Lately in Our Life ~ TTD, Visitors, Finishing Up, Getting Ready and Baby Birds!

Lately in our Life June 2015


Homeschool Convention

I had a blast at the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention in Sandusky Ohio in May.  I was a speaker there, along with my pal Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations.  We both brought our families and spent every spare moment with them!  It still blows my mind how God used the Internet to unite a friendship like this.  Our husbands have become friends, our kids are friends and we are just so grateful!

Lately in Our Life -6944  Lately in Our Life -6931

I also got to spend time with another lovely blogging-turned-in-real-life-friend, Jodi — who is also the one who inspired me to make the leap with Young Living years ago!  I am just so thankful for both of these ladies!

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Yup, the faces are familiar!  The same people we spent the weekend with in Ohio, showed up at our house a few days later!  It just worked out that way, as they had a wedding to attend near us and stayed with us while here!  It was LOVELY and we are so glad we could host them! 

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Finished Up

Ahhh.  Done with the current grade level.  It feels nice. This kid was especially excited the day he finished science! 

Lately in Our Life -7092

We do take a summer break for a couple of months, even though I personally would be fine with a year round schedule.  Our oldest has a lot planned with our new church {mission trip, beach trip, leading VBS, helping with a special needs camp, etc.} and he needs some time off completely. 

My gymnast {Krash} has a pretty intense summer schedule which means he needs a school break too.  Ladybug will be at home a lot and we will be doing some school together.  When my kids are younger and developing reading skills, I don’t like to take more than a couple weeks off so they stay strong in their skills.  We will work together on some of her subjects this summer and then pick up the rest in August with the boys.


Getting Ready

I have been busy busy around here.  I am possibly the most prepared I have ever been, or at least in the past couple of years.  I am slowly going through all of our subjects and doing everything I can to prep them for next year.  These were two of my projects that were shared on Instagram.  The All About Reading one turned into a whole blog post here!  The USA Geography is a post in progress right now, I will share soon what we will be doing!

Organizing All About Reading -7001 Lately in Our Life -7128

I am also working on year end review posts for each grade level, and also curriculum choices for next year {1st, 4th, 8th}.  I hope to have those done very soon, but I am still making some decisions and purchases!


Baby Birds!

My kids are bird obsessed and we were thrilled to find a bird nest with 3 eggs last week!  At first we weren’t sure what they were but quickly learned they are Mockingbirds who hatched soon after we found the eggs! I was praying my kids would get to see baby birds grow up and am so thankful my son spotted this nest!

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How We Organize All About Reading

Organizing All About Reading Curriculum

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It’s no secret that we are big fans of All About Reading and All About Spelling.  Last week I began organizing Level 2 for my daughter and shared this on Instagram

Organizing All About Reading -7001

I was in the middle of getting it all ready and snapped a photo and shared.  As you can see on Instagram, there were a few questions about my method so I decided to make a quick video and blog post for them and for you!

Our method is very simple and stems from the method we used to use which I share here.  Same idea, I just now use a notebook instead of file folders. My life is all about notebooks these days, so it just fits better for me during this season of life.

Minutes into my organization session my daughter found me and begged to peek in the new books.  She is almost done with Level 1 and was so excited to see the Level 2 books sitting out!

Organizing All About Reading -7010

Here’s the video I made to walk you through our notebook!

She will be using All About Spelling Level 1 in the fall also!  We will probably begin All About Reading Level 2 as soon as she finishes Level 1 so there isn’t a big gap.  I normally school my younger learners through the summer as they are learning to read, even just a little bit each day.

Looking for more info about All About Reading or Spelling? 

Here’s some posts I have written…

Helpful articles from the All About Learning Press site…


Reviews on other blogs {friends of mine}

Each month the All About Learning blog holds a giveaway!  Be sure to enter to win!

Try-It Sheet and Basic Writing Checklist for Young Writers

Try It Spelling Printable and Basic Writing Checklist for Young Writers

I have been busy creating many writing tools for my daughter, and sharing them with you!  I have been using a Try-It sheet with all three of my kids since they began writing, and used them back when I taught Kindergarten.  I have never shared a printable on my blog until now! 

How we use the Try-It Sheet

A young writer is often discouraged when words or sounds come up that s/he doesn’t know how to spell.  Instead of spelling words for my daughter I encourage her to try the word first, writing any sounds she hears in the word.  She then brings the paper to me and I show her the correct spelling.  If time permits we discuss the sounds she got right, and learn from her mistakes.  Sometimes it’s a quick pass back of the paper so writing can flow freely. 

Below you can see a peek at her recent Try-It Sheet…

Try-It Spelling Printable


Below you can see my daughter in action as she uses her Try-It Sheet.  She is using our writing paper and also something new we will be sharing very soon!  Here’s a peek from our Instagram!

Story Starters -8009


There’s also a basic early writing checklist in 2 formats.  One with a space for checking off when editing a paper, and one without check boxes to display on a wall or in a writing notebook.

Basic Writing Checklist Printable  Basic Writing Checklist Printable


Download your free Try-It Sheet and Basic Checklist here!

Young Writer Printables


Be sure to grab our free Choose Your Own Writing Paper Printable Pack and Choose Your Own Alphabet Chart too!

Choose your Own Writing Paper[4][3][3]  Choose Your Own Alphabet Chart

Choose Your Own Alphabet Chart Printable

Choose Your Own Alphabet Chart Printables

Having a simple alphabet chart available for young writers can greatly assist with proper letter formation.  Hang a chart on the wall, keep a laminated copy on the table, or slip one in the front of the writing notebook if you use one.

Homeschoolers and classroom teachers use a variety of handwriting methods so I am offering a few different options!

There’s a regular manuscript font, a cursive font and a D’Nealian font. One blank, one with lines, and one with stroke help {numbers}.

Alphabet Chart Printable Alphabet Chart Printable Slide4Slide5 Slide6 Slide7Alphabet Cursive Chart Printable Slide9 Slide10

There’s also a box handwriting chart and an additional print font we like.

Slide11 Slide12


Each page shown above is also included with a dotted font for tracing.

Slide13 Slide14 Slide15Slide16 Slide17 Slide18Slide19 Slide21 Alphabet Handwriting Charts

Slide22 Slide23


Stay tuned, I have more fun and free printables that are all connected to our writing paper printables and alphabet chart printables!

Download your Choose Your Own Alphabet Charts here!

Choose Your Own Alphabet Chart

Be sure to grab our free Choose Your Own Writing Paper Printable Pack too!

Choose your Own Writing Paper[4]

Choose Your Own Writing Paper Printable Pack

Choose Your Own Writing Paper Printable Pack

Want a variety of choices for writing paper for your young kids?  All in ONE place?

I have put together a set of many different options that hopefully will help many of you.

You can browse through the pack and see the options and then choose the one that suits your child best to use!  When your child’s needs change, come back and choose a different paper.  Print only what you need so there’s no waste!

Here’s a peek at the options included.  The top set is all thicker lines with the center dotted line, which is typical for younger writers.

Writing Paper Printable


Below you can see some I made with a handwriting guide at the bottom of the page {print, cursive and D’Nealian options included}.  This really helps my daughter so I thought maybe it might help some of you also!

Slide3  Slide4  Slide5


Below are the options with a drawing box…

Slide6  Slide7


The set below has thinner lines with no dotted lines, which we move to after a child doesn’t need the dotted midline as a guide for handwriting.

Writing Paper Printable

Slide9  Slide10  Slide11

Slide12  Slide13


Finally, there’s a horizontal version of both the thicker dotted and thinner lines…

Slide14  Slide15

There are quite a few options, but if there’s something specific that you need that isn’t in here feel free to leave a comment with a request.  I can’t guarantee but it is highly possible that I could add some to this pack!

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will be sharing another printable pack that will go along with this writing pack!

Download your Choose Your Own Writing Paper Pack here!

Choose your Own Writing Paper