Something Special ~ Music Time…Fall Leaves Songs

something special

Fall Leaves Songs

For our weekly music time, we will be doing many of the same songs each week {which you can find here}, and I am also planning to add in some special seasonal songs. This week I chose a few FALL LEAVES SONGS from my former Kindergarten teaching days. I decided to make new printables for us and for you this time! I also included laminated leaves to use while singing {the leaves are on the last page of the PDF download for the songs}.

I printed our songs 2 per page and then mounted them to fall colored cardstock before laminating.

They all loved it! It was hard to take pictures, but I did get a few of them blowing their leaves at the end of one of the songs!

IMG_9562 IMG_9571IMG_9566


After we had our group time, I put the songs into a small basket with the leaves, some foam letters to spell L-E-A-V-E-S {I got the mini letter puzzles recently from Walmart for $1}, and some books about fall leaves.


We have been using our basket each day to review our songs and read our fall books too.

We love our fall books too! We own many of these and enjoy the others from the library!

Visit the Fall Fun webpage to see the downloads for theFall Leaves Songs and more!


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Something Special ~ Impress Your SPONSORED Kids

something special Craft to send Sponsored Child


I was inspired by Amanda, on her blog Impress Your Kids.  She posted a wonderful idea called “Impress Your Sponsored Kids” which I immediately fell in love with!  It fits perfectly with my plan to do something mission/service oriented every Wednesday for our Something Special group time.image

We sponsor 2 children, both in Rwanda; one through Compassion and 1 through World Vision.  We will be adding 2 more children when Krash and Ladybug both reach age 5.  This is when we “gave” Pac Man his own sponsored child.  It was a really big deal, we even made a child sponsorship lapbook all about it! I also sponsored a child many years ago-who is actually a teenager now!  I try to write to her/email her often and plan to make sure I write a letter each time we write with the kids too!

For our first project, I was inspired by Amanda, and decided to go with not only Albert’s initial, but also names.  In order to include the littles-I made everyone their own name to decorate-with Pac Man working on the ones we were making for Albert.  I just made them in Microsoft and printed them on cardstock.  Then I let the kids get busy!

They used: dot paint, glitter glue pens, crayons, & stickers!IMG_9251 IMG_9247IMG_9243

Everyone contributed to our big “A” and it turned out cute ;-).  Ladybug was VERY into putting the stickers on it!IMG_9262

Pac Man wrote Albert a letter to go along with our crafts… IMG_9266IMG_9353

I also wrote a letter from me and included updated photos of us all on it…Albert letter 9.2010

To keep things easy when it comes time to send things to our sponsored children, I have a notebook for each of them, containing all of the letters they have sent to us and any information we have about them or their project.   I make sure to keep the 6×9” envelopes {what we use to send things to Albert via World VIsion’s requirements} in this notebook so I can always find them. They are preaddressed too, so all I have to do is load it up and take it to the PO for proper postage!

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Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 17 months old~

I am still contemplating how I am going to work Ladybug’s Tot Trays now that we are in the new school room.  We have MUCH more space, so I can think a bit more freely.  I am not rushing into any decisions quite yet, so we are still not entirely set-up.  I am getting the boys squared away first and then will focus on her set-up.  Thankfully she doesn’t even care, and thinks all of the toys are great!

Learning Toys

Who really needs Tot Trays anyway when you have your brothers Star Boxes?  She has been digging all through his boxes and he doesn’t mind sharing!IMG_9013

She really loves the counting bears

       IMG_9005    IMG_9002

and the lacing beads, IMG_9021AND the stacking cups {putting bears on top one day and Zoobs inside another!}…


She also loves playing WITH Krash, a LOT.  Here they were playing with Monkey Math-for a L-O-N-G time.


Here he is building with the foam blocks {linked are not exactly ours-but they look similar} for her,IMG_8928

then she got busy herself, she is a dumping and block-stacking champ now!IMG_8933

Magneatos continue to come out just about daily.  I brought out our dry erase board to show that they will “stick” to it.  She was VERY impressed and sat right on it to play!IMG_9207

 Techy Tot

Ladybug has begun to really enjoy I love that my desk is big enough to just sit her up on top!


tub of fun

Ladybug LOVES our fall sensory bin.  She has played with it every day!!!


Something Special

This week Ladybug participated in all of our Special activities.  You can see our schedule here.  She made a fall tree,


sang Apple Songs with us, helped make crafts for our sponsored child in Rwanda {post coming soon},  and helped bake muffins {we made these}.

    IMG_9319 IMG_9317


Life School

She made her first real drawing at our new easel {from Ikea} this past week!!!  She loves to stand herself up and scribble away!!!



She continues to love her walking toys, but we are still praying she lets go soon!IMG_9158



Moms Favorite


My sweet husband tried really hard to fix her hair one morning and she just wasn’t having it.  He finally stuck two bows in and brought her down like this {I was in LOVE ~ with both of them}…


Pac Man was jumping over her {while my heart skipped MANY beats}.  She kept begging him to do it again and again!!!

IMG_9119 IMG_9120



This Weeks Tools


Fall Sensory Bin

Fall Sensory Bin

I have made a few sensory bins before, but slacked off while we were in transition into the new schoolroom.  Now that we are in here, I have no excuses!  We are in full swing and I have the space to store the items and the bins!  I am keeping our bin, in an actual drawer in our Ikea system-it is out of reach, so it only comes down when I can supervise.


I have no rotation plan of any sort-just to create a seasonal bin and try my best to switch things out every now and then. I use many resources to gather sensory bin ideas, but mostly just try to find things I have around, or that I find in the seasonal section of the dollar store ;-).  One excellent resource is Counting Coconuts, she has awesome sensory bins!  Also-Kylie from Our Worldwide Classroom has an excellent link-up with many sensory bin ideas!

Our fall bin has been a BIG hit with all kids, here’s a bit of it in action…


The base items in the bin…

  • black beans, red beans
  • fall leaves {Dollar Tree}
  • crystal looking acorns and mini pumpkins {Dollar Tree}
  • pumpkin shaped cookie cutters {from this set}
  • fall colored spoons and scoops
  • mini orange and green gourds {Dollar Tree}



Other items have been added in and I am sure will continue to be added in.  The kids got some Webkinz to pretend play with, mostly using the items for their food.  ;-)IMG_9227


It truly amazes me how much all 3 of the kids love this…something SO simple.  IMG_9069

SO many skills can be exposed in such a fun and easy-going way. IMG_9081

The best is when Ladybug sets up camp, IN the bin.IMG_9089

I loved how the boys just carry on around her! ;-)IMG_9103Great fun has been had and is to be had as we enjoy our fall sensory bin!

Find more Fall Fun here on my website!

Something Special ~ Apple Songs for Music Time

something special

Apple Songs with Printables

For our weekly music time, we will be doing many of the same songs each week {which you can find here}, and I am also planning to add in some special seasonal songs.  This week I chose two APPLE SONGS from my former Kindergarten teaching days {the printables themselves were used in my classroom many years ago!}.    We used red, yellow, and green Magneatos to be our pretend apples to use while singing. IMG_9065

This a BIG HIT with all 3 kiddos, they loved it all!!!

We had fun rolling the correct colored “apple” to each other while singing.  Ladybug giggled almost the entire time-she loves singing and was swaying back and forth!

After we had our group time, I put the songs {which are laminated} into a small basket with several red-green-yellow Magneatos.  The next day I found the boys like this {totally on their own}.


Krash was trying to sing the songs himself and Pac Man walked over to help him with the words.  It was PRECIOUS!  Both boys LOVE music so I know if I can keep this up-they will love it!



Since I made my files years ago, and didn’t have them to share, I whipped up a few for those of you who would like to print them out.

Apple Songs

Looking for more apple fun?  I have started to create seasonal webpages on the 1+1+1=1 website, to help organize seasonal ideas {both for myself as I often refer back to my stuff, AND for others-to make things easier to find}.  The page is still in the works-so keep checking back, I will be adding things as the fall season progresses!  There are a few things unlinked-as they are coming up soon and will be linked as soon as I do them!

Visit the Fall Fun webpage to see the downloads for theApple Songs and more!

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