All About Spelling ~ Level 2!

We began Level 2-finally! We LOVE All About Spelling!!! IMG_9664

We are doing this in addition to the spelling words he has in his Calvert program, I personally didn’t feel like Calvert’s spelling program was enough. Thankfully we found AAS and we both absolutely love it and it is working! Even I am learning spelling rules I never knew were actual rules!

We completed Lesson 1 and already can see that this level will be filled with much more for Pac Man! As his teacher I am thrilled…he isn’t so thrilled with more writing but still loves the program!

If you are looking for a great program I highly recommend it (and yes I do get an affiliate fee if you order through my link-but you know I would never recommend something unless we really love it!).

Raising Rock Stars ~ Joseph Part 2

We had a VERY simple family night, didn’t even do any reading! Daddy has been reading the story of Joseph each morning to the boys straight from the Bible, so we have now incorporated our weekly theme into our morning time also.

This week we extended the story of Joseph and learned more about his life using an awesome mini book that we all colored together!IMG_8995 IMG_8994

Resources used this week:

Visit theRaising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts!

Tot School ~ Winter!

~Krash is currently 44 months old~

Learning Toys/Trays

We finally had a pretty normal school week! Krash got a “new” desk for school! This was Pac Man’s little desk (it is from Ikea), he has had it since he was 3. It used to be upstairs and then it dawned on me that K really needed his own work space so I moved it downstairs! IMG_9220

We worked on drawing people… IMG_9226

He played a lot with his peg set, I gave him some colored straws to match up to the correct peg holes. He really liked this! IMG_9262

Got him a new shape/color puzzle form the dollar section at Target (last week)… IMG_9002

He played several days with his Automoblox… IMG_9104

He did all of these, this is the first time he has completed these-usually he complains! IMG_9134


Theme ~ Winter

We had fun doing some various winter activities. I was inspired from Jolanthe’s post on Totally Tots to read The Mitten and do some activities with Krash. He really liked reenacting the story by putting each animal into the mitten(links for the patterns are on TT)…IMG_9159 He dot-painted this M is for Mitten sheet…IMG_9127

I made him a snowman board with different shaped buttons to put on the snowman. We took turns closing our eyes and putting different amounts and shapes on. He had to count them for me, tell me the color and the shape. (This will be a part of the new Winter Tot Pack coming soon!).IMG_9231

We used Erica’s great snowman number cards for counting and number id practice. One day we just lined them up one at a time, counting one further each time we laid a new one down. IMG_9135

Then one day we played with just 1-5 and did various physical activities with them. Here he is going to get the number I called out to him.IMG_9233This is the first time I ever asked him to do pre-writing practice and he did GREAT, I was blown away! We will certainly be doing more of this! We used Erica’s cards (laminated them to do again and again).IMG_9139





Life {FUN} School

Krash is quite the little Daddy to Ladybug’s baby doll! IMG_9089

Ladybug also got this adorable stroller walker and Krash really likes it! IMG_9092

Krash helped me sort Ladybug’s cloth wipesIMG_9071


Mommy’s Favorites

This is how K looked a majority of the week. He wore it all day, slept in it, and even wore it out to dinner with Daddy on Friday night. ;-) He said he needed to wear it because he “needed to save all the peoples.”IMG_9172

Swamp Smoothie Face ;-) IMG_9154


Raising Rock Stars ~ Joseph’s Colorful Coat

Joseph {part 1} The Colorful Coat

Daddy read the story from The Anytime Bible (LOVE this Bible)… IMG_5736

We then moved onto a few lessons to teach the concept of jealousy and what it really means and how it feels. You can see the lesson I used here.


We all worked together on this color/cut/glue craft from DLTK….IMG_5746

Pac Man completed this review sheet on his own while we worked with Krash more.IMG_5744
Resources used this week:

Visit theRaising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts.

Tot School ~ Barely

~Krash is currently 44 months old~

Learning Toys/Trays

We didn’t really have Tot School, but we did have some learning fun!  The boys did some school and played a lot with many new toys, I just didn’t have my camera out a lot!  I did capture a few moments form the week though!

The boys got the ZOOB 125-Piece Set for Christmas and we all just love these!  We played together one morning making some fun creations!     IMG_8919





I caught a sweet moment (which were actually a bit rare last week) between the boys as Pac read our Dinosaur Roar big book to Krash and they giggled together!IMG_8913



Theme ~ Winter

We didn’t actually begin our winter theme yet, but I did get the winter books out and Krash immediately wanted to read Biggest, Best Snowman, and then we just had to make snowmen together with Play Doh…IMG_8889

While visiting Jolanthe, he got to make snowball treats (think he is excited?).  We will be doing many more ideas from the winter posts on Totally Tots this month!IMG_8847


Life {FUN} School

Krash really enjoys cooking and had fun with our college “daughter” as he always does!  They made cookies together and she got some cute pics of my little guy working hard!IMG_5784


We will be back to a normal schedule {finally} tomorrow!