Behind the Scenes ~ FAQ {printing, finding things, and more}

Behind the Scenes Lately I have been getting emails asking similar questions many times. I realized it might be a good time to answer a few of these publicly in case there are others who have them too! I used to categorize these posts as “From My Inbox” but decided to just add them into Behind the Scenes. If you want to see old posts similar to this one with random FAQ you can see a gathering here.

Here are the questions I have received most frequently and their answers…

  • I can’t get my PDF documents to print right, the text is all smudged and things are just off?
    • You need to go online and install the most recent Adobe Reader update. This is the problem 99.9% of the time! It’s that simple!
    • If you are using a MAC-the problem is usually because you are using the standard Mac PDF viewer instead of Adobe, Make sure you have updated Adobe and that your downloaded files are opening in Adobe and not the Mac viewer and things should be fine!
    • Sometimes Google Chrome can be the problem. Try opening in Firefox or possibly IE and see if that helps. I personally use and love Firefox!
    • You can see a thread on my Facebook page here offering even more troubleshooting tips!
  • I can’t find the vocabulary cards {or easy reader, or handwriting letter sheets, etc.} I see in your posts, did you make these and if so where are they located?
    • Everything you see me post about for Raising Rock Stars Preschool in my Preschool blog posts is included in one big PDF download for each letter. You just go to each letter resource page and click on the graphic of the Bible verse sheet {see below} and the entire PDF packet will download. The handwriting sheets, vocabulary cards, and everything is included in that one file.


  • Where are the links to the Raising Rock Stars Preschool lessons and are they free or just for Members?
    • They are FREE! I provide the base printable program for free and have no plans of changing that! In the Members Only section there are PowerPoint lessons and some additional printables {for example~ the review printables}, but the base program is free.
    • If you look on the main RRSP page and scroll down, you will see a blue box {see image below}. The links to the letters that are available for free are right there. Just click on the letter and you will be taken to the resource page for that letter.


I hope the answers to some of these FAQ will help someone!

Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 15.5 months old~

OK, so I was SUPER lazy regarding Tot School this past week.  I was so focused on getting K and P done in the mornings before their daily VBS, that I didn’t even have much time leftover to spend on Tot School.  Thankfully Tot School IS Life School, so she was just fine playing all week!!!  SO our random collection of Ladybug photos from this past week all fall into the Life School category!

 Life School

Kirsten {in college now-used to live with us} was home for the week before school starts back and she always cooks with the kids.  Ladybug got in on the action for the first time!


We got some wonderful Usborne books sent to us for an upcoming review/giveaway and Ladybug is in LOVE with her little puzzle book, AnimalsIMG_4682

My mom surprises the kids sometimes with a package in the mail.  She is so sweet and often will check my Amazon learning toys wishlist and just order something, not tell me and just have it shipped.  One of these glorious packages arrived near the end of the week!  Ladybug was THRILLED with both items inside: Learning Links and Quirkle.IMG_4870

The Quirkle game was more for the boys, but shhh-don’t tell her that!IMG_4880

Our Kimochi Cloud continues to be a popular toy {if you missed our old review you can see it here}.  Lately Ladybug has enjoyed gathering up all of the feelings to see how many she can hold at once.  The “happy” one makes her laugh every time she looks at it-soo funny.IMG_4677 Ladybug loves the toy, Krash loves Ladybug. IMG_4679

  Moms Favorite

Simply because I think their relationship is so sweet…IMG_4738

They can’t get enough of each other ;-).


This Weeks Tools


Thank You ~ July 2010

Some Linky Love for the following blogs/sites as a THANK YOU for sending loads of traffic my way!

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Preschool Printables and New ABC PowerPoint

When I found these ABCs, I just had to make something with them.   I pulled together a simple ABC show, bringing up the letters one at a time with the click of the arrow or mouse, to allow a child to go at his/her own pace. The Power Point is a neat way to sing the alphabet song even with a younger tot, as each letter can be pulled up as you sing it.

I then made these simple cards to be printed to go along with the show. You could print 2 and use them for a memory game, print one set and cut the word off the bottom and have your child match the word to the correct card.  Or just use them as simple, fun ABC flashcards!ABCs

The cards are available for free here on my Preschool Printables: Alphabet page.  The PowerPoint is located in the Members Only section!


Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ The Notebook and Assessment Tools

Raising Rock Stars Preschool Notebook and Assessment

Since we are taking the week off or Raising Rock Stars Preschool around here, I thought I would take some time to share a bit more about how it works in our house. Two major components to the program are ones I rarely {if ever} blog about or mention, so I thought they might need their own post; The Notebook and the Assessment Tools.

I knew before I created the program that I needed a storage solution so I could save his PreK work easily and also refer back to it for review. I decided on a 3 inch/3 ring binder, utilizing sheet protectors and baseball card holders. I purposely made the mini cards from each unit to fit perfectly into the baseball card sheets. Here is how our notebook is laid out…

The Cover ~ I used the sheet I created {which you can also download} and put his photo on the front{he really likes this}…

I store the main board components in sheet protectors so I will be able to reuse them with Ladybug, I 3 hole punch his worksheets and place them behind those. Here’s a page open so you can see part of it…

The notebook is a great for review and I try to remember to bring it out often. We review all aspects of it, especially the vocab cards…IMG_8129
I created some simple preschool assessment tools to use both before starting the program and also throughout to see growth. For those of you who have already downloaded the assessment tool, you may want to go back..I added in a number ID page to the set. You can download the assessment tools here.

I also made a simple list of goals for the program which you can find here.

Here’s a video I made walking you through the notebook and how I use the assessment pages…

You can see more videos on my website here!

More Preschool Links…

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