Animal Alphabet Coloring Pages Letters G-L

Animal Alphabet Coloring Printables G through L

We have a new set of Animal Alphabet Coloring Printables for you!  Letters G through L are free to download here and other free sets will be coming.  if you don’t want to wait, you can grab the full set here in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop.

Each letter features an animal and a fun coloring picture to go along. G is for giraffe, H is for hedgehog, I is for iguana, J is for jaguar, K is for koala and L is for lion.

G for giraffe coloring page H for hedghog coloring pageI for iguana coloring page J for jaguar coloring pageK for koala coloring page L for lion coloring page

You will also find the name of the animal at the bottom of the coloring page too.  This helps with print awareness in young children. These coloring pages are a great addition for children who are learning their letters and love to color! 

Download G-L for free here!

Grab the entire set here in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop!


Grab A-F here!



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10 Free Dot Fun Alphabet Printable Sets  Choose-Your-Own-Alphabet-Chart-Print[1]  Perler-Bead-ABCs8

Q-Tip-Painting-Alphabet-Printables7  Hands-on-the-Alphabet7


Home-Preschool-A-to-Z-from-www.1plus   Tot-School-Printables-A-Z14

My Sessions at Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention

I am heading to Nashville this week to be a part of an amazing homeschool event. This will be my 3rd year speaking at Teach Them Diligently and I wanted to put together a post to help attendees decide if my sessions would benefit them.  There are just so many sessions and speakers, it is difficult to choose.  I personally have a hard time deciding but I can guarantee I will be at most all of the high school focused sessions this coming weekend since we have a rising 9th grader!

I love this convention and am honored to be a speaker with them!  If you attend in Nashville, Atlanta or Sandusky will you come find me and say hi?

General Conventions

I will be leading 3 different sessions this year.  One is brand new and two I have led in previous years. The official titles are in bold, with the descriptions {from the TTD program} in italics.  I have also included the day/times for Nashville and Atlanta to help those of you attending TTD in Nashville or Atlanta. I will also be in Ohio, I just don’t have that schedule yet.

The First 10 Years With A Family Who Never Planned to Homeschool  {Fri. – 6pm in Nashville, Fri. – 1pm in Atlanta}

On the fence about homeschooling? Not sure if you can or want to do it? Look up close at the family behind the 1+1+1=1 blog, who never planned to homeschool. See what their first 10 years looked like — the struggles, the tears, the successes.

TTD Never Planned to Homeschool ~ 10 years Later

This is the new one! In this session I will be sharing a very personal look into our life.  Think of it like reading a book about us, a personal memoir of sorts.  I will be sharing how we came to homeschool, why we never thought we would, our early and immediate struggles, my more personal struggles {anxiety, a strong-willed child, a child who is my opposite, balancing full time ministry and homeschooling, and more}, our seasons of struggle {Cancer, accidents and Hypermesis during pregnancy}, where we are now and our hope for the future.

The Lord definitely laid it on my heart to lead this session, even though it is a bit out of my comfort zone since I usually share about all things early-childhood related.  I can almost guarantee there will be tears {from me at least} as I pour my heart out in hopes of helping even one mom know she is not alone and that she CAN do this homeschool thing if the Lord has called her.

Tot School {Fri. – 9am in Nashville, Sat. – 10:30am in Atlanta}

Have a toddler? This is the session for you! Tot School is all about exposing your young child to early learning skills at home in a fun and engaging way.  It is NOT about teaching your toddler, it is all about exploring together through play.

TTD Session What is Tot School

This is a session I have led for the past 2 years that is based off of the idea of Tot School which began on my blog many years ago.  I share the history behind Tot School and lots of practical advice for those not so comfortable with early childhood. You will walk away with a note taking guide filled in with ideas and steps you can take to plan for the early years at home. If you are a bit nervous and unsure about keeping your young child at home during those early years, this is the session to come to!

Planning Preschool at Home {Thurs. – 6:30pm in Nashville, Fri. – 6pm in Atlanta}

Have fun learning with your child in the early years by creating a plan that works for you, your family, and your specific child. Every child, family, and season of life is different! Gain practical knowledge to help put the preschool pieces together.

TTD Session Following the Lead of Your Young Child

This is another session I have led for the past two years and is my very favorite session. I share my thoughts behind balancing you as a teacher/parent, your child as an individual, your family as a whole, and your season of life.  Developing a preschool plan for your family can be a challenge, especially with all of the many different ideas and methods out there.

Again, we have a note taking guide for this session and it is my goal to have attendees leave with practical steps in mind to help create a plan.  While my Tot School session is geared more towards those who are not as comfortable with the early childhood years, this session is for any family trying to figure out HOW to do Preschool at home.

For those of you attending, I hope that helps some!  I am a big believer in using your time wisely and choosing sessions that truly would be a good use of your hour.  I hope to meet some of you in Nashville, Atlanta or Sandusky.

Tot School Gathering Place Week 166

Welcome to Tot School™ Gathering Place! Gather together here, gather ideas from other blogs, share your own ideas on your own blog. Browse around at the other posts linked up, leave a few comments if you have time, and be sure to check back to see if your blog was featured!

Each week we will feature photo{s} and ideas from blogs who link up. Remember, provide a link back to Tot School Gathering Place within your post that you link up, so you can be considered for the feature!


Spring fever has hit the household!  The weather has been absolutely delightful and my kids have been taking full advantage of having fun in the sun!  How does your schedule change with the return of spring?  Do you do Tot School outside?  Share with us your ideas here at the Gathering Place!  You may inspire another Mama with your creative idea!

Do you have a Star Wars fan in your house?  Check out the theme that Tot Munchkin chose to do this past week over at Adventures in Tot Schooling!

03132016 Adventures in Tot Schooling

Calling all animal lovers!  Take a peak at this fun literature activity that Mama Ayan put together for her Tot to go with “Good Night, Gorilla.” See if your Tot might enjoy this activity!03132016 Teacher Mom Plus 3

Is your Tot exploring colors?  Head on over to SmartE PartE and see the Tot Trays that Mama Krisitin put together for Tot E this past week!  Loads of fun was had by all!

03132016 SmartE PartE

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Spring Bible Verse Coloring Pages

Spring Bible Verse Coloring Pages

We have a brand new set of Spring Bible Verse Coloring printables. These are great for adults who like to color as well as children. 

The idea behind “Just Color!” is simple ~ theme packs all focused around coloring. The coloring pages are all in one download to make it easier to download and print all at once, in case you have coloring monsters like I do!

If you want to make a mini coloring book, you can scale down PDF files.

Here’s a peek at the different Spring Bible Verse pages in this free printable coloring set! Pick the ones you like and enjoy some coloring time {with or without your kids}!

Spring Bible Verse Coloring (1) Spring Bible Verse Coloring (2)Spring Bible Verse Coloring (3) Spring Bible Verse Coloring (4)

Download the Spring Bible Verse coloring printables and more here!

Spring Bible Verse Coloring

Look for this graphic and click to download!


See more Spring Fun here!

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Youth Digital ~ MOD Design 1 Review

Youth Digital MOD Design 1 Review

{disclaimer ~ Educents is a blog sponsor and provided MOD Design 1 for review}

Educents is the trusted resource for every child’s education. Whether you’re looking for curricula and science experiments, or tips and ideas, we hope we can help you discover new ways to make learning fun! logo-highres[12]

Click here to find innovative products and ideas created by a community of experts in education!

We noticed Youth Digital a couple of years ago at a homeschool convention and my Minecraft loving children, especially my oldest, were instantly interested. I was immediately impressed with the whole concept, we just couldn’t work it into the budget at the time.  When we were offered the chance to review MOD Design 1 thanks to Educents I was obviously thrilled.

I wish you could have been sitting next to me and seen my 13 year old’s reaction when he found out we were getting this!  The excitement has only continued, he fell in love instantly and has continued to LOVE the lessons.md1

So, what is Youth Digital?

"The future will be made by creators, not consumers."

Youth Digital offers an innovative online learning solution that kids can access from any computer with an internet connection. Their learning platform provides kids a comprehensive educational experience that is amazingly fun, highly interactive, and rewarding. Through Youth Digital courses, kids will master critical technology skills and learn to use professional-level software that will help them be successful in today’s digital world.


What is MOD Design 1?

Mod Design 1 by Youth Digital is an engaging way for kids ages 8-14, to learn key technical skills while programming their own mods for Minecraft. The interactive lessons are fun to watch and easy to follow. Kids are able to learn at their own pace and use their imaginations to create their own Minecraft mods! Kids will code their own Minecraft mod from start to finish and watch as the end result becomes a unique, shareable Minecraft mod that they built from scratch.

Kids will learn the basics of one of the most popular coding languages in the world as they modify real Java code to build their own Minecraft mods. Students will master introductory computer programming concepts including object-oriented programming, methods and parameters, instantiation of new objects, and more. Kids will also learn to use a pro-level Java development tool, Eclipse.

What’s included?

  • Over 30 hours of self-paced, engaging online lessons
  • 1 year access to our dedicated team of online teachers to help your student along the way
  • Professional software


Here are some screenshots showing what things look like inside.  The first shows the student dashboard with the lessons…

YD Homescreen


Within each lesson there are videos and an outline of what will be covered.  Here are 2 outlines…

YD 1 YD 2

The informative and entertaining videos also include screencasts, showing the child exactly what to do and how to do it.  Here’s a peek at the sword lesson…

YD 3

Below you can see a screenshot of the coding section, your child is taught how and where to insert code!

YD 4


This was one of those reviews that I knew would be a team effort and I told my 13 year old son that from the beginning.  He agreed to work with me and this has been a fun process.  He has been into Minecraft for years now and I am very supportive of his interest.  Once I learned about Minecraft I quickly realized what an incredibly educational game this was for my kids. Extending the love of Minecraft into learning in this way through Youth Digital has been awesome!

Here’s what my son had to say about his experience with MOD Design 1…

Youth Digital Review -3627

OK so when I was told that I was going to do the MOD Design 1 course I was extremely excited because I already loved to play Minecraft and I enjoyed programming. The people that created the course are geniuses because you can definitely learn a lot from the course.

It does get hard at times but it is really nice because you can get help with what you are stuck on just as simple at clicking the HELP! button and tell them and show them what’s wrong! I had to use this a few times and they are super helpful and respond quickly.

The program is awesome because as you go through the course you do interactive quizzes and and solve problems and you can earn points! You can use the points to learn even more stuff to put into your mod! What’s also cool about it is ALL the software to run the program comes with the course and even if your course expires you can still keep the software to keep working on your projects!

The age recommendation is from 8-14 years of age, I think that younger ones (8 and 9) can definitely do this course. It may get hard but with the HELP! button makes it ease to get unstuck from your problem. I’m turning 14 here soon and I love the course so I also think that 13, 14 and 15 year olds will learn and enjoy the course as well.

Going into the course you don’t have to know anything about programming to enjoy the course! They do a through job of explaining how to do it and what it means. So for all the Minecraft lovers out there this course is a great learning experience and fun way to play Minecraft!


Even better, here’s a video interview I did with him.  Ever wanted a peek at his personality?  watch this.  He’s a goof…I love him so.  The video is almost 7 minutes long, he had a lot to say!


Final Thoughts…

I definitely recommend MOD Design 1 and Youth Digital in general for a few reasons. Expanding on an interest and providing real life learning skills in our computer driven world is so valuable.  He has already begged for another course and we will be seeing if we can fit this into our homeschool budget.  Watching my children be comfortable with computers means a lot to us.  No matter what they decide to do with their lives, it is almost certain a computer will be involved somehow.  Pac actually has dreams of possibly working with software design so this was a fabulous experience for him. 

Want to Purchase MOD Design 1?

Educents is offering an EXTRA 10% off when using code: 1P10

Buy Here!