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{disclaimer ~ ImaginativeU is a blog sponsor and we received kits free of charge for this review}

ImaginativeU is a monthly box of fun learning delivered right to your door, for your child age 4-10. Each month has a different theme and each kit contains all the supplies and instructions included to complete 3 to 6 interactive projects. When I say ALL supplies, I mean all.  Other than things that can’t possibly be sent in the box, it’s all in there. ImaginativeU was developed by Shelley, a former science teacher who now works with K-12 science teachers in 16 school districts! 

We were sent 2 kits {Cool Science and Eggs} to review and I was blown away by the contents!

The Eggs kit couldn’t have come at a better time for us.  We have a bird obsession going on around here so we really dove into this kit! We had SO much fun with the activities in this kit, which you will see below, and we even have one more we haven’t done yet {egg dissection}!

We made bird houses out of gourds, which YES were included!  Along with the paint, brushes, plates for the paint…everything!  My little bird lover LOVED this and her gourd now hangs in our tree out front!

Bird House Gourds from ImaginativeU


We made egg baskets together, which was really messy on the front end, you can see her “grossed out” face in the collage below as she was wrapping the balloon!  She let me finish it right after that photo was taken!  These turned out perfectly and she LOVES her egg!

Egg Baskets from ImaginativeU


Something as simple as a chicken catalog and a “Did You Know?” search through it provided so much fun and discussion.  She loved finding the different chickens and eggs, as well as cutting out her favorites.

Did you Know Chicken Investigation from ImaginativeU


The egg drop challenge was enjoyed by all three kids {ages 5, 8, 12}. Krash was at gymnastics practice during the other activities but I knew I had to save this one for when he was home!

Egg Drop Challenge from ImaginativeU

The kids worked hard to protect their eggs, it was fun!  I even took a few videos so you could see the process!


    Next, the Cool Science Kit…
    Before diving into this one, I took a picture of the contents to show you how much is included. Literally everything you need to do all of the activities included.  We still haven’t completed all of the activities from this box yet! It was all there and very well organized.  I had no trouble finding exactly what we needed for each activity.
    ImaginativeU -5493
      The kids LOVED the UV beads and making slime with me! We still have several activities to do from this kit. Here’s a peek into our science fun together…
      Cool Science with ImaginativeU

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    Tot School Gathering Place Week 123

    Welcome to Tot School™ Gathering Place! Gather together here, gather ideas from other blogs, share your own ideas on your own blog. Browse around at the other posts linked up, leave a few comments if you have time, and be sure to check back to see if your blog was featured!

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    Tot School Gathering Place Week 123

    Wow! You Mamas have been super busy! I love going through all the different blog posts and seeing all the creative ideas that you put together to help your Tot learn and explore the world around them! Keep up the great work! Don’t forget to link up your blog posts to the Gathering Place so we can all share in your creativity!

    After April’s showers came May flowers – and that includes dandelion’s! Wondering what to do with all those yellow flowers? Use them for a math activity, of course! Check out what Mama Jamie from Hands On As We Grow to see exactly how she and her sons used them for learning!

    Hands On As We Grow

    Do you have a Tot that is curious about word formation? Take a look at what Mama Meghan from Playground Parkbench put together to help satisfy her Tot’s word formation curiosity!Playground Parkbench (1)

    Are you in need of some inspiration for new and interesting Tot Trays? Head on over to Wildflower Ramblings to see what Mama Amy put together for her Tot May!

    Wildflower Ramblings

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    I’m Going! Are You?

    Teach Them Diligently Gospel


    You probably know I am a big fan of the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Conventions.  I spoke at 3 conventions last year and was in Nashville this year and am looking forward to speaking in Ohio in just a couple of weeks. Teach Them Diligently has also been a blog sponsor of ours for years now and for that I am grateful.  It is a blessing to be able to partner with such a great ministry.

    Recently David Nunnery, founder of TTD, sent out an email newsletter and the message struck me.  I asked him if I could share portions of his newsletter with you. Why? Because he speaks of the Gospel focus of this convention.  It isn’t just about practical homeschooling tips, it is about Jesus.

    Below you will find David’s words, with the parts I really, really want you to read in bold {especially if you are on the fence about attending}.

    Leslie and I cherish those moments when we get to spend time reading and enjoying the testimonies that come in after a Teach Them Diligently event.  There are literally hundreds each time!  Here is one that we just received shortly after TTD Atlanta,

    "Our family attended Nashville and were so blessed by the experience that we attended Atlanta as well. And because of the discipleship at both conferences, my husband’s relationship with Jesus has become so strong that he has decided to be baptized! I cannot thank you enough for blessing our family with your work."

    In fact, at Teach Them Diligently in Atlanta, the speakers in the teen program told us that eight young people surrendered to Christ and believed. When people ask me why we are different, this is what I point to! Keep reading, because there is a special offer for you at the end.

    The reason I bring this up is because I am not sure homeschool families understand the need or distinctiveness for an event like Teach Them Diligently.  Even though we reach tens of thousands of homeschool families in the U.S., I am still not convinced most homeschool families understand the point, especially if they have not attended one of our events.  When we describe ourselves as a homeschool convention, people immediately assume they will find a number of speakers and exhibitors talking about teaching methods and encouraging moms that are about to put their kids on the Yellow Bus.  While we definitely have an element of our event that helps with know-how and encouragement, Teach Them Diligently is much more. Take a few minutes to "test drive" some of our content by listening to Rachael Carman’s "Seven Simple Steps To Sanity" in which she helps moms see how peaceful walking circumspectly by faith with God can be. After you pick up that one, click here for some more free downloads of sessions recorded at our events relating to organization, curriculum choices, and learning styles. These sessions will give you an even better idea of the content you can expect at Teach Them Diligently.

    Honestly, the best way I know to communicate to everyone that we are not like other homeschool conventions is to present what others are saying, and challenge families to witness it for themselves. Veteran homeschoolers will tell you that home education goes far beyond just academics, and the experience at Teach Them Diligently presents homeschooling with a foundation in Christ. To explore other experiences from attendees, just look on our website under testimonies or take a look at this video.

    Testimonials Page

    You can expect God to work at our event!  Some will receive a nugget of truth that helps them and others will receive a truth that will revolutionize their life.  But, one of the coolest aspects of Teach Them Diligently is the tremendous amount of diversity.  You can see it in the hallways and in the classes and the exhibit hall.  When believers that have very diverse backgrounds gather in the name of Christ and present a shared experience, it is a beautiful picture of the family of God. You cannot help but be uplifted.

    So, if you have the "courage" to come to a Teach Them Diligently Convention, and risk edification personally, or even revival, we will be meeting in Sandusky, OH, at the Kalahari Resort, May 28-30th, 2015, and our last event of this season is in Dallas, TX, at the Sheraton Downtown, July 16-18.

    Oh, yes!  I guess I should also mention the big exhibit hall filled with curriculum and resources, the hundreds of speaking sessions, children’s program, teen program, men’s breakfast, evening of real refreshment for moms, and just for you in Ohio, the largest indoor waterpark in the country.  We are definitely a homeschool convention, but discipleship is a big deal to us.  Come to Teach Them Diligently!  It is an experience you will always remember– and you will want to repeat!

    Register Today!

    TTD15_SAOH_250_tag    TTD15_DATX_250_tag

    Just for making it to the end of this letter, we will reward you with a special code for a $10 discount off your family registration. Use discount code REVIVE and register before May 20, 2015.

    David Nunnery
    President and Founder
    Teach Them Diligently

    Be sure you took notice of the $10 discount if you register by May 20, 2015.  I will be speaking in Ohio and possibly in Dallas {a few details are still up in the air}.  If you will be in Ohio, please comment and let me know!  If you are planning to go to Dallas and would like to see me there, let me know!  If you were in Nashville or Atlanta this year, comment and let others know what you thought.

    Gospel Vision 2014

    Crawly Creatures Memory and Match-Up Printables

    I have a new set of Montessori Printables for you!  A few weeks ago we shared our Crawly Creatures 3-Part Cards and today we have a Memory/Match-Up set.

    Crawly Creatures Memory and Match Up Printables

    There are 3 different pages included in this set, shown below.  The top two are the same, except one has the word and one doesn’t.  When we play memory, we use one of each.

    Slide3  Slide5

    Below you see the “Match-Up” board, which we only used when Ladybug was a tot.  This page is meant to be left whole and used for matching as shown in examples later in this post.Slide7

    Ideas for using these printables…

    This is how we used the Match-Up option when Ladybug was a tot.  I left the board whole as shown and then printed a set of cards for her to match to the board.  This helps with word-picture association and visual discrimination skills. The set below went along with our J is for Jellyfish/Ocean Animals theme.



    Each unit in Tot School Printables had a vocabulary sheet like this {the picture cards} and she loved them as a tot.  She loved drawing ad coloring on them as I called out a word.  The page shown below is from our J is for Jellyfish/Ocean Animals set.



    I often slipped them in our dry erase center.  Below you can see her pretending to write the letters in each word. The page below is from our V is for Volcano/Landforms set.



    Often is was just scribbling! The page below is from our U is for Umbrella/Weather theme.



    Matching mini animals is something we did a lot, when we had animals to go along.  Below is the C is for Cat/Pets printable with the Pets Toob animals.



    Below she is matching up small mammals from our M is for Mouse/Small Mammals set.



    Below you can see our D is for Duck/Birds printables being used with some bird stuffed animals we have.



    Below is the G is for Goat/Farm set with some Little People Farm animals we have.



    Below she is using homemade pom pom magnets and a cookie sheet and putting her magnet on the word I call out. The printable below is from R is for Rainforest.



    The final and most obvious way to use these printables is to play memory!  Print 2 sets of the picture cards, laminate, and play memory!



    Download your FREE Crawly Creatures Memory & Match-Up here!

    The sets available are listed in alphabetical order, look for the words “Crawly Creatures” under the “Memory and Match-Up” category and click!

    While there, you’ll also find our Crawly Creatures Nomenclature printables too, these are under the “Nomenclature/3-Part Cards” category.


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    Looking for more BUG fun?

    Bugs-Coloring-Printables4   Bug-Theme-Collection3


    Counting is for the Birds Literature Unit in Action

    We are loving our Kindergarten Literature Units,  and recently completed Counting is for the Birds!Counting is for the Birds Unit Study in Action

    I love setting up a central area for our theme focus and my daughter loves it too.  I gather our toys and books together and display them the night before we begin our unit. It helps to draw her in and get her excited about our learning time together. This was a VERY easy unit to set up for since my kids are obsessed with birds, and I once was and had a lot from my teaching days!

    Ladybug just had her 6th birthday and got the cute little bird feeder swing and all of those stuffed birds, the small bird toob birds, and the singing birds.  They came at the perfect time to set up for this unit!

    Counting is for the Birds -6893


    I had so much, we used the entire length of the shelf!

    Counting is for the Birds -6916

    Counting is for the Birds -6912

    Counting is for the Birds -6921

    Day One

    She LOVED the display and went straight for the new 3 part bird cards

    Counting is for the Birds -6923


    After reading the book, we got straight to work.  Here she was working on ordinal numbers

    Counting is for the Birds -6935


    B is for Bird and…

    Counting is for the Birds -6942


    She was SO excited to make a cardinal!

    Counting is for the Birds -6954


    I got her a little bird sticker pack which she loved!

    Counting is for the Birds -6958

    Day Two

    Her cardinals from the previous day dried so she cut them out and put them together!

    Counting is for the Birds -7008


    We worked on the character activity…

    Counting is for the Birds -7012


    Labeling a bird

    Counting is for the Birds -7017

    Day Three

    We worked on the hundreds chart mystery picture.  First I had her circle all of the numbers in the correct color as we went through them one by one together.  Then she went back and colored…

    Counting is for the Birds -7094

    Sequencing the story…

    Counting is for the Birds -7097


    Day Four

    Skip counting with a little birdy friend

    Counting is for the Birds -7143

    Unscramble the sentence

    Counting is for the Birds -7148

    Counting is for the Birds -7155

    Day Five

    Got out our fraction puzzles to go along with our bird fraction page.

    Counting is for the Birds -7195

    Counting is for the Birds -7205


    Painting a blue jay

    Counting is for the Birds -7212

    Day Six

    Life cycle of a bird

    Counting is for the Birds -7248

    Counting is for the Birds -7251

    Day Seven

    We read this book every day, sometimes more than once.  She loves it!

    Counting is for the Birds -7403


    She is browsing through to show me the answers to the comprehension questions!

    Counting is for the Birds -7406


    Writing about her favorite bird from the story, a nuthatch!

    Counting is for the Birds -7411 

    Throughout the week she begged for more bird crafts.  I got all of these from Learn, Create Love here!

    Counting is for the Birds -7399


    All of our work from this unit! Such a FUN unit!

    Counting is for the Birds -7423


    To top it all off, we got to visit a good friend who has chickens and has just gotten new baby chicks!  My bird girl was in heaven!

    Counting is for the Birds -7381  Counting is for the Birds -7391


    See our FREE printables for this unit here,

    our Pinterest board here,

    and our book and toy suggestions here!

    Counting is for the Birds Kindergarten Literature unit  Bird Toys and BooksBird Pinterest Board

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