Apple Theme Kindergarten Fun

It has been years since I have had an apple theme with my kids.  It was time for some apple theme Kindergarten fun with my girl. Funny part, she told me she did NOT want an apple theme, but I boycotted her on this one.  In the end she loved it and I am glad I didn’t follow her lead in this case.

Apple Theme Homeschool Kindergarten Fun


I had a blast setting up her apple theme shelves, focusing on anything I found in our stuff to represent apples.

Apple Theme Kindergarten -1297


She still has pencil grip problems so we continue to do fine motor work.  Transferring pom pom apples with clothespins is just a simple way to sneak in some practice. Apple Theme Kindergarten -1300


The bin on the bottom shelf is just to contain all of the fun red and green items we have to work with! Apple Theme Kindergarten -1307


I made some apple trees for her using our Spielgaben set.  Sadly, she was not impressed. Apple Theme Kindergarten -1315

I also got a stack of printables I chose specifically for her from various sources which I will link for you when they are shown below. The links will be under the final photo for each day.


Day One

We explored together with the theme shelf a lot. I use our Scrabble Alphabet Soup tiles to make the word apple. Apple Theme Kindergarten -1328


She loved the apples I made out of wikki stix for her. Apple Theme Kindergarten -1334


She asked me to get out the letter A for Apple from our Letter set, then proceeded to make apple patterns with the pegs, all her idea! Apple Theme Kindergarten -1331


Here’s the apple printables she chose to complete day one.  I did let her choose what she wanted to do. Apple Theme Kindergarten -1345 {apple dot to dot, apple 100 chart, apple coloring}


The pop art apple coloring below was done the night before.  Why?  because She saw me setting up her apple stuff and begged to do it! Apple Theme Kindergarten -1348


Day Two

We began by using our Apple Cube Printable.   Apple Theme -1351


She asked to tape the apple together and sit it upright!  

Apple Theme -1359 Apple Theme -1365Apple Theme -1360


We used our Scrabble Alphabet pieces to find the missing letters on the apples.   Apple Theme -1372     

This cutting activity was a challenge for her but she loved it when it was finished!  

Apple Theme -1367 Apple Theme -1368  


Of course, apple smiles for snack {sliced apples, peanut butter, mini marshmallows}!

Apple Theme -1404  

Here are the printables she chose on day two {links below photo}… Apple Theme -1396 {apple maze, apple missing letters, apple ABC maze, apple cutting spiral}


Day Three

I picked up a set of apple stickers last year at Target when the dollar spot went on clearance!  She used these to decorate a tree I drew for her!   Apple Theme -1410      

We had friends over for our apple taste test!

Apple Theme -1470 Apple Theme -1476


Here’s the printables she chose on day three, plus the tree she made with stickers {I drew the tree on paper}.  

Apple Theme -1440

   {apple number maze, apple color word coloring}


Day Four

Dot painting how many apples.   Apple Theme -1505      

Tracing the apple and Letter A.   Apple Theme -1506      

We worked together to color  the pages of the Apple mini book, then we laminated them and tied them together to make a nice book!   Apple Theme -1507      

My mom is here visiting and led this apple craft for me.  Ladybug got very frustrated with it but she finished three apples!  I love the perseverance and the joy she felt when she had a finished project!  

Apple Theme -1511

Apple Theme -1514 Apple Theme -1516


This is one of her three final apples she hung around the house! Apple Theme -1532  


The Printables she chose {links below}…

Apple Theme -1526 {count the apples, mini apple book, trace the apple}      


All of her printable work from the week…   Apple Theme -1547

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Apple Taste Test with Printables

We haven’t done an apple taste test in years. I skipped the whole apple theme when Krash was younger, and now that Ladybug is in Kindergarten I wanted to have apple fun again!  I created some apple taste test printables for my kids to use and you are welcome to them also!

Apple Taste Test Printable

I bought 7 different types of apples and invited some friends over since I knew we couldn’t eat all of the apples!  Plus it’s more fun with friends! I got the table all prepared before the friends arrived to make things run smoothly.  Even had time to snap a few pictures for you!

Apple Taste Test

Apple Taste Test Printable

Apple Taste Test

I cut each apple as we tasted to keep them from browning.  I used an apple cutter and walked around the table letting each child sample and then fill in their sheet.

Apple Theme -1457

My sweet mom is here so she took some photos for me while I worked!

Apple Theme -1470  Apple Theme -1465

The kids wrote in the name of the apple, circled a descriptive word, colored the apple to match, and chose a smile or sad face to represent if they liked it or not. Ladybug and her four year old friend both had some writing help.

Apple Taste Test Printable

In the end each child ate more of the apples they liked and then filled out the final poster to tell their favorite kind of apple!  You can see Ladybug’s papers below!

Apple Taste Test Printables

Download you free Apple Taste Test Printables

here on our Apple Fun webpage

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Apple Activity with Cubes ~Free Printables

We haven’t had an Apple Theme week in our homeschool in years. I decided it was time to have some apple activity fun this week with Ladybug for Kindergarten. I printed many apple activities from other sites and made these simple apple cube printables for us to use.

Apple Cube Printables

Years ago I made a pumpkin cube printable just like these, which is in our Pumpkin Printable Pack.  Many have asked me to make more of these and finally I have more for you!

Apple Activity Using Cubes


I made an A is for Apple and an Apple Tree.

A is for Apple Activity Using Cubes

Our Color Cubes set didn’t have enough greens to make the tree, nor does it have brown.  Thankfully Unifix Cubes are about the same size, so we used those for the tree!  You can use Unifix Cubes for both if you don’t have the Color Cube set.

Don’t have either?  Use the outline version and color the squares in, use colored stickers, or even dot paint!

Apple Tree Activity Using Cubes


This activity provides young kids the opportunity to practice spatial visualization skills in recreating the pattern using cubes. Older kids can look at the pattern and recreate OFF of the printable to make it more challenging.

Both activities will be set up on trays for her to work on!  I pre-counted the cubes and colors for her and placed those on the tray with the printable. Once she copies the patterns on the printable, I will encourage her to try to recreate on the table next to the printable.

Apple Activity Using Cubes   Apple Activity Using Cubes

You can see I chose to use the outline version to save on ink, but there is a solid color version also if you prefer that.  The solid color version would be easier for younger tots.

Apple Cube Printable  Apple Tree Cube Printable

Download your FREE Apple Cube Printables

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Early Childhood Theme Printables A-E

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I wrote about my views on using themes with young kids, and there are certainly a LOT of early childhood themes to choose from! 

If you are like me, at times you choose a letter and build on it for a week or so with your tot/preschooler. It helps me stay focused as a teacher and not forget things! Having a letter of the week is not important, or necessary, it is just helpful for my type-A personality. In honor of this, I have created a series of planning help posts, gathering together all themed printable packs I could find that could extend a letter of the week.

Other times, I build on a theme with no focus on our letter of the week. These lists will help you find things in an orderly fashion!

When you begin planning, Pinterest and Google can be a bit overwhelming!  I am creating this series to help you with your planning.  I have gathered all FREE theme based printable packs {mainly early childhood focused, tots-1st grade} that I am aware of and sorted them by letter so you can browse through and get ideas all in one place! I did NOT include holiday based packs, simply because there are so many and they are pretty easy to find when holidays roll around.

I have included free printable theme packs from bloggers around the web including; Homeschool Creations, 2 Teaching Mommies, Spell Outloud, 3 Dinosaurs, Confessions of a Homeschooler, Me & Marie Learning, Ooopsey Daisy, All Our Days, Creative Learning Fun, Royal Baloo, 123 Homeschool 4 Me, Lawteedah, Our Little Monkeys, Creative Preschool Resources, Our Country Road, Homeschool Share, Preschool Mom, Gift of Curiosity, and Over the Big Moon. {if any of you ladies notice an error please let me know!}

If the pack was created by another blogger, I listed their {blog name} in the brackets.  If there aren’t any brackets, I made it!

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Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter A

Home Preschool Letter A


Our letter this week ~ Aa, our verse…


See RRSP Letter Aa with Krash here!

Not familiar with RRSP?  Read the intro post here!


Her brand new RRSP board! She was so excited to see it and find out it was for HER!  I am going in ABC order with her, mostly because her fine motor/writing skills are way beyond where Krash was at this stage {which is why I went out of order to work on writing easier letters first}.

Preschool Letter A-8012

You can tell by her outfits what she did on each day, about 2 RRSP activities per day plus the PowerPoint.  Cutting vocabulary cards was a favorite!  Coloring was not, she wanted me to do it!

Preschool Letter A-8027

The letter tracing activities were a hit, she loves tracing!

Home Preschool Letter A -8089

Home Preschool Letter A -8153

Home Preschool Letter A -8181

Just like Krash, she loved cutting her verse, taping it together and measuring it!

Home Preschool Letter A -8154 Home Preschool Letter A -8159

Home Preschool Letter A -8156

I am using clothespins for the “popsicle stick props” and since she is a bit more advanced than Krash was, we are emphasizing the sight word more.  We found it together on all of the easy reader pages!

Home Preschool Letter A -8160

Working on our nice words/mean words craft.Home Preschool Letter A -8183

She learned the verse and let me record it for you!  I am not sure if she will every week, she’s a bit finicky like that.


She LOVED the PowerPoint show!  We watched it together every day!  Home Preschool Letter A -8119Since we are going in a different order, I am updating the counting portion of the shows, if you go in ABC order and use the PP shows, I am adding them in a new 2013 update column on the Members Only PowerPoint webpage.

The Power Point lessons are located in the Members Only section. You can see a video here showing a PowerPoint lesson. You can learn more about the Members Only section here.

The entire printable unit {everything else you see pictured above} is available for FREE!

You can download the entire letter Aa unit for FREE here.

Want the RRSP Bundle


~ More Letter Aa Work ~

See how we organize our weekly home preschool activitiesPreschool Work Trays

I am doing Letter Baskets for her, and using her shelf to draw her attention to different items.

Preschool Letter A-8023

Each evening I would set up something different on the top shelf from the basket to peak her interest.

Home Preschool Letter A -8079  Home Preschool Letter A -8080

Home Preschool Letter A -8085 Home Preschool Letter A -8086

I also put a few of the activities on her preschool work trays during the week, here she was holding up her completed peg A.

Home Preschool Letter A -8123 Home Preschool Letter A -8127

Working on her letter A puzzles…

Home Preschool Letter A -8131

Our ABC Find It activities were really fun!  Letter Aa was featured in the Ideas for Using ABC Find It, you can see descriptions there!

 Preschool Letter A-8033  Preschool Letter A-8035

Preschool Letter A-8040

Home Preschool Letter A -8104

Home Preschool Letter A -8107 Home Preschool Letter A -8109

Home Preschool Letter A -8188 Home Preschool Letter A -8190

She loved dot painting the A with the ant.  She disliked making the letter A with Color Cubes, so I made it for her ~ she liked that!

Preschool Letter A-8042 Preschool Letter A-8047

Painting the Letter Aa page from the Tot Time Notebook was a favorite activity.  She loves paint and it really drew her into the sheet, which she has seen many times before in her notebook! Preschool Letter A-8050

Sorting Aa’s, and working on a letter A maze

Home Preschool Letter A -8092  Home Preschool Letter A -8110

Painting her Animal ABC lowercase aHome Preschool Letter A -8118

Gluing on her ants…Home Preschool Letter A -8178

Letter A Maze with pom pom magnets…Home Preschool Letter A -8170

Dot painting all of the Aa’s on the letter huntHome Preschool Letter A -8175

We did a few activities from my Baby Animals PackBaby Animals Printable Pack

Sorting animals…Home Preschool Letter A -8191

1-10 puzzle…Home Preschool Letter A -8193

Listen and Find…Home Preschool Letter A -8196

We are in the second half of All About Reading Pre Level 1, which goes through the lowercase letters.  She really loved seeing Ziggy again!

Preschool Letter A-8057 Home Preschool Letter A -8113

Home Preschool Letter A -8164


Letter Aa on the iPad with Letter School…Preschool Letter A-8067

Her work all hung up at the end of the week.  This is the pocket chart above her desk…Home Preschool Letter A -8201

This is another area where we hang her work!  Home Preschool Letter A -8210

Find all letter A activities on my A is for… Pinterest board, or on my general ABC Ideas board! I also have a board for RRSP Letter Aa!

image image image

Learning Tools We Used…

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