Tot School

~Krash is currently 41 months old~

** links to all toys and books are at the bottom of the post

It was a fun week at our house, but I forgot to have my camera close by for most of it! I just kept forgetting it, which is very unlike me. But we had fun anyway and I reminded myself what I always tell other moms, the moments are more important than capturing them! Our tots could care less if we have any photos of Tot School, we do that for each other…and for Mommy-memories right? So, I spent most of our week just in the moment with Krash! Here are a few of our captured moments…

Learning Toys

Our Bottle Top Name Cards made an appearance this week. Krash still loves to spell Pop Pop’s name first! He did really well with this, as always…it’s one of his favs!We LOVE our Bloem and Grow Blocks. Krash can spell his name now, and he adores lining the letters up with his special block set. He played with his blocks tons this week, since he just recently learned to spell and recognize his name…he’s so proud and goes around spelling it for us all the time!

We haven’t had our latches board out in awhile, so he loved this! I couldn’t believe how much better he was with it!

Another hand-made favorite is this awesome Itsy Bitsy I Spy bag, which we WON from Baby Love Blankies, back when Itty Bitty Bookworm had their blog celebration! This is an animal bag with letters in it also, and Krash LOVES it!!! He found animals for a really long time!!! I plan to get a few of these as Christmas gifts, they are wonderful!

Lots of packages came this week, providing us with some free Tot School tools…

Krash played with Dominoes a lot, doing many different things with them. They are a great learning tool!


We did Rr for Robots, using some special robots stickers I had bought just for the letter R!

Photo Learning Book

We only got to one color this week, brown. We only have white left and then we will move on to another topic! I am working on printing them all up for the boys now!

Yup, we had one last week of fun monster stuff, honestly because I don’t have our next theme quite ready yet and we had so much fun with monsters!

Matching Shape Monsters to their “Shape House”.
I bought Krash a monster notebook and pencil from the dollar section at Target, it was the best $1 I have ever spent! He LOVED this notebook and “wrote” in it all week!


We brought our riding toys up on the deck and had a blast! The Plasmacar continues to be a loved toy by all…even Mom and Dad!
Mommy’s Favorite…

Not that this is the best photo, but I love what it symbolizes. Krash is VERY happy with the lunch I made for him…a concoction I came up with myself (I will share on Lil Ladybug this week). I love that he is happy for lunch and not whining.

Monsters Tot Pack

I began making the Tot Packs in place of the smaller Tot Books back when I was pregnant, but honestly I haven’t even used the ones I made much, as I was making them for readers! BUT, the monster one is made for Krash so I put a ton of trial into it all.

It took me the longest to come up with a storage method I liked, as the Tot Books were no longer working for us. K wasn’t able to go back to them easily, as they were a bit too flimsy. I also wanted something, simple, inexpensive and Tot-proof to a degree (meaning he wouldn’t dump everything out or destroy it in a second).

Here’s what I came up with…

I took a simple clasp folder and a gallon size freezer Ziploc bag. I folded the bag to the right size, so I could 3-hole punch it on the folded part to hook into the clasps, like this…

I then got little Ziploc bags, whatever size was right for the item, and placed each individual item in a baggie by itself, with the cover image facing out so K could easily dig through them if he wanted to. I still need to open and shut the baggies for him, but he can easily sift through the folder without destroying it now.

I added the file folder game I made to the front pocket, as well as the mini book, “Monster Eyes.” The mini book could easily go into a baggie too, I just kept it out for now. The pockets are also great for storing projects that we are partially done with, so I don’t forget about them (if there’s coloring involved or something like that).

When it’s ready for storage, I store the tiny baggies into the bigger bag and seal it. Close the folder and it’s done! Compact, sturdy, cheap, easy. Also, with a storage folder like this, you can easily add other activities you may find on the web. It’s just a great way to store everything for a tot for a particular theme. AND, I like that I can easily take this with us if I want to-like to church, a doc appt, etc. Since it’s all separated, I can grab a folder and go, with pre-made games inside to play with!

If you’d like to make your own Monster Tot Pack, you’ll find all of the printables here on the new site. You’ll also see Pac Man’s monster’s as a part of the Tot Pack! This was also my first time “drawing” my own clip art…I made the monsters myself in Publisher, it was fun!


Raising Rock Stars ~ Week 2

Bible Story…Creation, week 2

We studied Creation again, there was just too much for only one week! Daddy read the boys the book, The Seven Days of Creation. The best part was when he made the elephant noise for the boys, and that I captured him in action for the blog. ;)
We then sung 2 songs, He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands, and a new song I found about creation…it was cute!

Then we all sat down to play a little game of Creation Memory together.
Krash lost interest quickly, but Pac Man enjoyed it!

Then we played “Adam Names the Animals” as a family. Pac Man had to read the words to Krash and Krash had ti identify the animal. Great skills at 2 different levels!
I put all of our fun creation stuff into a simple file folder and hooked it all into our notebook!

Weekly Bible Verse…John 6:48
Songs for Saplings ~ Bb

We work on our verse every day during calendar time, and we also listen to the entire Songs for Saplings CD during recess at least 1-2 days per week!

Resources used this week:

Coming Up…

  • Bible Story…Adam & Eve~The Fall
  • Memory Verse…Cc ~ 2 Corinthians 3:18

Visit the Raising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts!

Tot School

~Krash is currently 40.5 months old~

** links to all toys and books are at the bottom of the post

Learning Toys/Trays

One of our all-time favorites is hammering the letters into this foam puzzle. We have both the upper and lowercase puzzle and love them!!!
This is one of our new favorites, the BIG version of the Lauri Peg Stacking set. I got mine from my mom who bought it for $40 at a teacher store. Be wise and buy yours on Amazon for less than $30! This is a wonderful open-ended toy that lasts for years. My 7 year old LOVES it, he built the little tower thing in this photo. If you don’t have this one, put it on a wish-list!!!

Krash just likes to put all of the pegs in, he’s not into the building yet.

He had tons of fun showing me how he could stand on it once he had all of the pegs in it!!!

He worked on spooning jewels into a paint tray to make a green/blue pattern.

We have a few big floor puzzles and I love them. We hadn’t done one in awhile and K was really excited when I pulled this one out. We did it about 4-5 times throughout the week he liked it so much!

I got this awesome little game from a homeschool sale for about 50 cents. I can’t find it anywhere online, but K loves it! It’s a mini connect 4 game with letters on the circles.

I got him a new coloring book and crayon wheel from the dollar store, which he loved!!!

Working on identifying numbers with our number stencil puzzles.

Drawing on our chalkboard…

He loves this toy!!! He pointed out each color for me and we counted them together after he got them all into the spots. He focused for a long time doing this!


We played Letter Ball again and I snapped 1 photo and it was this one, I LOVE it!!!! This game is so much fun for tots with tons of energy, I highly recommend it or doing something similar. Doing kinesthetic activities (movement) is a great way for many tots to acquire skills.

Our letter project this week was Qq for Queen, inspired from No Time for Flashcards.

After we got our queen done, the boys really wanted to continue on with glitter. Me, not so much, but sometimes I am a nice Mommy. We have a song we do for calendar that has taught K to spell his name out loud and he asked to make “K-__ __ __ __” on the paper. He goes around spelling his name all the time now, P’s name too! Of course we had to make his name and everyone else in the family too!

Theme: Monsters

We continued on with our fun MONSTER theme and I got the entire Tot Pack done. Yes I know I said I would post it, but honestly I have been too busy creating it, and using it with K to even have time to think about posting it! I promise I will though, soon!

He worked on the puzzles I made for him…

This size sequencing game was made from the monster Pac Man drew on the computer. Let me just tell you how good it made P feel to see his creation end up in the Tot Pack!!! Great confidence booster!

We also played hide and seek with them, which helped a lot with identifying sizes.

K continued to work on his fuzzy monster poster from Target $1.

Here’s the spelling game I made for him, he loved this…

After the game the boys played with the monsters together, it was so cute!

Here he is matching monsters. And also having the monster “jump on the bed” like in the story.

This was the big flop. I made a folder with monster stickers, and cut out and laminated another set for matching. Yup, of course, he hated it.

Recess/Life School

Another caterpillar friend!!!!

Laurie Berkner was a BIG hit!!! Here they are running and playing “Catch You.”

Mommy’s Favorite…

Caught this shot during Laurie Berkner, I love the boys, but also Ladybug in the background checking it all out. I have to put her up so they don’t plow her over!!!

If you have a tot (approximately ages 1-3) at home, join in the fun and share what you’re doing with your tot! Here’s how to get started if you’re new… If you’ve never read this: Go HERE 1st for more details- please do!!! Then if you have any ideas you’d like to share, link up your exact post to MckLinky (if you have questions about how to do that, let me know in a comment or email-links to homepages will automatically be deleted).



Raising Rock Stars ~ Week 1

Our basic outline so far:

  • Sunday night-introduce new Bible theme for Family Bible Time
  • Daddy reads 1 book based on the theme
  • We do activities together as a family (coloring, crafts, puzzles, etc.)
  • Boys “preform” the previous week’s memory verse for Daddy
  • Throughout the week we work on the new memory verse, listen to our Songs for Saplings CD, and do other things to review our Bible story, including reading every book we have about it

Week One ~

Bible Story…Creation

We studied Creation, starting off with our Sunday night Bible time. Daddy read the boys this book…

Then we worked on a family coloring book featuring the 7 days of creation. It was fun to work together, we even shared the coloring on many of the pages.During the coloring we reviewed the many details of the story, and enjoyed each other tremendously! I loved seeing Krash color along with us, he’s so silly and fun to be around!
Finally we moved onto working on some simple puzzles to reinforce what we had learned. I made them easier for Krash with only one cut in most of them…I cut up a few of them for Pac Man to be a bit more challenging!We used the puzzles throughout the week also, reviewing the Creation story.

Weekly Bible Verse…Psalm 17:8
Songs for Saplings ~ Aa

We work on our verse every day during calendar time, and we also listen to the entire Songs for Saplings CD during recess at least 1-2 days per week!

Resources used this week:

Coming Up…

  • Bible Story…Creation week 2
  • Memory Verse…Bb ~ John 6:48

Visit the Raising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts!