August 2017 Printable Calendars for Kids

2017 Calendars for Kids August

We have all new 2017 calendars for you! You can download both the tracing and dot version of our calendars for August for free in this post!

Slide9  Slide9

Learning ideas to go along with the tracing printables ~

  • At the beginning of each new month, trace the name of the month, the year, and color the focus picture.
  • Each new day, trace the number and talk about what day it is.
  • Practice counting each day up to the date.
  • Use 2 or 3 colors to write in each month to create a pattern.
  • At the beginning of each month go through and mark the special days {holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or anything your family celebrates}.  Have your child decorate those special dates so you can look forward to them!

Learning ideas to go along with the dot fun printables ~


  • At the beginning of each new month, color the focus picture. If your child doesn’t like to color, color together…make it fun!
  • Each new day, dot paint the day, or use a dot sticker and talk about what day it is.
  • Practice counting each day up to the date.
  • Use 2 or 3 colors to create a pattern.

Don’t have Dot Paint {or don’t want to be messy with little ones}?  Use Dot Stickers instead! 

Download your free August 2017 Calendars here!

We added some calendar fun to our collection this year and have some sets for sale in our Teacher’s Notebook Shop for those of you who want more! You can buy the entire year of either, or a blank version to use any year! You can also buy all 3 in a bundle deal. There’s notebook covers and a year-at-a glance in the sets!

Click on each image to see the individual sets…

2017-Dot-Fun-Calendar-for-Kids202252[1] 2017-Tracing-Calendar-for-Kids192252 Blank-Calendar-for-Kids-Use-Any-Year

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Get your Calendar Notebook covers here

Calendar Notebook Covers

Looking for more calendar fun?

Add these printables to our Calendar Notebook printables!


Here’s one set up for homeschool calendar time we have had.  Lots of free printables!


Here’s our Calendar Connections for more fun learning!


Ant Life Cycle Printables

Free Ant Life Cycle Printables

Learning about life cycles is such a fun thing to do with children! Did you grab our free Ladybug Life Cycle printables and butterfly life cycle printables? We have another new life cycle printable set for you today featuring the life cycle of an ant! We hope you enjoy using these free printables with your children as you explore the wonders of science through the life cycle of an ant!

Ant Life Cycle Printables

Ant Life Cycle Printables Ant Life Cycle Printables


Looking for some fun ant toys to enhance your ant learning fun? These are some fun toys on Amazon! {click to blog to see widget}

Download your FREE Ant Life Cycle Printables here!

Looking for more BUG fun?

Montessori-Nomenclature-Printables-3[1] Bug-Theme-Collection622 Finish-the-Picture-Trace-and-Color-BBugs-Story-Starters-Printable-Photo- Pretty-Bugs-Printable-Pack722 Bugs-Coloring-Printables722Free Butterfly Life Cycle Printables[5] Bug-Sensory-Bin72[1] Lets-Explore-Bugs-Button82[1] Free Ladybug Life Cycle Printables


Home Art Studio 3 Bowls Project

Home Art Studio Project Three Porridge Bowls

Home Art Studio has been a part of our homeschool for years now and we are happy to have them as a blog sponsor. You can see all of the projects I have blogged about here! Home Art Studio sent us curriculum to review years ago and I bought the 2nd Grade DVD to use with my daughter this year. We didn’t finish it during the school year so we are still using it this summer!

Recently she completed the Three Porridge Bowls project which was based on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Home Art Studio -3

She was a bit frustrated in keeping the sizes of the bowls so  we did some practice drawings before she moved to drawing her bowls on the watercolor paper.

She chose designs for each bowl and drew them in pencil and then outlined using a Sharpie marker.

Home Art Studio -1

After painting her bowls, she glued them onto the black background to complete her project!

Home Art Studio -2

Her finished project!

Home Art Studio -4

Home Art Studio Information

Home Art Studio is an award winning DVD/ROM based art education program, taught by Lindsey Volin, designed for homeschooling families. Every fun art project teaches students experience, but who want to ensure that their children receive a well-rounded arts education.

Here are some helpful direct links:


9th Grade Year-End Review of Homeschool Curriculum Choices

9th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Year End Wrap Up

The homeschool curriculum choices blog posts are great, but what I really want to know is what families thought AFTER they used the curriculum they chose! I will be sharing a series of posts with you; evaluating our choices in each grade level from this homeschool year.

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We shared our 2nd grade year-end review here and 5th grade here. Next up, 9th grade!  Here’s a reminder of the original 9th Grade Curriculum Choices post.

9th Grade Subjects

Below I will give a small review of each subject, if you have more specific questions about anything, just leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer! 

Math ~ Teaching Textbooks Geometry

Teaching Textbooks is a great fit and he will be moving on to TT Algebra 2 in the fall. Geometry definitely wasn’t easy and was time consuming for him. He ended the year with an A and had to work for that grade! We are really proud of the effort he put in especially near the end to be sure he got that A!

9th Grade -1

World History ~ Notgrass

Notgrass World History was a great choice for us. I struggled with our choice last summer and finally landed on Notgrass because I wanted the best of both worlds. I wanted a book written in an enjoyable reading style but also a slight textbook feel, with tests and such. Notgrass was a perfect solution for us. History isn’t his favorite subject but he mentioned several times how much he enjoyed the readings. We have decided to stick with Notgrass for Government/Economics in the fall!

9th Grade -2

Writing ~ IEW SIW C

This was our very first experience with IEW and although it was a HUGE learning curve for me, I am so happy we decided to try! We originally planned to do IEW SIW C and Elegant Essay but we barely finished C. I had to take a teacher-break during the year because I got overwhelmed with the learning curve. Then finally after watching the teacher training videos even more, something clicked! This fall all of my kids will be using IEW! Pac will be using Teaching the Classics along with Windows to the World.

9th Grade -1-4

Geography ~ Northstar  

This was a great world geography curriculum, he was exposed to SO much! I am really glad he took this course and I loved how organized it was. I wish I had taken a course like this in high school! I highly recommend!


Finance ~ Foundations in Personal Finance

We LOVED this course!!! I cannot say enough good things about it, he loved it, I loved it and he learned so much that will be so valuable to him and already is! Highly recommend this!

Note – it looks like this will be on Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op July 17, be sure to check there as it might be cheaper!

9th Grade -3

Spanish ~ Homeschool Spanish Academy

9th Grade -1-2

We were given a year of HAS for review and I am sad to say we will not be continuing on with it in the fall. The program itself is laid out nicely and required very little from me, which I loved. Our biggest problem was his particular teacher. While she was sweet and kind, she was not a good fit for my son for several reasons. The teachers are based in Guatemala which is fabulous and he did have some teachers as subs that were amazing. At the beginning of the year we were told to try out teachers to see who we liked and then schedule with that teacher. We did that and he really liked a certain teacher he had but when I went to schedule the rest of the year, this teacher was totally booked. We ended up choosing the particular teacher he had for the remainder of the year because she was one of the few left that fit his schedule needs.

When Pac brought his concerns to me I thought possibly it was just him and advised him to talk with her about one of his specific concerns. I sat and listened in on the Skype session when he asked his teacher about a grade he had gotten {it was low and she didn’t seem to think it was a big deal and was confused as to why he was asking her to go over the test with him}. After listening to that session I became concerned myself, as a fellow teacher and as a mom. I brought our concerns {that was just one of our concerns} to the man in charge {who had given us the course for review} and offered to give another year a shot for review, to see if possibly our experience was tainted by the particular teacher we had. He told me that he didn’t think another run at it would add any additional perspective to the review. I was a bit surprised by this to be honest. I really wish I could, but due to his response and lack of helpful feedback to address my concerns, I cannot recommend HAS. It is a very expensive one on one tutoring program and possibly with a different teacher we would have loved it. I’d love to hear if any of you had a different experience if you’ve used HAS!

My son did learn and completed Spanish 1 and I am happy I did not have to teach this subject! I was impressed with the format of the program and the dashboard where we could log in and see his assignments and grades. We are currently looking at other options to continue on with Spanish! I am open to suggestions, leave a comment!

Science ~ Apologia Biology

He just simply didn’t enjoy Biology, and it was his most difficult subject. This course was his biggest learning experience since it was hard for him. He learned many study skills and this is even more important than the subject matter! He disliked dissecting, a LOT. He is excited to move on to Chemistry since there will be no dissections!

9th Grade -1-3

Stay tuned, I will be sharing our curriculum choices for 10th grade, 6th grade and 3rd grade.

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