Who is Out There ~ Update

I wanted to update you all about my last post a few days ago. I am completely humbled and overwhelmed by the response I received…over 50 moms replying!!! If I have not replied to you or you don’t hear back from me, please forgive me, I am doing the best I can to keep everyone straight. I honestly was so overwhelmed that I have just taken several days to pray before making any decisions. I am sure there are some of you I accidentally overlooked, and I am so sorry. I did go to each and every blog that was sent in, and tried my best to keep track of who I replied to via email-but I am human and I am sure I missed someone!

Some decisions have been made and those of you they affect already know. I am making a few more decisions tonight and tomorrow. If you don’t hear from me via email in the next few days, you’ll hear from me when the new blog launches, as I will announce it here first!

For those of you who are interested but either haven’t replied yet or haven’t gotten back to me after my initial email reply-there will be many chances to join in and participate once the new blog is up and running. For now, I am closing the emails coming in now so I can just pray over the last few decisions I have to make before it launches.

Again, thank you to all of you who replied to the initial post, I look forward to many of you being a part of this new God-led project in the future, the near future I hope!

i heart faces ~ Week 2

This week’s theme is anything goes, so here’s one of my recent favorites of Pac-Man, showing his awesome tooth-less grin…


(tech info: f 4.5/200, Canon 40D, Canon 28-105mm lens, ISO 640)

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Tot School

~”Krash” is currently 32 months old~
So, as the week came to an end I didn’t feel like we had a very productive Tot School week. BUT, when I looked through my photos I realized I was wrong. I was happy to see that my memory had failed me, Krash did have lots of fun Tot school time after all!

We played with the peg board
Even sorted colors!As always, Automoblox were a hit, I love watching how he creates a different vehicle each time we bring them out.And, I just had to get a shot of the back of him while he was playing ;)He worked hard on this peg board (got this really cheap at a homeschool conference used sale), this is the first time he has really shown interest in this toy.We have our cool Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Alphabet on our dishwasher, I am so glad we have 3 sets of letters, as Pac-Man uses them to practice his spelling words each week too!Krash played with the ABCs some but was VERY into the farm animal magnet set (got these for about $5 at the discount store Ross), he played with these for a very long time!I finally finished the new Big Machines Tot Book for him and since he has been very into the show Mighty Machines, he LOVED working on it! I didn’t really plan on him coloring in this mini-book, but he insisted. What began like this,Soon ended up like this! The next day he was “reading” the book and asked me where the excavator went!He strung beads for a LONG time, I was SO impressed with his patience and skill!We played with his new Puppy Pals Bingo game…He did great with his ABC puzzle and had tons of fun hammering in the letters as he yelled them out!I had to encourage him a bit to get the lowercase one done, but he did it all with me!Later in the week we went back to the Big Machines Tot Book and he colored some more of the bulldozers.Finally, here’s a shot of him playing Outdoor Challenge on the Wii, he is SOOOO funny to watch!!
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If you have a tot (approximately ages 1-3) at home, join in the fun and share what you’re doing with your tot! Here’s how to get started if you’re new…

Go HERE 1st for more details, then if you have any ideas you’d like to share, link up your exact post to Mr Linky (if you have questions about how to do that, let me know in a comment or email). Provide a link back somewhere in your post to this post so your readers can see other ideas too!

A few New Names

My husband and I had a long talk last night and after much time together have come to the decision that we believe we should switch our children’s online names to bloggy code names. I know many other mom bloggers who do this, but just never gave it much thought. In the beginning (as with any blog) there were only a few readers anyway, and most of them were family members and friends. It’s still not a huge worry to us (privacy), just something small we can do to provide a little more privacy to them as they grow up on my blog :).

I will leave this post up for you all, my current readers (and anyone who finds us in the next few days) as I make the switch. Once I am able to get their names switched everywhere on the blog, I will remove this post.

We had a hard time choosing their online names, but then I came to the firm conclusion that I wanted the code names to at least begin with the letter of their real first names (to make it easier for those of you who already know their real names). Also, when I am writing (and feeling lazy), I could always just call the by that letter.

So, may I introduce you to the newest members of our family…

This name was easiest since this is a nickname of his anyway, given to him by his Pop Pop.

This one was a little harder for us, I had many ideas-but none of them began with K. Finally my husband said, “how about Crash?” (he was thinking along the lines of Pac Man I think and thought of Crash Bandicoot). I immediately realized it could be spelled with a K and that it fit our little man PERFECTLY. He is SO a Krash-in every way possible, I am sure those of you who know him will agree!

We even have our little girl named for the blog too! BUT, we keep our children’s real names private until after they are born, so it won’t be revealed until then (early May)!

Do you have code names for your children online? What are they and how did you choose them?

Where in the World?

We have had the game, Where in the World for awhile now, we were blessed enough to find it at a used curriculum sale last spring. It has been sitting on our geography shelf since then and finally came down today!! I now have geography built into our schedule 2 days per week and plan to play games (like USA Sequence last week) and do puzzles most of the time at this stage. This game was perfect and will grow with us SO well! I would pay full price for it if I hadn’t found it at the sale–now that I have played it!

We began with just a simple find the country game, starting with North America. It was hard for both of us since it included many small islands!!!
After North America, we moved onto Africa which was a great review for both of us since we completed our Africa (Rwanda specifically) lapbook last year, and worked a lot on African countries then.What fun things do you do with your younger (K-2) kids for geography? In my opinion our geography shelf will never be full of enough games and learning tools. I have a horrible knowledge of geography myself and don’t want the same for my kids. I hope that I can re-learn right along with them on our homeschooling journey!