Playful Learning with Spielgaben ~ February 2015

Playful Learning with Spielgaben is our monthly post sharing Spielgaben in action!  If you missed the introduction to this series, you can see it here and also see links to our past posts. We were given the Spielgaben set to review and are honored to have them as a blog sponsor.  I will be sharing once a month a detailed post featuring Spielgaben.  You can also see my Learning with Ladybug posts to see what my daughter has done with this learning set!

Playful Learning with Spielgaben February 2015

Lessons We Enjoyed

This month we had more fun with Math Guide 1, Lesson 20. I took a small screen shot of the manual for you so you can see how the lessons are laid out.  They are very easy to follow and help me so much. I keep the user guide on my iPad and we use it for the lessons.  She likes that she can enlarge each step if needed to see exactly how something was built. it’s a nice bonus to a PDF digitally instead of printed!

We made a map together!  I adapted this lesson down to her level, the one in the manual was a bit advanced.  We made each small white piece equal to one mile.

Spielgaben Math Play 20 Maps


I let her create the important buildings she wanted.  In addition to creating our home for the center, I gave her some suggestions and asked her to pick the ones we go to the most, or she liked the most.  She chose Pet Store, Aldi, Church, and the Gym. 

Spielgaben -4954


After she chose the blocks to create the buildings, we taped them together.

Spielgaben -4955

We used labels to write names on them.  She also drew something for each one {doors, people, animals, etc.}

Spielgaben -4962

Then we worked together to build “roads” to these places.  I told her how many miles each was from our house and she counted out white circles to represent those miles.

Spielgaben -4966

Tape is our friend.  We taped it all down so she could easily carry it around and show her brothers and Daddy.  She LOVED this lesson!

Spielgaben -4980

Free Play

This is a project she assigned to herself.  It took her a few days to complete, we finished the final part together!

Spielgaben -5161

Mommy Inspired Play

I love finding creative ways to work on basic math skills with Spielgaben pieces.  It’s not hard and she loves anything math related right now!

I used the new balls and rods to create “numbers” and to create a plus sign.  We then wrote the numbers on sticky notes for her to choose from.

Spielgaben -5123

We took turns making problems for each other to solve.

Spielgaben -5128

It was really fun.  She even asked to move on to subtraction problems too!  By that time I had put the camera away, but do have a video here I shared on Instagram!

Spielgaben -5131


Making a top to go along with our OP word family work

YCR OP Word Family -4328

YCR OP Word Family -4331

See the brand new version 4.0 here!

I can’t say enough about the new storage system, it is AWESOME!


Lately in Our Life ~ It’s Cold

As I scrolled through 2 weeks of Instagram photos, to gain inspiration for this post, I found that life has been rather boring {aside from the one morning of nice snow for the kids}.  Not bad boring, but more of a chilly winter type boring.  I am finding myself with a bit of “we moved down south and I want it to be warm in the winter now!” attitude.  Even though I know full well that there are cold weeks even here.  I don’t like cold, can ya tell?

Lately in Our Life February 2015 2

Indoor Fun

My kids have been good at creating their own fun indoors, on days when it has been too cold or wet to go outside.  I “force” them to just go play often and they usually end up like this.  With something elaborately creative, and a huge fun mess.  I love it. As long as they clean it up.

Lately in our Life-4068


The cold weather has brought me some indoor fun too. Do you see that standing man below?  He has been hanging things in our new home now that he can stand and walk around again.  He’s still recovering but can function much more normally now!  My pot rack went up recently, as did many other things in the home!

Lately in our Life-4040



Decent Southern Snow

We don’t get nice snow down here often, but got a pretty snow that lasted through the early part of the day and was enough for the kids to romp around in and build a snowman, named….yup, you guessed it, Olaf ~ named by the youngest sibling.

Lately in our Life-5206

Personally, as a mom, I enjoyed the fact that we now have a garage and could undress them out there!!!  So so much easier than our old house! I am also secretly glad we only got a few inches rather than the 7-10 that was predicted.  It’s already almost melted and there’s a 65 degree day ahead in the 10 day forecast!  I can’t wait for warmth!!!

Lately in Our Life SNOW



Working Together

I have been working a lot behind the scenes.  You may have noticed a few new graphics sharing our Young Living journey.  This is because my husband has decided to join me on the business side of it and really work to build and take care of our team. This is honestly quite surprising since he was not at ALL into my oils two years ago. So encouraging to see how he has grown to really like many of the products and want to work on the business with me. One of his very favorites was shared recently on Instagram.  As well as one of his favorite uses for Young Living products – cleaning!

Lately in our Life-4163  Lately in our Life-4038

When we moved down south for him to go to seminary, we lost our missionary income {our salary was paid by supporters}, and are now living differently. We realized that the foundation we already had with Young Living might be a great opportunity for us. We are following the opportunity and seeing where God leads us. Honestly I am just excited to work together WITH my best friend, my husband.

Don’t worry – this blog is NOT becoming an oil focused blog at all.  We have a brand new platform in the works to share that side of our lives.  1+1+1=1 is my heart and passion, as is connecting with homeschool families and encouraging them in any way I can.  This oily world will have it’s own place online and when it’s ready I will share so those of you interested can follow us there, and those of you not interested won’t have to hear our oily info!


Rough Life

Can I just be the cat for a few days?  Even just one day?

Lately in our Life-4121


See more of what’s been going on lately in our life here on Instagram!

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You Can Read Word Families ~ OP Word Family Printables

Recently we launched our new You Can Read Word Families program!  You can read more about it and see the first set shared, featuring _at word family printables. You can also see the _et Word Family in action here, and our _ig Word Family in action here!

This week we are sharing _op word family printables with you!

op Word Family Printables

I have not created all of the sets I plan to create, but have several done and am working quickly on them!  Since I am using one set per week with Ladybug, I have to work fast! I plan to release freebies from each unit on my blog and share some ideas for using the printables. I have already released free _at Q-Tip Painting, _at Word Puzzles, _et Play Dough Mats, _et Funny Font Word Hunt, _ig Mini Book and _op Roll and Graph. Sometimes you may also find entire sets free within blog posts or in our newsletters or blog emails!  Full sets will also be listed in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop for $1.25 each and when I am all done I will bundle the entire set at a discounted price! 


How we are Using These…

We are using these alongside of our You Can Read Sight Words. We basically just added this in to our other Kindergarten curriculum.

Here’s a peek at what we used during this unit. These photos also show the order we used the printables, she helped me choose what to do each day. All of the printables are in a binder so she can easily flip through and choose.

We enjoy using our Perler Bead letters to make the words.

YCR OP Word Family -4223

YCR OP Word Family -4218


Funny Fonts ~ each word has a color, you can use dot paint or simply circle the words using crayons or markers. We have even used colored stickers to put on the words before!  The words are written in different fonts to give exposure to all sorts of writing.

YCR OP Word Family -4228


BINGO! A very simple version of BINGO which she loves!  We play several times in a row!

YCR OP Word Family -4234


Roll and Graph ~ She chose to record with stickers this time, see more ideas for using roll and graph here!

YCR OP Word Family -4243

YCR OP Word Family -4244


We got out our OP book from Reading Rod Readers, she loved it!

YCR OP Word Family -4286


Painting her Color by Word activity…

YCR OP Word Family -4288

YCR OP Word Family -4292



Word Search with PAINT ~ all words are left to right to make it easier for younger kids.

YCR OP Word Family -4295


She asked to create one of the pictures with her Spielgaben pieces, she chose the top!

YCR OP Word Family -4326

YCR OP Word Family -4331


Q-Tip Painting {aka Perler Bead Gluing Printables}, see ideas for using Q-Tip painting printables here! As you can see we use them to glue Perler Beads on the tiny dots!

YCR OP Word Family -4348

YCR OP Word Family -4350


Mini Book ~ cut out the pictures, color if desired, glue on the correct page!

YCR OP Word Family -4655



Word Puzzles

YCR op Word Family -4795



Sentence Search ~ we use two different colored markers for this activity.  One color for the focus words and one for any other words she can read independently.  Then at the end we read the sentences together her reading circled words and me reading the others.

YCR op Word Family -4803



Matching ~ draw a line to match the word to the correct picture. 

YCR op Word Family -4806


I hang her work up by her desk each week, here’s an end of the week photo {some of her work is done in sheet protectors with dry erase and therefore doesn’t get hung}.

YCR op Word Family -4845


Would you like the entire op word family set?  You can grab it for FREE here, only on my blog!

Or you can buy in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop here!

Stay tuned, the ug word family is coming next!  Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything {or a surprise freebie!}.

Did you miss the AT word family printables, ET word family printables, or the IG word family printables

at-Word-Family-Printables2  et-Word-Family-Printables4  ig-Word-Family-Printables3


See our Word Family Pinterest board for more printables and ideas!

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Rainbow Theme Printables and Ideas

We have many Rainbow Theme Printables and Ideas that have been shared on our blog over the years.  In this post I will share them all so you can easily find ideas and free printables for your own rainbow theme!

Rainbow Printables and Ideas

When my daughter was a tot she loved the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow, so I created a Rainbow Tot Pack in honor of her love.  You can see the printables here and see the pack in action here in our Rainbow Theme Tot School post.

Rainbow Tot Pack  Rainbow Theme Tot School


I also have done a few wrap up posts featuring our rainbow fun.  Hand on Rainbows is one of those, and Rainbow Crafts for Tots is another.

Rainbow Fun  Rainbow Crafts for Tots and Preschoolers


Last year I created a Rainbow of Diversity printable pack, which stemmed from a very personal situation with my daughter, you can read more about it in the post.

Rainbow of Diversity Printables


This year I added some new Rainbow Q-Tip Painting Printables!

Rainbow Q-Tip painting


We have a Spring coloring set with some rainbow pages, and there’s also some Rainbows in our Noah’s Ark Q-Tip Painting set.

Spring Fun Coloring Printables  Noah's Ark Q Tip Printables


When my oldest was in 1st grade he made a Rainbow Lapbook, which has some free printables I created for him.

Rainbow Lapbook


We have a Rainbow Easy Reader here and our rainbow books are here!

Rainbows Easy Reader

Rainbow Pinterest Board

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Tot School Gathering Place Week 111

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Tot School Gathering Place Week 111


The last Sunday of February! We are that much closer to spring! It has been wicked cold over much of the country, but it looks like you’ve been keeping those precious Tots busy and learning in fun and entertaining ways! Take time to check out all the different blogs linked up to Tot School and see if any of them appeal to you and your Tot!

Do you love those colorful water beads but are afraid your Tot may eat them? Check out how Grandmama Deb from Living Montessori Now solved that problem for her GrandTot!

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Do your Tots enjoy painting? Head on over to Mama to 5 Blessings and see the medium she chose to use with her Tots!Mama to 5 Blessings

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Rainbow Theme Tot School   Rainbow Tot Pack

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