Preschool Printable ~ Shapes Around Me

This Preschool Printable is focused on identifying shapes in the environment. I made small cards with 4 items each…all of the same shape.  The idea is to look at the card and identify the shape of the items…then find the correct shape and lay {or velcro} it onto the card!

IMG_8053 To prepare…

  • laminate all pieces if possible
  • cut out each card with images on it
  • cut out each individual shape
  • attach velcro if desired

This printable can lead to tons of discussion and further learning.  Have fun!

You can download the Shapes Around Me Preschool Printable here!

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Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 16.5 months old~

It was transition week last week so we had no formal Tot School.  We had a TON of playing in the new schoolroom though!  We are currently at the beach on vacation, so we will have a Tot School @ the beach post next week.  Although I love vacation, I am SO excited to get back to our routine in our new room!!!!

 Learning Toys

I think our Bristle Blocks come out every day, they are such a LOVED toy!  The kids were given 4 boxes of adorable mini animals from a friend who has a mom who was a former Preschool teacher…they are in love!IMG_6758

Pac loves to build our nesting blocks for her, it’s a race to see if he can get them all up before she knocks them over…IMG_6695He lost!IMG_6694

Techy Tot Ladybug is very into right now, and loves watching it!  Krash is old enough to navigate it, so he was running it for her, while sitting in our bean bag {from}!IMG_6724

Life SchoolOur good friends came over to see the new school room and Ladybug enjoyed showing off her new signing skills to Drew…IMG_6662 She also showed off her ne step climbing skills…IMG_6671


Moms Favorite

How precious is she, laying in our bean bag chair?  She LOVES this thing.  She was watching a bit of Praise Baby and chillin’.  She loves Praise Baby DVDs too.IMG_6561


Behind the Scenes ~ The New Homeschool Room

Behind the Scenes

I know many have wondered about our new school room and where it is, or where it came from. Today I hope to share a bit of the behind the scenes info about it and how this amazing blessing has come into our lives! The story will be as condensed as possible ;-).

When we moved to the inner city to be missionaries over 6 years ago, we moved into a row home on a major street in our neighborhood. At the time the property next door was up for sale, which we didn’t think much about. Within a few months God began to work and long story VERY short-my parents ended up buying the property to “give” to the church for ministry purposes. My parents “rented” the property to the church free of charge and owned it themselves. {In case you are wondering-properties are very cheap around here because of the neighborhood we live in} At the time I was the children’s ministry leader and ran several programs out of the property which became known as the Hope House. 011Since it was next door, it was very easy for me to balance work and family at the time {this was when I only had Pac Man}.

Fast forward a LOT…years later we realized that we did not have the correct insurance policy to be doing ministry in the Hope House, so research began. In the end we realized that to insure the property for ministry use was outrageous, our current company wouldn’t even do it! My parents had a decision to make-either sell the property or figure something else out.

They prayed and talked and came up with a solution. The upstairs was renovated {very nicely} to make a 2 bedroom apartment which is now rented out by our good friends and ministry partners, a young couple-married almost a year now.

The downstairs was gifted to us for personal use!

My parents truly just wanted to bless us and surprised us with the gift of the space. Since it is right next door to our house AND my husband is the renovation MASTER, it became a very clear reality of what we could do with the space. The plans were made and work began this past spring. We hit the major turning point in July when the houses were connected…IMG_4396 The boys are standing in the current kitchen looking into what is now the new dining room, which today looks like this {well, not quite that clean still}…IMG_6217The dining room was completed last week and today the carpet is being put in the school room which is two steps down below the dining room to the right {when looking at the photo above}! The addition of the dining room is an additional blessing due to the space it provides for fellowship! We have people over here a lot and it is always a tight fit in our kitchen to eat meals and socialize. Now we have a large comfortable space and we are SO excited to share it with MANY!

So yes, the schoolroom was an addition onto our house, but in a most unusual way-totally God! We feel very spoiled and blessed, I have actually shed many tears of joy over this. You homeschoolers will understand that for sure-the gift of a large homeschooling space is something we all dream of. I NEVER thought it would happen for us, I was just thankful to have the 9×10 room we had. It is not something we needed, not even something we asked for-just a total surprise! We are so incredibly thankful!

Stay tuned for the pictures of the schoolroom in progress. The carpet is being put in right now and then the move in begins. I plan to share an update with you soon!

UPDATE 11:00 AM…Feet have hit the carpet!!!!!!!!

Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 16.5 months old~

Tot Trays

Ladybug’s Tot Trays for the week…

  1. Fisher Price Farm Bingo {consignment sale find, no longer available}
  2. Straws and an empty parmesan cheese bottle
  3. Paint tray from Oriental Trading, beads to put in it
  4. Empty baby food container with cut outs done with a pocket knife ;-) for the little foam shapes we got form Target’s $1 aisle recently!
  5. Crayons and paper.


Good thing I snapped a photo at the beginning, because I barely had my camera out during her Tot School times at all!  Here’s the only 2 photos I got from the entire week {and she DID play a lot with her stuff!}IMG_6480 Trying to ask me to put the lid on!!!IMG_6485

  Learning Toys

Krash and Ladybug both continue to LOVE our Bristle Blocks!IMG_6489

Life SchoolWe were away on our semi-annual church staff retreat Mon-Wed, so Ladybug’s life school was super fun!  She got to go swimming…

IMG_6245 IMG_6249

She got lots of extra Daddy time!  We were at a retreat center on the Chesapeake Bay, so it was beautiful!!!  Riding in the ErgoIMG_6335 Listening to Daddy whistle the grass…IMG_6362 Figuring out she doesn’t actually like the grass!!!IMG_6381


Additionally, Ladybug has mastered signing please and thank you, I thought you might want a peek, since it’s so stinkin’ cute {and NO I am not biased, at all}  ;-)


She has since added “book” and “all done” to her list, and is VERY into it all now, a light switch has definitely gone on in her brain!!!


Moms Favorite

Not only is this my favorite photo of Ladybug, this is my new favorite THING.  We were recently sent this amazing bean bag chair from and I cannot even begin to tell you how much we LOVE it!  As you can see, it’s VERY popular with Ladybug ;-)IMG_6518


Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 16 months old~

I did it again, Ladybug’s Tot Trays were not changed up a bit this week. The new schoolroom is almost done and I was sick for days-then Daddy,  FLEXIBILITY is the word around here.  Everything is just up in the air until we settle in the new room.

Learning Toys

The boys enjoyed sorting Ladybug’s bear stackers by color…she enjoyed watching…IMG_5933

Ladybug is in love with her Geo Sorter, she takes all of one color out and rearranges them… IMG_5938Books are still a favorite…IMG_5904 We collected all of our indoor balls, and had a fun ball play time…IMG_6092


Life SchoolOne of Ladybug’s favorite places to be, on the bottom bunk of the boys’ bed.  Pac likes to hide out on the top and make her giggle with a bit of peek-a-boo!   IMG_5978She loves to get into his stuff ;-) IMG_5990

Moms Favorite

Crawling around on our new dining room floor!!!!!IMG_6177


~Sorry for the delay this week, my internet has been down for 2 days and now I am out of town until Wednesday with very spotty internet.  I will be back to normal on Wed evening, that is if the internet is figured out by then at home {it better be!!!!}.  Thanks for your patience with emails and such, I am replying as I am able to.