littleBits ~ Review and Giveaway

littleBits Electronics Review

I have always been intimidated by electronics.  When littleBits contacted me about sponsoring our blog and having us review a kit I was a bit apprehensive mostly due to my silly fears.  My husband was exactly opposite and was SO excited about the opportunity! I am so glad we listened to him and weren’t guided by my fear of electronics because this kit is just incredible and my kids absolutely love it.

We were sent the Deluxe Kit for review, which has everything you see below. This is the kit you can enter to WIN at the end of this post!

littleBits -6100


What exactly is littleBits?

littleBits is a simple way to learn and invent with electronics.  There is a vast module library and the modules snap together with magnets so it’s impossible to make a mistake. The library has over 60 modules and growing. Every module works with every other in millions of combinations, you’ll never run out of things to make.

I must be really honesty with you.  Since this kit has a higher price tag, we “hid” it from the boys, only allowing them to get it down when they asked.  This was a BIG mistake.  After about a month I was a bit hesitant to write our review and asked my husband for his thoughts.  I was concerned that the boys didn’t seem drawn to it and we concluded that possibly that was our fault for hiding it.  We didn’t intentionally keep it out of their sight, but had it in my husband’s office.  Out of sight, out of mind.  The boys had just forgotten we had it. 

After that realization, we put the kit out on the table, gave some guidelines for free exploration and then just left it.  Someone has had their hands in this kit almost every moment since then.

littleBits -7794

Our kids are 6, 9 and 13.  Our younger daughter loved watching and interacting with things the older kids built, but she doesn’t build with it yet.  The age recommendation is 8 and up and I agree with that. 


Our 9 Year Old’s Creations…

Krash just turned 9 and could follow the guide by himself and learned the basics quickly. He is our guide book follower.  He has always been this way and proved it again.  After some teaching from Daddy, we let him loose and soon he was coming in to show us what he had created all following the guide book.

littleBits -7799


He made the spin and shake sign project…

littleBits -7801


My favorite was definitely the handshake buzzer!

littleBits -7813

See him get his little sister here in this video!


The last creation I caught on camera before writing this was the tickler. 

littleBits -7814

littleBits -7825

He used it to dust the table.

littleBits -7829


A 13 Year Old’s Creations…

My 13 year old is the more free spirited creator.  He ignores most guide books and just wants to figure it out on his own.  He created his own things, only referring to the guide book if necessary {very little}. 

This is his drawing machine.  He added Legos in to create a vehicle that would draw lines.

littleBits -7751

littleBits -7752

See the drawing machine in action here!


The pom pom tosser

littleBits -7763

littleBits -7780

Here’s the pom pom tosser in action


Final thoughts…

I am SO thankful we were offered this kit to review.  My boys are now both begging for additional kits so they can build more. As a parent, the price is hard to swallow if I’m being honest. I have never looked into small electronics like this for my kids, so although the price tag seems a bit high to me, it may be totally normal for something like this. However, the creativity I have seen and the idea that my kids very well may not fear electronics like I have is worth it. I love that both of my boys can use this now and my daughter will be able to use it soon. It’s a long term investment.


The Giveaway!

littleBits is giving one of our readers a Deluxe Kit, just like we were given for our review!

This is the biggest kit littleBits makes with 18 powerful modules. Whether you’re a professional designer or just getting started with electronics, Deluxe Kit gives you the flexibility you need to make big, powerful projects. No soldering, wiring, or programming required!

littleBits Review and Giveaway

Enter to win using Rafflecopter below, US address only. Giveaway ends June 6, 2015.

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ImaginativeU ~ Monthly FUN

ImaginativeU Giveaway ends 5.28.15

{disclaimer ~ ImaginativeU is a blog sponsor and we received kits free of charge for this review}

ImaginativeU is a monthly box of fun learning delivered right to your door, for your child age 4-10. Each month has a different theme and each kit contains all the supplies and instructions included to complete 3 to 6 interactive projects. When I say ALL supplies, I mean all.  Other than things that can’t possibly be sent in the box, it’s all in there. ImaginativeU was developed by Shelley, a former science teacher who now works with K-12 science teachers in 16 school districts! 

We were sent 2 kits {Cool Science and Eggs} to review and I was blown away by the contents!

The Eggs kit couldn’t have come at a better time for us.  We have a bird obsession going on around here so we really dove into this kit! We had SO much fun with the activities in this kit, which you will see below, and we even have one more we haven’t done yet {egg dissection}!

We made bird houses out of gourds, which YES were included!  Along with the paint, brushes, plates for the paint…everything!  My little bird lover LOVED this and her gourd now hangs in our tree out front!

Bird House Gourds from ImaginativeU


We made egg baskets together, which was really messy on the front end, you can see her “grossed out” face in the collage below as she was wrapping the balloon!  She let me finish it right after that photo was taken!  These turned out perfectly and she LOVES her egg!

Egg Baskets from ImaginativeU


Something as simple as a chicken catalog and a “Did You Know?” search through it provided so much fun and discussion.  She loved finding the different chickens and eggs, as well as cutting out her favorites.

Did you Know Chicken Investigation from ImaginativeU


The egg drop challenge was enjoyed by all three kids {ages 5, 8, 12}. Krash was at gymnastics practice during the other activities but I knew I had to save this one for when he was home!

Egg Drop Challenge from ImaginativeU

The kids worked hard to protect their eggs, it was fun!  I even took a few videos so you could see the process!


    Next, the Cool Science Kit…
    Before diving into this one, I took a picture of the contents to show you how much is included. Literally everything you need to do all of the activities included.  We still haven’t completed all of the activities from this box yet! It was all there and very well organized.  I had no trouble finding exactly what we needed for each activity.
    ImaginativeU -5493
      The kids LOVED the UV beads and making slime with me! We still have several activities to do from this kit. Here’s a peek into our science fun together…
      Cool Science with ImaginativeU

    Want to sign up?

    This is a US only based company, shipping rates for kits vary from state to state. You can  sign up for a subscription here and what the shipping cost would be for your state.

    See upcoming kits on the home page!

    The Giveaway!

    ImaginativeU Facebook Giveaway

    The winner will receive a 3-month subscription to ImaginativeU. A kit will arrive each month that contains all of the materials and instructions needed to complete fun and educational projects centered around a topic.  A homeschool add on is available for homeschoolers, winner can request this upgrade free of charge.

    Giveaway is open to US residents only and ends 5-28-15. Use Rafflecopter to enter to win below!

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    All About Spelling Giveaway

    {disclaimer ~ affiliate links are used}

    This week my son finished All About Spelling Level 3 and we will be using Level 4 next year as well as beginning Level 1 with my daughter!

    3rd Grade -7485


    We love this spelling curriculum so I wanted to be sure to share their great giveaway! This giveaway is hosted on the All About Learning Press blog and ends June 1, 2015!  Go enter to win!!


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    A Parent’s Guide to Natural Remedies is something I will definitely be studying now that I have access to this gem. We are already invested in natural remedies through our use of essential oils, but I am excited to learn more!



    I also found these 2 GEMS! 

    Paperless Home Organization isn’t just an eBook with lovely ideas, it is a literal roadmap of HOW to do it.  Seriously, amazing. As soon as I find time I will be implementing what I read.

    From Your Garden to Your Family is BEAUTIFULLY done, the photos and layout alone make me want to read every page.  The practical info for our family right now is so valuable as we begin our garden in our new home.

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    Kindle Fire HD7 Giveaway

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