Animal ABC Wall Posters

Animal ABC Wall Posters

One thing I wished I had when I was using Animal ABCs with Ladybug was a full size set of alphabet wall posters.  We are beyond Animal ABC but I thought maybe someone still using it might want something like this too, so I finished up the set I was working on, even though we won’t be using them!

I couldn’t decide on colored or simple, so I made 2 sets.  Each set features the main Animal ABC animal, which emphasizes the most common letter sound.

Animal ABC Wall Posters  Animal ABC Wall Posters

These are full size pages and could be used as an eBook, full size printables for the wall or a notebook, or you can scale down the pdf file to make them into a smaller set of flashcards or printables.

This set is included for free with the Animal ABC Bundle, and has been added to the private download page.  If you have already purchased you can go back in using the special link and password to download this new set.  If you lost your password, just email me and give me your PayPal email address and I can easily resend your info!

For those of you who don’t own the Animal ABC Bundle, you can purchase it here for $10, OR you can purchase this set by itself from my Teacher’s Notebook Shop here!

Let’s Explore The Arctic & Antarctica Bundle

The Let’s Explore The Arctic & Antarctica Bundle is for sale in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop! The basic Calendar Connections cards will stay FREE, the premium design will bundled with the eBook for sale, for just $1.50!

Arctic Bundle

The premium calendar cards print front to back and have a more unique design featuring a title on the front of the card.



The bundle also includes a page with the direct link to the Let’s Explore The Arctic & Antarctica eBook…so it will open separately from the calendar cards.

Lets Explore The Arctic and Antarctica eBook


The pages of the eBook look like this…

Let's Explore The Arctic and Antarctica eBook 6 Let's Explore The Arctic and Antarctica eBook 29

Learn how to put eBooks onto your iPad or other device here!

I am grateful to Shannon for partnering with me on this project! We both thank you for your support through any purchases you make of these bundles we are putting together! I am planning to slowly convert all past sets and any new sets to the bundle format.

Purchase your Let’s Explore The Arctic & Antarctica Bundle here!

{you can download the first 2 pages free to see how the cards print front to back}

Lets-Explore-Botany-Button8 Geology Lets-Explore-Bugs-Button8 

Calendar Connections

Letter Tracing Printables

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Trace LettersThese letter tracing printables have been available for some time now but I have been asked to bundle them up for easy access and I finally finished!  The new Let’s Trace Letters bundle is available in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop for $1.25!  It includes a full page of prep {focusing on strokes}, and a full page to practice each letter.  I use the green dot {GO}, red star {STOP} method which worked well with Krash.

Getting Ready for Letter A Tracing Letter A

If you can’t afford or aren’t interested in purchasing the bundle above, you can get all of these printables for FREE!!!!  Here’s how!  Go to the main RRSP page and scroll down until you see this…


Click on the letter you want and it will bring you to the resource page for that letter.  Scroll down until you see the cover verse page and click on that image to download the entire unit, in it you will find the letter prep and tracing for that letter!  It takes a bit more time but it’s free!


The only item that you can’t get for free are the flashcards.  These are from the RRSP Bundle, and were added to the Let’s Trace Letters bundle as a special bonus! Tracing Flashcards

Also in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop…


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Mommy & Baby Animals ~ Matching Printables {free}

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Baby and Mommy Animals Matching

I am working on an entire Baby Animals Preschool Pack, but have these flashcards to share with you now.  My new Teacher’s Notebook Shop makes it very easy to post individual files like this as I complete them!  I added this file to my TN Shop where you can download it for free!  It includes 22 different animals, all using real photographs!  Here are a few more to peek at…

Baby  1 Baby Animals 2

I hope your little animal lovers enjoy playing memory with these, matching them in a pocket chart, or using them as creating writing prompts!  You could even cut the images creatively to make mini puzzles!  The ideas are endless!

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Color By Number A to Z

I finally completed the entire Color By Number A-Z set!  I added all of the individual coloring sheets for each letter to the webpage, all can be downloaded for FREE as individual files, here on my wesbite. The color words are written in the colors so they can easily be used for preschoolers.  To use for Kindergartners, who are reading color words, just print in gray scale!

For those of you who like the convenience of a bundle download and like supporting our family, I created a bundle option, which includes an extra-2 sets of letter flashcards-one in color and one in BW.  You can buy the bundled set for $1.25 in my new Teacher’s Notebook shop!


I set up a Teacher’s Notebook Shop for a few bundled sets I am putting together.  Many of you have asked for this, so I am putting those items there. My program bundles {You Can Read, RRSP, Animal ABCs, and Members Only PowerPoint} will remain for sale on my own website.  You can see more about the items I sell on my blog here.

Remember, you can download the Color by Number A-Z files for free here, OR you can purchase the bundle here

Krash enjoyed using many of these coloring sheets while he was working through Raising Rock Stars Preschool.


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