Oobleck with a Twist

Oobleck with a Twist

I am on a roll with this whole “messy play” thing.  You see, I hate messy play, but I am slowly getting over it all in my older age. My kids are enjoying my newfound attitude about the mess. 

Recently we gave the famous Oobleck a try. It’s been around since I can remember, the basic recipe is the one with cornstarch and water, but there are many others out there that produce a more slime-like result.  We have those on our list to make soon!

We used 2 cups cornstarch and 1 cup water to begin with.  I made 2 separate dishes, one for Ladybug and one for Krash. They enjoyed the basic recipe for quite awhile before we twisted things up one by one.

Oobleck -6121

Our first addition was food coloring, Ladybug chose pink and Krash chose blue.  After they got it all mixed in, we did some color mixing!  I added a blue drop to hers and we watched it become purple!

Oobleck -6130

One of the fun things was to see how when moving our hands slowly through it, they would move freely and easier.  When we tried to move our hands quickly, it got firm and was difficult.  To illustrate this further, I gave each of the kids a small animal to experiment with.

Oobleck -6141

We then added water beads!  We had a batch that was about 2 weeks old, and we added a handful!

Oobleck -6151

Oobleck -6154

Then, towards the end, we added some shaving cream just to see what it would do to the mixture!  By this time Pac had joined us, those are his hands!

Oobleck -6158

Oobleck -6161

It made the mixture more foamy & puffy, she loved it!

Oobleck -6169

Over an hour later, the girl was still going strong after both boys had moved on.

Oobleck -6173

By this time she had named it her “swamp.”

Oobleck -6177

Oobleck -6181

She took over both bowls and continued playing for a total of almost 2 hours!

Oobleck -6192

By the end it was a sloppy mess and she loved it!  The mixture itself changed a lot with the addition of shaving cream and the broken up water beads {they squished some of them apart}.

Oobleck -6197

In the end, my entire island was covered in the gooey mess, but that’s OK.  It all came clean and we had fun!  Even my hands were stained pink from playing with them!

Oobleck -6187

I am glad God is allowing me to get over my mess-phobia, we are having a lot of fun and I know this kind of play is awesome for my sensory seeking girly.  She absolutely loves messy play, beyond how either of the boys ever were. They are enjoying messy play now more than they ever have, I think their sister is inspiring them!

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Stay tuned to see what we did with the leftover mixture!  Hint-we didn’t throw it out!

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So, I bought my own copy of the 2013 Homeschool Omnibus bundle last night and have been downloading and looking through the many resources I didn’t already own!  What a blessing!

I somehow missed a few favorites when I first glanced at the list, I just realized that You Can Do It Too! is included!  This is the eBook I contributed to!  We also have Discover Africa, and will be using it later in the year for our Africa Continent Box!  My friend Maureen’s Nature Study Printables for Preschoolers is fantastic, we already had that one too! I have just begun glancing through Through the Seasons with Chalk Pastels, Homeschooling 101, and Sensory Bins.  These look like awesome resources along with the 85 other resources included in the bundle this year!  There are so many on my list to browse through soon!

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See my original post here, it has more details!

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You may remember the BIG Homeschool Omnibus eBook bundle from last fall, if not…stay tuned!  The 2013 Omnibus with over 90 eBooks {e-Curriculums} are included this year! 

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Draw, Write, Now Book 4 Printables

Draw, Write, Now Book 4 Printables 

I am continuing to plow through creating the Draw, Write, Now printables and recently got book 4 completed and will be completing the rest of the books, I promise!

Book 4 has some fun themes; The Polar Regions, The Arctic, The Antarctic . If you aren’t familiar with Draw, Write, Now, you can see the post I wrote last year when we gave a set away and learn more about them!

You may remember me sharing Book 1 last year, and the printables to go along.  These printables are exactly the same, two different options.  One for tracing, one for copying.  Both have the same drawing space.

Draw-Write-Now-Book-1-Hen62 Draw-Write-Now-Book-1-Hen-262

Visit the new webpage I created to host these printables to download this set and the book 1 set!Draw-Write-Now-Printables42

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