Tot School ~ Love

~Krash is currently 45 months old~

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Learning Toys

The boys got to open a new toy this week from our family gift basket, they chose these awesome beads! I found them on clearance at Target and was THRILLED! They are wonderful and NOT only for girls! My boys have made PRINCE crowns, bracelet “shooters” and all sorts of manly items with these! The creativity has been amazing, probably one of the best toys we’ve brought into our home in a long time!IMG_0493

Mr. puzzle-man. He can now put these together all by himself and goes to them often on his own (they are from Discovery Toys). IMG_0576

Tot TraysWe were light on tray work this week 😉 but K did use his clothespins and shapes. We took turns “eating” the shapes!



In honor of LOVE, we have enjoyed many heart themed activities this week. The first few pictured are from our Love Tot Pack. Krash had fun matching up the couples…IMG_0597 He colored 2 pages per day in his “Many Colored Hearts” mini book…IMG_0498He had to put the missing letters in the correct place as we read through the alphabet together… IMG_0547

He sequenced the hearts by size…IMG_0566

We all enjoyed the “Build a Valentine” game from Confessions of a Homeschooler (heart sizes above are from the same post too)!IMG_0584

Post SubTitles ABC

We started our new crafty alphabet series and will be doing the crafts Jolanthe is sharing on Totally Tots! Aa is for Alligator…chomp, chomp! We read The Lady with the Alligator Purse and made our alligator. We won’t always be reading the same books, so I will share our book with each letter also. This week we did have the book she shared and K loved it!IMG_0503

Rock Star Tot

Krash is learning more about God’s love this week as we learn 1 Corinthians 13 each day. He is really enjoying this and loves choosing his heart each day and adding it to the vase. You can also see our weekly Bible memory verse in the background, also focused on God’s amazing love!IMG_0562

We played a great file folder game focused on God’s love also!IMG_0599

Getting ReadyThis is a new section, which will be focused on the activities that K is doing that are more “pre-K-ish” He is showing many readiness signs and I plan to officially “switch” him to Preschool soon. I am actually writing my own program for him {which, yes I do plan to share!}, so he has to wait just a little bit at least. He won’t be 4 until May, but he is showing me that he is ready so we are slowly adding in more skills to our school time.

His favorite new big-boy thing is definitely his new Kumon: My First Book of Cutting workbook. I ordered it on a whim, and didn’t think he was ready, boy was I WRONG. He LOVES this book. He has faithfully cut one of the pages each day and has 5 done already. He is now using regular children’s scissors and holding them correctly. This is totally different than my experience with Pac Man…he HATED cutting, still doesn’t love it. I am truly amazed with K’s cutting skills and his determination to do it well and complete an activity!IMG_0496

Can you tell he likes his new shelf {it’s from Ikea}? I am using this shelf as a part of his transition. He is moving over to the Workbox system and right now he has to complete the top 3 drawers. He can choose the order, but he must choose from those before he can move on to his Tot School “play” shelves.



His first true reward from his cutting efforts…on day 5 he created a train! He cut all of the pieces and then we taped it together. He loved this SOOOO much!



He is finally drawing with purpose, on his own!!! This is the first real picture he drew on his own and showed it to me and told me what it was! It is a basketball!


Later in the week I caught him drawing people for the first time on his own!! You can see his picture labeled below, I wish it would have been on paper so I could have kept it, but at least I have a photo of it! IMG_0702


Tiny Tot SchoolLadybug is 10 months now and is so close to being the STAR of Tot School ;-). That is SO hard for me to believe! She enjoys joining us more and more, and is interacting more now! Pac Man just LOVES working with her. He is so gentle and sweet…it melts my heart! He built towers for her (all while teaching her the colors of the blocks)…IMG_0529 Cause and Effect in ACTION…IMG_0530

She loves this little toy. They all come apart too, and have little things inside of them. IMG_0671

She loves her Praise Baby DVDs…I love that her ears are filled with sweet Godly music while watching them. I am not against tv or movies, but she usually only watches 1 per day-if any at all. They are few and far between for us. She gets all excited when they come on though! She also enjoys big-boy tv too. 😉IMG_0572


Life School

We had the biggest snowfall yet! Dad was a champ and taught the boys many things during the hours and hours they played out in the “blizzard”.IMG00144


Moms Favorite

I love this shot of Krash showing me his prince crown and his wrist-shooter. My little NUT.IMG_0486


This Weeks Tools


iRewardChart Review and PROMO!

I was given the opportunity to review a great new app for my iPod Touch (also works with an iPhone)… iRewardChart, Head on over to my review blog if you’re interested in seeing the details of what I thought about it and the VERY special low price they are offering for a limited time!

We Did It! A-Z…


I am so excited to have a project for each letter of the alphabet to remember K’s Tot School time!  We had SO much fun with these and are already enjoying our next set {A is already done!}.  Krash still remembers many of the letters we made and will tell is “__ is for__” quite often.  They were displayed in our kitchen while we worked on them, and now are in sheet protectors in a 3 ring binder. Most of the letter ideas came from our first series of Now I Know my ABCs on Totally Tots, although some of them came from other places I gathered ideas from on great blogs!

Our next set will be inspired by Now I Know My ABCs over at Totally Tots. Jolanthe is writing this series and is making a foam craft for each letter!  A is for Alligator was a big hit with Krash and is now proudly displayed in our kitchen, just waiting for the rest of his letter friends!

Colored pattern with letters of alphabet

Alphabet Idea Collection

Raising Rock Stars ~ Moses & the Burning Bush

Moses & the Burning Bush

We had another good week, I think I have learned my lesson. As much as I want to do crafts and creative things, I just can’t do much with an active KRASH around. The season for a quieter family Bible time will certainly come, and all too soon I am sure. I will sit around with 3 older kids who won’t play my active games and I will miss the days of loud craziness! So, I am embracing K’s energy and taking that into account in my planning a lot more than I had been previously.

We began our evening reading from Guess What? Story Bible, a really fun Bible with hidden words and a neat little fish decoder. Krash was the word finder and loved it.IMG_0473

We then played an active and fun game of “Follow the Leader,” each taking turns being the leader (even the dog played). IMG_0476

After we got some energy out, we sat down while I explained to the boys that God was Moses’ leader. I introduced our coloring pages…

Moses Burning Bush Printables1Moses Burning Bush Printables2

I used these to talk about the fear Moses felt when God first asked him to lead His people out of Egypt, not to mention that the bush was on fire and not burning up!!! We remembered that God had big plans for Moses even when he was a young boy, and that God has plans for us too! I made each of my children a sheet like the one on the right (yes there is a little girl one that we colored for Ladybug), and we talked about how this story applies to them.

They each colored their sheet and Daddy colored the Moses page for us! I colored Ladybug’s for her since she was taking an evening nap!



It was a fun and simple night, I hope to have many more like this in the future!


Resources used this week:

Visit theRaising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts!

God’s Love is AMAZING!

If you have been following my blog for at least a year you will remember our LOVE printables from last year.  If you are new, or need a reminder, here is my post from Totally Tots where I introduced them, and here’s my post showing how I adapted the theme for Pac Man to include him.

This year we are using the printables again, but in a bit of a different way.  I was inspired by this idea, and created our own version, which we began today.  I laminated the hearts, punched a hole in the bottom and hooked a pipe cleaner through the hole, making them all differing lengths.  I put red, black, and white glass gems into a clear vase and printed a small version of the verse to display with the vase.

First, we read 1 Corinthians 13 together and then I let each boy choose a stick out of my LOVE basket. IMG_0548 Pac Man chose “perseveres” and Krash chose “does not boast”  we discussed the meaning of each one together and then placed them in our vase.

We then read what I will be using as our main book for this theme, God’s Love is Amazing which I got for $1.49 on CBD!  It is a simple book, with an evangelism message, and gave a great base for us to discuss God’s amazing love for us.  I plan to read this book each day, along with other books that we have focusing on love.IMG_0542

After reading, I played the song, Your Love is Amazing (from this cd…Cedarmont Worship For Kids, Volume 1) for the boys and we praised together!  I plan to use music this year as a way to bring our theme of God’s love all together, both boys love praise music so they loved this!!!  All day I heard Krash singing, “hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah your love makes me sing…”  it was great!

Pac Man is also copying verses again this year (see link above), and he got a kick out of his handwriting on the verses he copied last year!  We are just adding to the same notebook he began last year!

The PDF files for the hearts and verse are hosted here on the Love Tot Pack page (near the bottom).  The PDF files for the verse copy sheets are hosted here.