Tot School ~ 1/2 with Daddy ;-)

~Ladybug is currently 18 months old~


Learning Toys

I think I have found a way to rotate her learning toys for the week  There are certain toys she always has success too, but I am trying to rotate the others. We’ll see if this method works ;-).  I picked 3 and put them on the floor for her to find Monday morning. {Kimochi, Shape Sorter, Puzzle}IMG_0697 I kept these 3 out all week and we just went to them when she wanted to and I played with her and just had fun!  She also played a lot with them on her own too.  I look forward to putting 3 new ones out for her tomorrow!  The boys enjoyed them too—added bonus!

She enjoyed the Shape Sorter, mostly “counting” the blocks and also stacking them!

IMG_0849 IMG_0859
Wedgits are still popular with ALL of my kids.  Ladybug has finally learned how to stack various pieces, but she still loves the tiny white ones!

IMG_0618 IMG_0624 
We played ball together, in a few different ways!  She tried to see if her ball could fit in her teapot ;-)  when it didn’t she was ready to practice throwing and catching with me!  She LOVES to play ball!

IMG_0638  IMG_0646
   Pengaloo was K’s game for the week, but she had fun laying with the pieces too!


Easel time is still a daily thing for her!  ;-)  I love seeing her draw!IMG_0736

We had our Thanksgiving set out early since I was photographing it for our upcoming Preschool Pack, she enjoyed rocking the pilgrims in her doll cradle!IMG_0878Stacking Pegs were fun for about 2 minutes ;-)  IMG_1038 The ABC Mat and home-made bean bags were a daily dose of fun!  She loved throwing them on the mat!IMG_1044 


Tot TraysI finally set up some Tot Trays for her, but didn’t get a lot of pictures!  Here she is stringing penne pasta tubes onto a pipe cleaner…

IMG_0835 IMG_0839
I gave her a pitcher {it’s from Ikea}, a bowl and some pom poms and taught her to pour.  At first she had no interest and just wanted to stack and put the balls in the bowl.  After gently showing her a few times, she then thought pouring was fun {but very difficult for her}!
IMG_0718 IMG_0723


tub of funShe continues to love our fall sensory bin, I added a few more pumpkin containers to her free play, and we made a necklace out of the jewels too {she loves necklaces!} IMG_1035



Life SchoolWhile I was at Relevant, Daddy had TONS of fun with the kiddos.  He took a few pictures on his phone of them when they were at the pumpkin patch!  Ladybug got to see farm animals, play on an awesome playground and pick her own pumpkin!  I hated to miss the fun but was so thankful that my husband took them on his own! IMAG0074          IMAG0082IMAG0080 



Moms Favorite

She has been quite the cheese monkey lately, this photo does a great job of capturing her cheesy grin I love so much!  IMG_0626


This Weeks Tools

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Wisdom from Relevant…

When I signed up to come to The Relevant Conference, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew all along I would come, from the moment I even knew my blogging pal Sarah Mae was thinking about developing the conference, I knew I was “in.” When pre-registration went up last Feb, I immediately signed up along with my friend Jolanthe. We got our tickets and booked our room and counted the months until it would be a reality. All the while having little clue what to expect or why God wanted us there.

There is now here. I am here.

IMG_8582 {Laura from 10 Million Miles-who also used to write for Totally Tots, Jolanthe and me}

I am at Relevant, along with over 200 other like-minded, Christ following bloggers. It is so much more than I ever thought it could be. God is HERE in a BIG way. I am so honored to be a part of this and so honored that He had a plan for me to be here.

We still have another day ahead of us, but I am so filled already I could leave with a full heart filled with gratitude for what he has already given me. There is no way I could adequately put into words what it feels like to be here, to hear the words of wisdom being spoken from such humble and amazing women. I am not one to ooh and ahh over “famous” people, but I am an ooher and ahher over wise people. When I meet someone who I can see God shining through I am in awe and incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to be around that person. That has happened here several times already. I will do my best to share a tidbit of what has filled my hear tin these past 2 days.

Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom, was the keynote speaker on the first night. I had no clue what to expect, but she is someone I have been reading for years as I used to be a CVSer! 😉 She is absolutely wonderful, very real, humble and adorable! Bits of wisdom I have taken away from the wisdom God brought through Crystal…

“If you don’t have time for God, you don’t have time to blog.”

Not even Jesus healed everyone {in reference to not being able to help everyone who comments, emails, etc}

“If you talk yourself out of ministering to someone in your own community {because you use blogging or online commitments as an excuse} your priorities are out of whack.”

“Don’t put guilt on yourself that is not from God.”

Today, Courtney from Women Living Well gave the morning devotion which was awesome, I simply adore her energy. Nuggets of wisdom God brought through Courtney…

Jeremiah 45:5 {a verse Elisabeth Elliot shared with Courtney when she was in college} “Seek great things for thyself, seek them NOT.”

Give your blog to God instead of trying to manipulate it yourself.” {It’s never about ME…that’s what I took from that and am so thankful}

This morning I got to spend breakfast in a room just oozing with God’s wisdom and love, Sally Clarkson at the head of it all. I am blessed to have received 4 of her books which I am excited to read {2 are actually written by her children}. I love being in the company of woman who are further along in their faith journey than I am and soaking up knowledge. A bit of what I soaked up from Sally…

“The older you get the more you realize how sinful you are and how gracious you need to be.”

“Don’t allow someone else’s law to put you under guilt.”

“I love passion but I adore compassion.”

God loves to take normal people to accomplish supernatural things.”

P…urpose {know God’s purpose for YOU}

E…xecpt criticism {be teachable but don’t take criticism to heart}

A…ccept your limitations {there is a cost to every commitment you make}

C…ultivate a heart to God’s message

E…nd well {rest in the Lord}

This morning’s session we got to sit in with a panel of 4 wise women and learned a lot about balancing it all from the 4 {Crystal, Bonita, Kimba and Jen}…

We can’t be anybody else’s Holy Spirit {Jen}

“Know the heart of your individual children as you figure out your balance.” {Jen}

“Always choose real life first“. {Kimba}

Tonight I was blessed beyond words to hear Angie Smith speak. I have cried many tears while reading her story on her blog, her loss is something I cannot even imagine. God is using her in a mighty way and to hear her was awesome. She was funny, humble, and very authentic. She shared many great things but this sums it up and makes me want to ask this to myself and to other blog readers as we evaluate our online lives {while reading other blogs specifically}…

“When you leave a blog, where do you want to run?” {Meaning, how does it make you feel, how does it pull at your heart? Does it leave you feeling horrible or inspired?}

There is SO much more, I could literally go on and on, but I won’t ;-). I still have another day ahead of me! In addition to the wonderful Relevant things going on, Jolanthe and I have had many wonderful hours tucked away quietly in our hotel room working on the 2011 plan for Totally Tots. We are so blessed to be going into our 3rd year with Totally Tots. God is so cool!!!!

Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter Kk

Raising Rock Stars Preschool Letter K

Rock stars This is the main section of our preschool posts-focusing on what we do for our Raising Rock Stars Preschool Curriculum. I am not sharing photos of each part every week, just what I happen to catch! We do the entire unit even if I don’t show it here in the photos!

Our letter this week ~ Kk, our verse: Keep your tongue from evil.

I originally made the files with the fiery tongue picture, but Pac Man thought it was too scary ;-).  I added in the happy tongue image for those of you who might agree.  Both graphics are included in the PDF file, just print the pages you want! 😉

Kk smiling Kk

Our bookshelf for the week…


Busy working…


IMG_0126       IMG_0395

Ladybug was eyeing his craft!!IMG_0483

He enjoys the PowerPoint lessons, but only certain parts.  Guessing which vocabulary word is coming next is a favorite of his!!!!IMG_0295


Here’s how his board above his desk  looked before I cleaned it off to prepare for the next week. IMG_0780

{not photographed in this post but shown above: ABC Twiggles Worksheet}


The Power Point lessons are located in the Members Only section. You can see a video here showing a PowerPoint lesson. You can learn more about the Members Only section here. The entire printable unit {everything else you see pictured above} is available for FREE on the main RRSP page…

You can download the entire letter Kk unit here.

RRSP Kk lesson plan is also on the same webpage!Kk Lesson Plan   Included is our exact plan {although I strayed from my plan this week}, with links to everything we used. Page 2 is blank in case you don’t do exactly what we do!

in the box

{A few things that were in his preschool workboxes for the week, not all activities are pictured}

He drew a mushroom form his Kumon Drawing Book and dictated his story for me to write! I love his stories!  IMG_0289


He LOVES the PlayDoh mats and does them on his own now.  He is always so proud when he is done! IMG_0615


I love challenging him with puzzles and he is doing really well on his own.  He grumps at first but then once he gets going he loves it!! {I couldn’t find the school bus puzzle online but I found this fire truck that is the exact same as the bus one we have}IMG_0598


We made our Kk is for Kangaroo for our ABC Crafts, and read the book, Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?IMG_0780

star boxes This is where I share the 3 special open-ended toys that were in our Star Boxes for the week.

He has gotten much more creative with our Wedgits…!IMG_0407



game timeOur game this week was Leapfrog Leap-in-a-Line. We didn’t play it a lot ~ I was a slack mom-teacher.IMG_0616

See more of our favorite preschool games here.



Something SpecialKrash really loved our special time each day last week. He enjoyed making a marble painted pumpkins, singing pumpkin songs,  and baking pumpkin cheesecake squares!

  IMG_0338  IMG_0446



techy timeKrash really enjoyed his ABC Twiggles time this week. The Kk story was really cute and he loved seeing that he was correct by guessing the kangaroo had a baby in her pouch! ;-)! IMG_0292

Life School This is where I share games, toys, and life experiences that occur outside of our planned preschool time.

A little Leapster time in the bean bag chair {}, 



Krash helped decorate our group pumpkin at the easel…IMG_0274



Moms fav Helping me put together Ladybug’s new doll cradle, while wearing his puffy Batman suit.  I love this kid.IMG_0158



More Preschool Links…

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Something Special ~ Family Pumpkin Patch Craft

something special

John 15 5 Family Pumpkin Patch Craft

We created a Family Pumpkin Patch Craft based on John 15:5!


I had each family member do the knuckle painted pumpkins and then I drew the vine and wrote John 15:5 at the top…

I am the vine; you are the branches.

If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit;

apart from me you can do nothing. 


I then wrote our names by our pumpkins {along with the ages of the kids on the back} and laminated it.  I didn’t get any photos of the process since I was controlling paint covered hands ;-).  While each child was waiting, they free-painted pumpkins…


Krash isn’t into free-painting so he lasted all of about 30 seconds ;-).  Ladybug made dot-paint pumpkins 😉 and Pac LOVES free-painting so he stayed for awhile enjoying it all!

See more…

Thanksgiving Toys

Below are some of our favorite Thanksgiving toys, play-sets, toys, and books!  We have had ours for years and get them out every season.  Pac Man is 8 and still LOVES when they come out!  I am currently making a new Preschool Pack {similar to Tot Packs but with more printables to focus on preschool level skills} using photos of our play sets as the main images!

Fisher Price doesn’t sell the Mayflower anymore {at least not on their site}, but I see that Amazon does and if you look in the “new & used” section you will see they have ones cheaper than the main set shown on Amazon.image

We also have the Thanksgiving Celebration play set, which they do carry on Amazon and on the Fisher Price site.image


We have this stuffed turkey and he is featured in our upcoming Thanksgiving Preschool Pack too!turkey


We also have several Thanksgiving books we love, here are a few of our favorites…


I have Thanksgiving ideas linked up here on our Fall Fun webpage and will be adding to it as we do more this year!