Raising Rocks Stars

It’s official, I have decided to make my *vision* a new weekly feature here on 1+1+1=1. I have been talking it over with my husband and sharing my thoughts with him. I was sharing with him about the blog and that if I started a weekly feature, it would hold me accountable to preparing these things for our kiddos each week. Just knowing I am going to share here with other moms makes me a better mom! I love that about my blog–I am such a better mom because of this blog.

We had already started a weekly family Bible time and family morning prayer, so it seems God might have been preparing me for this!

I want to raise my own ROCK STARS, and I want to do a good job of planning for this each week, so… I am going to begin sharing each week! We actually already started, so I am going to try and have my week 1 post up this week, and I will decide on a weekly posting day.

I even made a snazzy notebook, which I will share also, in case any of you are interested in joining us! Stay tuned for another post soon with details about how you can join in! For now, I will share my basic plans of what I will be sharing each week.

Our Raising Rock Stars Plans

  • Weekly Bible Theme focused on Krash (simple themes, starting with Creation), I am involving Pac Man too.
  • Weekly Bible Verse (all ages) starting with Songs for Saplings ABCs CD verses.
  • Weekly Family Bible Time…Sunday nights with Daddy we will read a Bible story all together (based on our weekly tot theme), and do a family activity (or a few).
  • Daily Family Prayer…praying together as an entire family each morning before Daddy leaves for work, also keeping a prayer journal.

Each week I will share what we did the week prior, and share links to any resources we used. I will also post my plans for the upcoming week. I will also post a tentative monthly schedule ahead of time so you can see where we are headed.

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Tot School ~ 1st Week of SCHOOL!

~Krash is currently 40 months old~

It was our first official week in school this past week and boy did we have fun! We started a new schedule and it went really well. Krash now begins his day with calendar time, which he is loving. I plan to do a post all about that soon. After calendar time we all head into the school room and Krash begins his Tot School work for the day!

**This week I am trying something new, instead of adding Amazon links throughout the post, I am putting a carousel at the bottom of the post with links to all products I mention in the post-let me know if you prefer it this way or the other way!

Learning Toys/Trays

Fridge Food ABCs (got this cheap-o I think it’s discontinued now). K had a blast naming the foods and putting them in the mini fridge.Aquadoodle…the goal of the brothers…cover the entire mat with water to make it blue and then leave it to see how long it takes to turn back to white. It took awhile!
K is still loving to play with our Zoobs
I made letters for him this day…
What started as a simple pom pom/bottle tray
…quickly turned into what the boys have named “fun ball” 😉 What fun is homeschooling if you can’t have a little fun?
Fun ball got quite creative!!!
Krash worked on these Creation puzzles, which we did for our family Bible time earlier in the week. He reviewed with them again.
These are Discovery Toys puzzles, I put the 3 pieces you see in for him and then let him do the last 3. He loves puzzles!
More puzzles…
Still loves his Brainy Baby 3 piece animal puzzles
We had fun with counting bears. I added in a little foam die I got at a teacher store, we rolled it and found the colors. Then we lined things up and counted…
Another cheap-o toy we have that K loves!!!We got the bigger version of the peg set and both boys LOVE this toy! K is only playing with a small part of it in this photo…
We enjoyed a game of Puppy Pals Bingo, Krash actually took turns and played!!!Some shape matching fun…


Before we went on vacation Krash did the letter Nn, I just never posted it so I am adding it in this post! He glued tiny numbers (I made them in Publisher very simply) on his Nns…This past week he made an Oo ~ Octopus. I got the idea for the octupus Oo here. We painted each O a different color, whil Pac Man cut strips of paper and folded them for us.K really enjoyed his tray of Oos this day, he isn’t always interested in all of the letters I put out, but he really was into them this day!
He really liked the big O (from the foam floor puzzle set). He put it on his head and told me he was a prince, like Jesus with a crown. 😉Then he was just cute…
He really impressed himself by balancing the O on his face ;)…
We had a blast using our big foam letters this week too, here he is jumping on the letter I called out…

…and the highlight of the week, letter ball. I help up a letter, he told me what it was and I tossed it to him so he could hit it with his raquet (from a paddle ball set we have). He LOVED this!!!
Photo Learning Book…

I started something new with the boys, an idea I have seen on some blogs in the past. I am choosing a theme and we’re creating a photo learning book together. We are starting with colors and doing a different color each day. After calendar time, the boys go on the color hunt. After colors, I plan to do numbers, and then the alphabet. I know these books will be fun for them and treasures to remember through the years.

edited to add ~ see how we made this here!

Here’s the colors we did this week…

Itty Bitty Bookworm

For our book this week, we read Is Your Mama a Llama, everyday! The boys really love this book, and both enjoyed the activity I chose for them. One day they sponge painted the papers with the animals stuck to them…Then the next day I surprised them with the silhouette matching game. They loved seeing their paintings end up like this, we had tons of fun!!!

Recess occurs at our hosue at 10:15am, right after our daily juicing snack. Recess in the schedule is so important. They need time to just be BOYS and I need a little break to get the kitchen cleaned up from the morning!!! Because we live in the inner city, my boys keep their scooters and riding toys inside the house. Pac Man’s bike is now too big to do this, but everything else is inside! It’s crazy but I am used to it now!

The 2 popular items for recess this week were by FAR his new Strider bike…and our new Plasma car!!!Both of these cool toys will be featured in the grand finale of our 1000 Subscribers Celebration and they will both be giveaways!!! Stay tuned for the full reviews and giveaways coming!!!

Mommy’s Favorite…

I just love how Krash loves Ladybug. He is the wildest child, yet when he is loving on his sissy, he is so gentle. I absolutely love seeing them together!!!

Get Ye to the Dollar Tree…

For those of you who don’t know, the Dollar Tree is a great place to snatch up some inexpensive school supplies…you know-inexpensive like ONE dollar each!!!

I recently made a haul while at the beach and thought I would snap a quick photo of a pile of some of it to show you.

There’s even more that’s not in the photo…the best being the little board books they had featuring simple Bible stories for Krash.

Pac Man LOVED his new cursive chart (which also came with a manuscript chart—for ONE dollar!!!)

I bought 2 of most of the posters to make matching games out of, stay tuned!

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