Kindergarten with Krash


Homeschool Kindergarten Week 1

K with Krash2

I can’t believe my baby boy is a Kindergartner.  He turns five in less than a month and is still wild and crazy but definitely “growing up.”  I remember the first Tot School times we had together like they were just yesterday, he is the reason Tot School is here!  He is a joy to teach, even though he can make me crazy!!!  I wouldn’t change him for the world ~ he is an awesome kid!


K with Krash Literacy

His first Calvert lessons have him reviewing basic skills he is solid in, so we aren’t spending much time there right now.  We are spending a majority of our time focusing on our You Can Read printables, which is challenging him at a perfect level.  We are doing many other additional activities also and having a blast!  Here’s a bit of the literacy fun we have had recently…


We worked with unit 2 from You Can Read, for about 2 weeks, as these words challenged him more!  He did not know any of them other than I before we began.You Can read 2...I can me you

Here he is coloring his sight word color by # words…


Here he was making word shapes with a little onlooker 😉IMG_0542

Connecting the words while Ladybug explored her cat color cards…IMG_0655


Word puzzles…IMG_0694

Word puzzles in the pocket chartIMG_0800

Play Doh Words…IMG_1045

This week I had him circle the current 4 words in one color and the other words he knew in another color.  Then we counted up how many words he could read in all!IMG_1117

Word search…IMG_1227

Making words in the pocket chartIMG_0610

I put together his new word wall {detailed post coming soon}, and he used his dolphin to review.  Pac Man called out a word and “the dolphin” had to swim to the word.IMG_0785

We made his words with jewels…IMG_0814

We used the dolphin again to flip the ball down the word…IMG_1132

Reviewing old words also… IMG_1123

I ordered these letter tiles from Office Depot and had him put them in alphabetical order…IMG_1311

Then we made his words…IMG_1313

Dry erase spelling…

IMG_0591  IMG_0595

It was so cute, when he couldn’t remember a word, he would glance back at his bulletin board above his desk to see the spelling…

IMG_0602 IMG_0604

We began our easy readers this week, and he really enjoyed this!  I will be recommending a few books that would go with the 4 words in each unit.  Some will need more guidance than others, but they will all include the word{s} for the week.  You can see book recommendations on the You Can Read webpage.  The 2 sets I am pulling from mostly are First Little Readers, and Sight Word Readers.

This week we introduced Me Too!, My Dog {Sight Word Readers}, and I Can Draw {First Little Readers}  He really enjoyed these little books a LOT.  I pull out the word cards of words we have done so he can find them in the book.


Here he was practicing on his own in the bean bag chair.  I have an “I Can Read” basket he puts the books in after I introduce them, so he can go back and read them on his own.IMG_1237

We are using Guided Reading strategies during this time, which you can read about here.



K with Krash Math

His math lessons have been focused on vocabulary and he has done well with it all, only struggling some with the whole left-right concept {to be expected}.  We have just followed the Calvert workbook and he enjoys the simple worksheets.  For now we aren’t doing much in the way of supplementing math, just making sure he is grasping the concepts presented and reviewing basic skills {mostly positional words and same/different}.

IMG_1134 IMG_1137



K with Krash Misc

Hands on, learning toys, games, computer, themes, and more.  This is where I plan to share everything else he has been up to that I happen to capture! These are the “extra” things we do in addition to his direct instruction which you will see above.

This post is covering about a 2 week time period for Krash, so we have done a lot!  We are almost a month into our new daily homeschool routine and it is going really well.  My personal favorite part of the day is when I get to walk in and see my boys reading, either together or alone.  Either way it just melts my heart.  Krash is really enjoying our Easter books a lot…


We started the Learn to Read phonics lessons on Starfall this week, just as a supplement.  Ladybug watched along with Krash as he read through Zac the Rat.IMG_1158


He enjoyed doing these word puzzlesIMG_1286

I ordered this Fish ABC game on a whim { had an Office Depot coupon}, mainly for Ladybug because it was ABCs and she loves fish.  Turns out I didn’t read clearly enough and it is also for beginning sounds!!!  K took it right out and started matching, he loved it!!!

IMG_2154 IMG_2155

A few items we used…


Visit Preschool Corner {& 5K too} for more fun learning ideas!


Behind the Scenes ~ Storing Sensory Bin Items

Storing and Organizing Sensory Bin Supplies

I have gotten a few questions wondering where our Sensory Bin items end up when not in use!  I put off on sharing for awhile because it was honestly all a big unorganized mess for a long time!  I finally put my system in place and can share now!!!  It isn’t perfect and I still lose stuff and wonder where I put something, but overall it works for us!

Sensory Bins


Here’s my main sensory Bin storage area, which is located in my storage room {the one I gained when we renovated and added the new schoolroom}.  This storage room is as big of a blessing as the actual schoolroom itself!  The bottom green bin is not sensory bin items, but is where I am now keeping printable theme units when we are finished.IMG_0882

Here’s how it is all broken down…


I had these colored drawers in my basement unused and they seemed like the perfect place to store items by color.  I often pick a base color for my bins so I keep the colored items sorted this way and an get to them easily for bins or even other activities regarding colors.

IMG_0872  IMG_0875

In the white drawers, I keep extra random supplies for the bins and for other Tot Tray activities.  I often will pull these out in the middle of the week to add an activity to the bin.

IMG_0876  IMG_0878



Each season has a drawer or a bin {I didn’t want to spend any money on matching bins so I used what I had that was empty!}.  Things that would ONLY be used during that season are placed in these bins/drawers.

IMG_0886  IMG_0891




I have 1 big bin and in that bin each theme {pets, space, farm, bugs, sports, etc.} has a gallon sized ziploc bag to store the items.  I have this bin on top so I can easily place new items for upcoming themes in side the baggies.  My mom often sends us a box of bin items and this way I can easily sort any new theme items quickly and not forget what I have!

IMG_0884  IMG_0893



Multiple use Items

Some things are used for various bins, but aren’t a particular color.  Those items are bagged up and placed in a bin labeled “Sensory Bin Items.”  As you can see it is currently a mess and overflowing!  I need to get a bigger bin and redo this part of my system!IMG_0886


The Next Bin{s}

I have several of the same bin ready for rotation {also an unused item in my basement from an old train table we used to have!}.  I try to stay at least 1 bin ahead, sometimes 2.  I begin to gather contents and go ahead and place them in the upcoming bin.  Then the night before it goes out, I open it all and get it all pretty ;-). IMG_0882


I do use other items in sensory bins, that aren’t stored in these places, and I do my best to remember these things!

Counting Coconuts has a great post about this exact same topic and she goes deep into other FAQ about Sensory Bins, be sure to jump over there and check it out!


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I thought I would do a quick post to make a few announcements!


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Preschool Pack Suggestions?

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Raising Rock Stars ~ Birth of Jesus

The Birth of Jesus 

Sunday night Bible time is back on schedule, after a 1 week return and a several week vacationing image5break!

We are using  New Testament Overview as our base and the boys are each keeping a notebook of their drawings. This is our 2nd week of lessons, and it went MUCH better than the first!  I got the boys their notebooks and squares and my bug felt a bit left out so she went and got her square and sat down…IMG_0921

She was quickly up and playing when she realized what we were doing though!IMG_0930

After we finished the lesson and drawings, IMG_0926

We had a bit of quiz time.  Daddy would whisper the answers to Krash when it was his turn {for the hard questions} and he would yell them out!IMG_0943

Because I know how much you must enjoy my drawings, here’s our completed board…IMG_0960

Resources used this week:

Visit the Raising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts! Please read there or here before you add your link. NOTE~ this is NOT the linky for RRSPreschool!  The original Raising Rock Stars was developed for families! 

Birds Preschool Pack

Birds Printable Pack

Jolanthe, from Homeschool Creations, and I worked together to create this Preschool Pack all about birds!  We are each taking the packs up a notch {academically}, so you will see some Kindergarten skills in them now also.  Krash has officially started Kindergarten, so many of my new packs will be great for both Preschoolers and Kindergartners.  Some tots will enjoy them also!  Just print the portions you think your child would enjoy!Birds Button

Here is a sampling of the part I created…Birds

Included in my portion:

  • Bb is for Birds Play Dough page
  • Birdhouse Matching Game
  • Sorting: Birds/Birdhouses
  • Color the Birdhouses: Warm & Cool Colors
  • Color the Bird Easy Reader
  • Bird/Birdhouse Patterning Cards
  • Bird to Birdhouse Tracing
  • Little Bird Song
  • Rebus Story {with sight word cards to find in the story}

Here is a sampling of what she created…Birds_collage2-385x271

You can visit her blog today for more details on her portion!

We enjoyed working together and hope you enjoy the result! If you have older children interested in birds, I highly recommend this Backyard Birds Lap n Note from Homeschool Share.  PacMan did portions of this bird lapbook awhile back and really enjoyed it!

The theme this month on Totally Tots is BIRDS, so you will certainly find tons of new resources there also!


You can download the entire

Birds Preschool Pack here on my website for free!

See more Preschool Packs and Tot Books/Packs here…

Preschool-Packs5  Totbookbutton1505