

I plan to continue to make these and have them available on our website for anyone to download and use. Here is the link to the new Tot-Books page! On the page you will see the list of Tot-Books I am planning to work on, obviously focusing on K’s natural interests. Hopefully some of your kiddos will have similar interests and you can use these too!


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