Romans 16:19b


Matthew 6:8


Psalm 141:3

Oh how I pray I can do this today.

Psalm 55:22a

I am sharing these on my personal blog and it occurred to me today that I should probably share over here, since this blog has about 15 times the number of readers!

I have found a new hobby of sorts, combining my love of photography, God’s Word, and graphic design! I am searching back through tons of old photos I have taken, like this shot above, and finding verses to go with them. My prayer for myself is that I will hide God’s word in my heart more and more as I do this. My prayer for you is that some may be encouraged by seeing and reading these from time to time. I am also uploading these to my public Phanfare account in case anyone ever wants to print one out. If you do want to print it, you just go to the menu box on Phanfare and click to “Download Hi-Res” then you can print it yourself or upload it to print from wherever you order photos.

I hope these bless some of you as much as making them blesses me.

i heart faces ~ Week 13 Friends

When I saw that the theme was *friends* this week, I couldn’t think of two better friends than my boys. Sure they are brothers, yes they fight, and they are 4 years apart. But honestly, I know no better friends! They say to each other “you’re my best friend” all of the time. I just happened to catch this photo of them playing outside yesterday, it is extremely RARE to get a photo of them together, AND smiling!!!! I am so blessed to have 2 boys who simply adore each other…