Pumpkin Preschool Pack ~ Free Printables

Pumpkin FunI am using tons of stuff that other creative moms have made, but decided to also whip up a few things very specific to Ladybug and Krash for our pumpkin weeks!  We will be having our pumpkin theme this week and next.  This pack features printable for skills from Ladybug all the way through Krash and in between.  Don’t let the name “Preschool Pack” fool you!

Here’s a glimpse of what is included {all free} in this Pumpkin Preschool Pack



Focus Skills

  • Letter Pp & Jj
  • Graphing
  • Patterning
  • Sorting
  • Colors
  • Number Words
  • Color Words
  • Feelings
  • Tracing
  • ABCs
  • Sight Words
  • Basic Addition

You can download the entire

Pumpkin Preschool Pack here on my website for FREE!

If you are having any printing or downloading trouble, please see the tips in the FAQ post here!!!

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Tot School ~ Letter Uu and Monsters

~Ladybug is currently 30 months old~



Tot School Printables U is for Umbrella

Letter: Uu

Object: Umbrella

Vocabulary Development Theme: Weather

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

We didn’t expand the theme this week since we had a Monster theme instead! Here’s a peek at some of the Letter Uu activities she wanted to do {and I managed to snap photos of}.

Dot painting her letters,IMG_5203

Tracing and coloring…IMG_5217

Her finished colored umbrellas…IMG_5377

Coloring weather words in her dry erase centerIMG_5699

Making shapes with magnetic pom poms on her cookie sheetIMG_5697


Letter Uu printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter U


Tot-Trays26222222222   Learning-Toys_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thu

Her shelves were mostly MONSTER themed, with a few random items!

On her shelves…  IMG_5091

  • top left shelf…Make a Monster with Stickers {stickers are from old balloon kits}
  • top middle shelfMini Monster Notebooks and pencils
  • top right shelf…Monster Puzzle {Target $1 last year}
  • bottom left…Ping Pong Balls, tongs transfer
  • bottom middle…Pouring beads
  • bottom right…Mini pipe cleaners into tiny holes {not even sure what the white thing is, some sort of kitchen straining item}

She loves pouring.  The pitcher is from Ikea, she’s pouring random beads into a silver tin.IMG_5154

Using her tongs to transfer ping pong balls into a paint tray…IMG_5157

Poking thin pipe cleaners into a kitchen strainer thing…IMG_5276

She played a lot with the nesting blocks as you can see from her outfits below!  IMG_5220


She finally mastered stacking them all in order on her own!  Very proud girl!

IMG_5694  IMG_5693

Stacking pegs came out a lot too…IMG_5089

A little Connect Four, played toddler style {no rules}…IMG_5282

Using tongs to transfer porcupine balls to mini tubes {form our Monster bin}.IMG_5323

Building with the tubes…IMG_5328

Wedgits are still a favorite too…IMG_5346



We had a fun monster week around here!  Our Create-A-Monster Sensory Bin was a BIG hit with Ladybug!  She made MANY monsters and came up with some really cute creations

IMG_5123  IMG_5135

We pulled out our Monster Tot Pack {I LOVE being able to just pull folders out of things I already printed for Krash in the past!}.  She matched monsters to their shapes in our mini pocket chartIMG_5194

Matching dot colors, this was a bit challenging for her!IMG_5196

We sang a silly little song about which shape was on top of the monster’s head.IMG_5200

Ordering monsters by size…IMG_5201

She enjoyed dot painting monsters, both from Our Little Monkeys and 2 Teaching Mommies.IMG_5209


She also used them for cutting practice!IMG_5718

She loved matching the monsters.  I made this for Krash years ago.  Just took a pack of stickers and stuck one set down and laminated the cut up other set for matching.IMG_5715

I also had left over monster making sets from K’s monster theme so she made one too.  The one on the top was made by Krash  years ago!IMG_5713

We used many left over balloon face sticker sheets we had to create monsters together.  This was a favorite of L-bug this week!

IMG_5265  IMG_5268


We have a monster puzzle that Krash used for his monster week when he was a tot, she worked on it with me a few times!IMG_5279


Her favorite of the week was by far coloring Boo.  She watched Monster’s Inc. with us at the beginning of the week and fell in love with Boo.  She didn’t care much for any scenes without Boo to be honest!  I printed many Boo pictures from this site and she colored a total of 7 throughout the week.IMG_5262

IMG_5311   IMG_5183

I don’t ever want to forget her obsessive coloring so I gathered them all for a group shot…




Of course, Ladybug still plays our iPad, often sitting in our bean bag.  This past week, she has spent most of her time playing Tozzle, Monkey Preschool, and Park Math.  She is still determined to figure out Monkey Math, which is Krash’s game, but it is a bit too hard for her. IMG_5379

image  image5  image11  image17



People tell me all the time that we look so much alike, I take it as an extreme compliment, because I think my girl is adorable!  I can really see the resemblance in this shot from the pumpkin patch!  I love her happy smile!IMG_5652


Friday Homeschool at the Pumpkin Patch

Friday is a school day for most of the nation, but not us!  It is our day-off…our “Saturday".  Because of our ministry work, we need Sat. to be a work day, so, we homeschool on Saturday.  About once a month we try to do something fun as a family on our day off.  Many Friday’s are spent just hanging around the house being lazy together and enjoying family, or getting house projects done.  Yesterday, we went to the pumpkin patch we always go to, which is actually a little petting zoo, playground, lunch, pumpkin place!  We had a blast and I thought you might enjoy peeking in on our day!

The birds were Ladybug’s absolute favorite.


IMG_5396  IMG_5415

These guys nipped her fingers and she thought it was hilarious.  The boys were freaking out and she would just turn and say, “oooh, chicken bit my finder” and giggle!


For real, how cool are these guys?  I was enthralled!

IMG_5387  IMG_5394


Krash preferred the goats…

IMG_5443  IMG_5435

I prefer the adorable children and the perfect fall weather!IMG_5453



The little gymnast was in heaven!IMG_5535

The pumpkins they each selected…

IMG_5644  IMG_5661

IMG_5668  IMG_5665 

Look, even Mommy was there!  It’s always so tricky to be in any photos, but I am trying to be mindful of it so my kids will have photos with me to look back on!IMG_5652


Finally, to keep things real,  here was our failed attempt at a happy fall group shot!IMG_5674

Happy Fall!!!

Some Shopping Help For You!

I get asked a LOT about certain supplies that are shown on my blog often: tweezers, tongs, trays and more!  Many of the items I own, I have collected over the years and some I have no clue where they came from!

Recently a reader of mine shared a link on my Facebook page to some tweezers and droppers, which I immediately fell in love with.  I also noticed that Discount School Supply has a 15% off coupon active right now {FABFALL}, and they don’t offer too many coupons so I thought I would share!

Take 15% Off Select Curriculum You can also get free shipping is you place a $79 order…maybe you could combine with a friend to share some items!

Below are links to the tweezers and droppers shared and a few other things I found at Discount School Supply {some on Amazon too, which I linked beneath to help you comparison shop} that would be great for Tot Trays and other Montessori works.  We do not personally own all of these exact items, but things very similar! 

Easy Grip Tweezers – Set of 12

image{these Tweezers are on Amazon here}


Eye Droppers – Set of 12



Strawberry Pickers – Set of 2



Sea & Zoo Sticks



Visual & Audible Timers

We do have this exact timer and LOVE it!!!image{same timer on Amazon, we have the 8” audible model}


Assorted 9 Geometric Boards – 6 Pieces

image{here’s 1 board on Amazon in case you only want one}


Yellow Sorting Tray

image{Similar tray on Amazon}


Do-A-Dot Art Primary Markers – Set of 6

We own these…image

but these look really cool…

Washable Scented Dabber Dot Markers – Set of 10



There are obviously many more items they sell that are great for homeschooling.  These are just a few of my favorites.  We have variations of everything listed above except the geo boards, I really want those!   I did find smaller plastic tweezers on Amazon here, we have these tweezers too.  My medium sized tongs are here {I got them w/free shipping, now they are charging way too much so watch them!}. 

I also get asked a lot about my porcupine balls and a few other things we use often.  You can see my

imageSchool Tools Blog here for links to many of our school tools {I am continually adding to it}.  Here are a  few posts about where to get some of these frequently asked about and used items…

Keep in mind that even if you have NONE of this, you often have so much just in your house that will work. You do NOT have to spend tons of money to create a wonderful learning environment for a young child.  Always look around your house first and use what you have, especially if money is tight! 

Kindergarten with Krash ~ Letter Dd, YCR Unit 10, Fall Theme


You Can Read: Unit 10 {play, find, to, run}

RRSK: Letter Dd

Theme of the Week: FALL


You can download all of the printables for this unit FREE here on the main RRSK page, just scroll down until you see them!  We do 2 activities from the set per day, making 10 total activities. 

Here’s just a few photos, as I didn’t take many this week!

Tracing his verse as we practice it together.IMG_4830

Gluing the words of the verse in order…IMG_4875



He wanted me to sing along with him this week, this one was a bit more challenging to him.  You can download the printable with the verse tune here on the RRSP Letter Dd webpage.


RRSK Letter Dd Printables Here!

If you want early access to printables beyond what I have blogged about,

you can see info about purchasing here!


We used unit 10 from You Can Read.  Here’s a glimpse into some of the You Can Read work he did.  I don’t have many photos because he is doing a lot of the work independently now while I am working with PacMan. 

He still loves BINGO…IMG_4857

We got out the Review BINGO {YCR add-on} for units 1-4 and he loved this.IMG_4864

He LOVES to do the word reading assessment {YCR add-on}.  He likes to take jewels and mark the words he can read. IMG_4964 He was SO proud to be able to read all but 1 word on this assessment!IMG_4968


Stamping his words {YCR add-on}, he really likes our new stamp padIMG_5233

He LOVES the sight word graphing {YCR add-on}IMG_5242

Finding words in sentences using our dry erase activity center  {one of his favorites}. Purple are words of the week, blue are other words he knows how to read on his own.IMG_5240



One of our word play activities was bowling!  We also did many repeats of old Word Play ideas!IMG_5261

Check out more wonderful Word Play ideas here, and add yours!


 *~*~ FALL ~*~*


I found lots of neat Fall printables for Krash and we also brought out our fall sensory bin, which he loved.IMG_4751

Leaf blowing with ElefunIMG_5035

He used Jolanthe’s Read It! cards for Read & Write the Room.  The recording sheets are from her Fall Printables.

IMG_4828  IMG_4824

He loved Ladybug’s leaves/styrofoam tray and decided to make a tree out of them one day!IMG_4843

We found this neat missing number ordering activity here, and did it in our mini pocket chart.IMG_4849

He made an adorable Scarecrow bookIMG_4868

Filling in missing numbers on the leavesIMG_4962

Putting his scarecrow puzzle in orderIMG_5052

He worked really hard on his raccoon color by numberIMG_5113


He plays iPad school almost daily, here he was showing Ladybug Kneebouncers for the first time.  He loves to teach her things on the iPad!IMG_4938

Krash takes gymnastics now and LOVES it.  He is also progressing quickly.  I am amazed with how little he could do just a couple of months ago and what he can do now, and with such strength and confidence.  He is a little powerhouse!


Handstands on the right and left, mid-cartwheel in the middle…

IMG_4970  IMG_4974   IMG_4972

He loves showing off his skills, my most common phrase these days is to tell him to stop flipping around!IMG_4988

A few items we used…

Visit Preschool Corner {& 5K too} for more fun learning ideas!