Raising Rock Stars ~ Moses & the Burning Bush

Moses & the Burning Bush

We had another good week, I think I have learned my lesson. As much as I want to do crafts and creative things, I just can’t do much with an active KRASH around. The season for a quieter family Bible time will certainly come, and all too soon I am sure. I will sit around with 3 older kids who won’t play my active games and I will miss the days of loud craziness! So, I am embracing K’s energy and taking that into account in my planning a lot more than I had been previously.

We began our evening reading from Guess What? Story Bible, a really fun Bible with hidden words and a neat little fish decoder. Krash was the word finder and loved it.IMG_0473

We then played an active and fun game of “Follow the Leader,” each taking turns being the leader (even the dog played). IMG_0476

After we got some energy out, we sat down while I explained to the boys that God was Moses’ leader. I introduced our coloring pages…

Moses Burning Bush Printables1Moses Burning Bush Printables2

I used these to talk about the fear Moses felt when God first asked him to lead His people out of Egypt, not to mention that the bush was on fire and not burning up!!! We remembered that God had big plans for Moses even when he was a young boy, and that God has plans for us too! I made each of my children a sheet like the one on the right (yes there is a little girl one that we colored for Ladybug), and we talked about how this story applies to them.

They each colored their sheet and Daddy colored the Moses page for us! I colored Ladybug’s for her since she was taking an evening nap!



It was a fun and simple night, I hope to have many more like this in the future!


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Tot School ~ Love is in the Air!

~Krash is currently 45 months old~

 Learning Toys

Krash chose to make the birthday cake with his Discovery Toys pattern blocks.  The best part was when we sang Happy Birthday and he “blew” out the candle and I snuck and grabbed the yellow triangle “flame” when he blew it out.  We did this SOO many times!IMG_0414We made sorting towers too… IMG_0425He had a blast all week playing with his Busy Bugs and the Oreo Matching cookies.  He chose to pair these two toys together and was so creative with them!IMG_0280

The best was when the bugs ate the cookies…IMG_0284


We began our month of LOVE and Krash had fun!  One of the favorite activities was the little mailboxes I got for each of the boys from the $1 section at Target.  I gave them old valentine’s cards and stickers and they wrote notes to each other and played mailman for quite awhile with their mailboxes!  IMG_0322

One of my favorite activities and probably his least favorite {I had to force him to finish}.  I made his name in hearts and he had to match it up.  IMG_0277

Tot Trays

Tot Trays this week also went along with our LOVE theme, since I found a lot of heart items to use!  He had fun poking little foam heart beads onto his wooden heart stick (both from Dollar Tree).



He used his mini tongs (from a bug kit last summer at Target) to put heart shaped erasers into a heart shaped ice cube tray.  I was surprised that he sorted the heart erasers by style on his won!IMG_0234 He sorted red, pink, and white foam hearts…IMG_0237 His only non-themed tray and his favorite!!!  Poking stirring sticks into an empty Greenworks wipes container.  The hole is small so he really had to concentrate and push! {don’t you love his shin guards?}IMG_0271


Post SubTitles ABC

We finished!!!!  His final letter project, Zz for zebra!  I am so excited to put these all in a notebook for him to keep!  We will begin with a whole new set of ABC projects next week!


Tiny Tot School Ladybug is all out of sorts right now, probably cutting some major teeth.  She hasn’t been as go-with-the-flow as usual so hasn’t just sat near us for school time ;-).  She has been exploring her block basket a LOT, and loving the many balls and blocks we have (all the Fisher Price baby kind). IMG_0345 copy



Life School

One night when Daddy was gone working, we played games together.  Pac and I taught Krash how to play Gobblet Gobblers {one of our new very favorite games!}…



We also played a little Uno Spin, which was awesome for Krash.  he helps me by finding the color or number match and he is the official spinner! IMG_0266

A little Laurie Berkner action with Ladybug as the centerpiece.  “I’m gonna catch you, you better run…..” IMG_0328



Moms Favorite

We got over 2 feet of snow and the boys had a blast playing in it!  We’re supposed to get even more this week!  I just love my little man all bundled up!!!IMG_0438fb


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Raising Rock Stars ~ Baby Moses

Baby Moses

Praise God!!!! We had a wonderful family night! After last week’s evening, I really needed this and am so thankful to God for this wonderful and fun evening. We introduced Exodus and Moses, obviously beginning with the baby Moses story, which is so fun for kids. Daddy read them the baby Moses story from The Anytime BibleIMG_0199

Then it was time for a little reenacting fun! Pac Man played the part of Miriam, I was the Mommy, and Krash was the Egyptian princess! We laid a blue blanket out to be the water and put a baby doll in a basket. It was SO fun! Daddy helped K be the princess and guided him to reenact the story. Pac did great on his own. It really was so much fun, they were SO into it!



We then went together to color our mini book, and of course baby Moses had to come with us…IMG_0212

We ended the night by watching, VeggieTales – Duke and the Great Pie War, just the first segment that features a funny Veggie style retelling of the baby Moses story. We all giggled together, it was great! The best part was seeing Krash sit with baby Moses on the couch… IMG_0215 He is still pretty obsessed with baby Moses, it’s so adorable! We have many more weeks of Moses planned, I hope he enjoys grown-up Moses as much as he enjoyed baby Moses! Knowing Krash-I think the burning bush, 10 plagues, and parting of the red sea will be right up his alley! It should be a fun few weeks!

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Tot School

~Krash is currently 44 months old~

Learning Toys

I only managed to snap one photo of the many learning toys Krash played with this past week! Here he is playing with his Brainy Baby 3 piece animal puzzles, yes sitting in the Bumbo…isn’t that where your 3 1/2 year old sits? IMG_9800



In honor of our winter theme, I put together a fun basket of “snow” for Krash to dig through and find all of the ABCs for his puzzle. {thanks Tot Play for the idea!}IMG_9785

My well-planned activity soon turned into a fun “snowball” fight. There was “snow” all over and stuck in the rug afterward…lovely.IMG_9792

We played a counting game, using a snowman board with 10 circles on it. He drew a card {same as we used last week}, then had to count out that many colored chips on the card {again thanks Tot Play for the idea}IMG_9806

A few non-action shots, both items from our Winter Tot Pack. The first is the Snowflakes in Shapes mini book, although I left the pages separate as I introduced it to K.IMG_0195This sheet is the blank page I provided with the snowman set. I am working with K on identifying lowercase letters so I wrote them on the blank grid and had him find them with his colored chips. You can see through those chips so it was cool, he can put it right on top of the letter and still see it. IMG_0192



Post SubTitles ABC

We are almost done! Yy is for yellow, and I made it very simple ;-) I found yellow smiley sticker and let him go at it. We then glued the Y to yellow paper!IMG_9897

He played with his various letter Y items in the basket, here he is matching the magnetic Y to our Alphabet poster (got ours at Dollar Tree, but here’s a neat set online)…IMG_9902

We haven’t been using Leapfrog Letter Factory as much, so I brought it back out for K this past week. Lil Ladybug sat in on it too ;-).IMG_9867


Tiny Tot SchoolLadybug is almost 9 1/2 months old now and is very interested in what we are doing. I have been intentionally sitting her in with us and giving her items to explore that she otherwise wouldn’t have. The main goal in exposing Ladybug at this young age is mostly to different textures, sounds, and other sensory experiences. Cause and effect is a big thing too, as she learns what happens when she does things.

She loved playing with the cotton balls…IMG_9786

I piled all of our bean bags on her lap just to see what she would do. She had fun for a long time, feeling them, throwing them around and yelling with them! IMG_9825

She wasn’t too fond of the abacus. I sat with her while she explored how it felt and it seemed to freak her out a little bit! IMG_9875

She loved the musical instruments and sat and explored these two for quite awhile! IMG_9882


Life School

A little “war”…IMG_9804A little Wii {teamwork at it’s finest-rock climbing on Outdoor Challenge} IMG_9889Some friendly competition… IMG_9894


Moms Favorite

Snuggling with Daddy watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs {a current FAVORITE around here}.IMG_0187


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Raising Rock Stars ~ Snowflakes

We began our evening with Daddy reading The Tiny Snowflake to the kids.  Ladybug was really into the story and was grabbing at the book the whole time!  Thankfully Krash had heard the story before because he wasn’t having any of it.  It was an evening of discipline training for him-he was a bit out of control (which led to me feeling way out of control by the time all was said and done).  ;-)IMG_9760

The purpose of our time was to emphasize that God made snowflakes just like he made people and that we are special to God and also very unique.  We used an awesome lesson from Danielle’s Place to illustrate what it feels like to be blown around just like a snowflake and to know that God is always with us no matter where we may blow. 


After the story and the lesson I surprised Krash with a special mini book made in honor of the book, The Tiny SnowflakeSnowflakes are Special2He really enjoyed the last page! ;-)Winter33


After the book, we moved on to a snowflake matching activity I made.  I made a simple colored version for K and a black and white version for Pac Man.  Pac happily completed his and K gave us a bit of attitude which you can see clearly displayed on his lovely face below. IMG_9764


Finally we moved on to our craft, which was a poem also found on Danielle’s Place.  We made our own snowflakes to glue to the poem.IMG_9773

I helped Krash with his, and he loved it!IMG_9771

He loved cutting up the sample snowflake even more though.IMG_9775



I must admit, when this evening was over I was so thankful.  Krash was a handful to say the least.  Even Ladybug was out of sorts and spent her time “yelling” loudly.  She was mostly happy, just way louder than she normally is!!  I had spent much of Sunday planning for our evening (as I usually do), and I found myself feeling very discouraged.  My husband was great and he built me up and gave me wonderful words of encouragement.  I also reflected, prayed, and remembered that even if the kids hate the activities, or it seems a waste of time, what we are really doing is Raising Rock Stars! The simple routine of doing this every Sunday night speaks volumes into their little hearts.  It’s not about the lesson, it’s not about the crafts, it’s about Mommy and Daddy showing the kiddos that God comes first and HE deserves family time focused on HIM.  So, after much prayer and reflection, I realized that even though the night seemed like a failure to me, it was a success to HIM and that’s what matters most!

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