Christmas Guest Posts

I don’t normally guest post, it is a once or twice a year thing for me.  It just so happens that 2 of the times I said yes this year are both articles that are up right now on 2 of my favorite sites! 

The first post I wrote was for the What’s in the Bible Blog, and is about homeschooling during the holiday seasonIMG_7710


Jenae from I Can Teach My Child invited me to guest post for her series on Favorite Family Traditions.  You can see my post about our tradition of giving here!

Christmas Alphabet Mazes

Christmas Letter Mazes

My ABC Letter Mazes are one of my most popular downloads so I figured many of you would enjoy a Christmas version!  I changed things up a bit and made these with dots, but the concept is the same; follow the letters through the maze!  There are 13 different mazes, featuring different images and letters.

Christmas Letter Mazes Jesus Christmas Letter Mazes tree

Download Christmas ABC Mazes Here!

If you find a mistake on these, let me know, we haven’t used them yet!

See the original Letter Mazes here, and ideas for how to use them!

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Christmas Printables and More

Jesse Tree Ornaments

I have been busy printing my Jesse Tree Calendar cards and getting things ready to begin with my kids today {we are starting tonight} and getting my Jesse Tree eBook ready on my iPad so I can easily access it throughout the month,  This year I didn’t even print the info cards, I am just using the images and using the eBook to read the facts from, which also has my Bible so I can jump to the scripture references easily also!

Yesterday a reader sent me a really sweet thank you email and also shared a photo of her mini ornaments that she made from cutting out the images from the cards!  I thought this was a fabulous and simple to create idea so I made a set of ornaments in case any of you feel like printing quickly to begin tonight {or start when you can and add the ones you missed {since today is Dec. 1}. I am printing and laminating my own right now!

Jesse Tree Ornaments

I am going to offer these for free here in this post this year and next year they will be a part of the eBook bundle for sale, so be sure to download them if you think you might want them even for next year!

Download Jesse Tree Ornaments here!

In case you missed the Jesse Tree Calendar Connections and eBook, click the buttons below to grab those too!

Jesse Tree Calendar Connections The Jesse Tree eBook

Special Note ~ I have gotten several emails from readers asking why they haven’t received their free eBook.  The freebies are for my newsletter subscribers, not RSS blog feed subscribers, there is a difference and you can read that here.  The RSS email comes via Feedburner and is JUST my blog posts.  The newsletter comes via MadMimi and contains special announcements, post summaries, upcoming posts,  special freebies and more!

If you have signed up for the newsletter {check this link and be sure that is the form you signed up in} and you still haven’t received any newsletters from me, first check your spam, then email me with the email you used to sign up and I can search and find out what’s going on!

Hope that helps clear up any confusion!

Jesse Tree eBook

The Jesse Tree eBook

Our Let’s Explore ebooks take the awesome Calendar Connections themes that Shannon has developed, and turns them into full size files to be used as eBooks. You can read them on your computer, your iPad, or any device that supports PDF files. Yes, you can even print them full size! Remember, I have a tutorial for using these on your iPad here {the format is the same as the Easy Readers}. We both have iPads so that what we will be using them on. Each eBook page has a number, which correlates with the order in the Jesse Tree Calendar Connections cards.

Jesse Tree Calendar Connections

BUT, you don’t have to use this eBook with the CC cards, it can stand alone as a simple way to learn about a particular topic. The series is created with 3rd-6th graders in mind, but it isn’t limited to those grades. It is a great way to explore a topic across grade levels within your homeschool!

Here’s a peek…

The Jesse Tree eBook 1 The Jesse Tree eBook 2

Download your FREE Jesse Tree eBook here!

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We also have Jesse Tree Printable Ornaments available!

Jesse Tree Ornaments

Calendar Connections ~ Jesse Tree

My wonderful friend Shannon is still working with me to create the Calendar Connections cards. She is a fellow inner city missionary with me and also a homeschooler {and former school teacher}.

We chose The Jesse Tree as our base for this new December set! In the creation of these we learned that there isn’t one set way of going through the idea behind the Jesse Tree; but many different symbols, readings, and graphics used.  So, if you are using a different version of The Jesse Tree in your home this season, these probably won’t match exactly!  This set is based on the concept of the Jesse Tree, which takes us from God’s Creation, through the genealogy of Christ. Each card has a symbol, and a scripture reading, as well as information.

Jesse Tree Calendar Connections

The facts are written at a 3-6th grade level but you will be able to water them down for younger kids. It’s a great way to involve your entire family in exploring a particular theme.

NOTE: these do NOT print front to back, only the premium design does, which will come out for next year, since I just don’t have time to get them done in time for this year.

The eBook version is available here!

Looking for more Jesse Tree Activities and/or information? Here’s a few links for you…

The cards fit my particular pocket chart calendar.image

You could use a poster foam board and velcro to easily create your own set up. You could also use a standard pocket chart.

I am now creating smaller sets to go along with the small pocket charts found in the Target $1 section. Be sure to visit this post for a tutorial of how to sew your $1 pocket chart into a calendar!

There is also a new sheet included to be used in a Calendar Notebook if you are using those too!Calendar Connections Small Jesse Tree

I printed my numbers on cardstock and laminated them before cutting them apart.

You can download these for FREE here!

You can use most of our Calendar Connections cards for any month! We now have 14 sets to choose from, and we will still be adding more too!

Calendar Connections Set 1

If these calendar cards aren’t right for your family this year, maybe our Christmas Around the World set might be!  The calendar cards are free, and the eBook version is only $1.00!

Calendar Connections Christmas Around the World a  Lets Explore Christmas Around the World eBook

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