Merry Christmas to All…


This online life is a strange one.  Many of us feel as if we know someone while also realizing that they have no clue who we are.  Many of us have connected with blogging friends and become in REAL life friends.  Many of us know each other well online but may not even know the real names of each others’ children!  It’s a wide variety of relationships in the blogging world and I am thankful for them all. 

I am thankful for those of you who feel like you know me and my family well, even if I don’t know you at all.

I am thankful for those of you who I only know online but call you friend still.  The relationships that have developed over email, comments, Twitter and more.  I have SO many of these friends and I really truly consider you friends, even if all I know of you is online.

I am thankful for those of you who have become true in REAL life friends…for those of you whose real Christmas cards hang on my stairwell!!  IMG_3841

In honor of the many relationships we all have online I thought I would host a Merry Christmas to All Linky so we can share our Christmas wishes with our online friends. 

If you’d like to participate, just link up a blog post sharing your family Christmas card and any message you’d like to include.  If you get really into it, show us how you display Christmas cards you receive {we hang ours on the stairwell shown above}.  Link back to this post so other greetings can be shared.  Just put the name of your blog in the text portion and link to the exact post sharing your Christmas card.

Merry Christmas to you all, thank you for being a part of my life.  I look forward to hopping around and seeing your posts!

Tot School ~ She WALKS!!!!

~Ladybug is currently 20 months old~

We had a pretty normal beginning to our week but by Wednesday BIG things began to happen for Ladybug and thankfully my regular camera was returned to me that same day!!  Ladybug finally started walking!!!!!!!! {You can see more on my Lil’ Ladybug blog} Her walking has been the highlight of our week and my camera has been snapping away, this is a teeny-tiny sampling of the hundreds of photos I have of her standing tall!

 IMG_3520 IMG_3517

IMG_3577 IMG_3591

IMG_3682 IMG_3764

You can hear her proud giggle in this video as she walks to me!!!


My parents arrived last night and got to the business of playing right away.  Ladybug is in love with my Dad “Baba” and monopolized him for the evening!  IMG_0015

She loved showing him her blocks which we have to go with our new Education Cubes membership.

 IMG_3743 IMG_3783

She also has really enjoyed the sensory bin and really likes it when Daddy plays with her!


We are looking forward to a fun filled Christmas week ahead also!

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Christmas Learning Fun ~ Days 5, 6, & 7

We have had a fun past few days, I just haven’t had a chance to post it, so I am combining a few days.  You can see our 10 Days of Christmas Fun plans here.

I got really slack with the plans AND the camera, being so frustrated not having my real camera.  I did capture some of our fun though!!  The kids continue to enjoy finding the one new item I add to the sensory bin each day.  Pac Man is very good about reminding me if I forget!IMG_6752

I am working on different skills with them while they play, this day I made patterns with them and then noticed Ladybug stacking the cylinders on her own!!

IMG_6753  IMG_6754

Ordering by sizeIMG_6760

Krash was not at all interested in copying my Christmas pattern, but Ladybug loved it!!!IMG_6761

Want to see who else stays in her jammies a little too long some days…IMG_6758

Working on our shooting star treesIMG_6767

Making the word catIMG_6772

Mickey Christmas MazeIMG_6775

Making patterns with Mary, Joseph and Baby JesusIMG_6777

Ladybug LOVES all of the Christmas additions and will dig through our bucket often.  I let the kids play with the games we have already done and find other creative ways to use them.  Ladybug’s favorite activity is throwing them over her shoulder.IMG_6779

The very best Christmas fun actually occurs outside of the schoolroom, when we cuddle up and watch a good Christmas movie in the middle of the day!IMG_6765

Christmas Learning Fun ~ Day 1

Christmas Learning Fun ~ Day 2

Christmas Learning Fun ~ Day 3

Christmas Learning Fun ~ Day 4

Christmas Learning Fun ~ Day 4

We had another great Christmas fun day!! You can see our 10 Days of Christmas Fun plans here, this is Day 4!

The favorite activity of the day was definitely “Delicious Decorations.”  We made ornament crackers and also made Christmas trees using our cutter from this awesome set.


I was the most thrilled that Krash consumed lots of veggies without making a big old fuss about them!

IMG_6727 IMG_6720

They both liked Roll a Reindeer, except Krash doesn’t like not knowing the correct color.  He doesn’t like much coloring freedom, everything has to be just-so!  The boys used one of our new cubes, and our printables from Education Cubes.  They LOVE these!!!IMG_6733


Krash is working hard on his ABC tracing book, and we enjoyed putting them all in order!IMG_6735


He loves the letter finding trees.  Such a simple activity to reinforce his lower case letter ID…IMG_6737


Working on the word MaryIMG_6739


We put our “cookies” into our cube and rolled a picture before placing it on our cookie tray.  This made it much more fun for Krash who wasn’t at all impressed with my beautiful cookie matching game.IMG_6743

Christmas Learning Fun ~ Day 1

Christmas Learning Fun ~ Day 2

Christmas Learning Fun ~ Day 3

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Christmas Learning Fun ~ Day 5, 6, & 7

Tot School ~ Christmas Fun!

~Ladybug is currently 20.5 months old~

We have had an interesting week since returning home from our Thanksgiving adventure. Ladybug had her MRI this past Thursday {you can read her medical journey on my Lil’ Ladybug blog}, but other than that she participated in our Christmas Fun week.

My Canon 40D is off being repaired so I hated that…but it is officially on the way back to me and I am thrilled!!!!

On of her favorites was our Christmas Sensory/Imagination Bin…

IMG_6480She was thrilled when she found a necklace in it!!!  She puts I on almost everyday now!!IMG_6472


She also really loves our easel {ours is from Ikea} and draws almost daily!!!

 IMG_6499 IMG_6567


Her new favorite is standing  up and playing the iPod while it is hooked into our speaker/docking station.  It rotates so she can play her games and she will stand there and play! Her favorite iPod game right now is from the Tickle Tap set, the one called “Field Flier.”  She also really loves the Baby Piano.IMG_6646

One day I found her like this, all curled up in our new Giant bean bag chair, playing her favorite IPod game!IMG_6481


She still loves to dress the magnetic dolls and now will often get some of the clothing in the right spot!IMG_6693


She REALLY loves our new blocks which we have to go with our new Education Cubes membership.  Ladybug enjoyed stacking them when she found me loading them with learning stuff!IMG_6702

I loved seeing her as a part of the mix with the boys Winking smile

IMG_6563  IMG_6555

She also really loves our Christmas booksIMG_6651


Moms Favorite

I have a few favorites this week probably because I am a little emotional about our little bug due to her medical issues.  I am just soaking in her sweetness in a big way.  I love the thumb shots, she still happily sucks both-but only when she is tired so it’s not a big deal yet.  I love her new amber necklace too.

IMG_6493  IMG_6697

I love her little gingerbread outfit…  IMG_6600

This cracks me up!!!  Pac Man was so proud because he got her to wear the santa hat and he took a picture of her ;-)  She looks so funny!!!!




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Please put your tot’s age (in months) after it, like this: 1+1+1=1 (41 mos)