Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 37 months old~

We took a week off from Animal ABCs or any theme and Ladybug just played with whatever I had available.  I was busy helping Pac finish up his last 2 weeks of 4th grade and Krash is with the grandparents.  I am busy in prep mode for the summer and next year.  I wanted a week off of planning anything for her!  She had a great week despite my lack of planning!


I had one thing set out all week long, our big container of jewels.  I didn’t even really think about having these out, but the entertained her every day this past week, in many different ways.  Here she was finishing up a big sorting project.  She had sorted them all by color and was dumping them back into the big container.IMG_6656

A little cup stacking…IMG_6659

Skylanders are school toys right?  She had a whole set up with the Skylanders and the Automoblox cars.IMG_6644

Marbles came out too and also kept her entertained for hours.  At first she was very UNHAPPY with Stella joining her.IMG_6729

We talked about sharing and finally she was sweet.IMG_6742

I made her some magnets for the cookie sheet out of the jewels and she loves them!IMG_6750

She asked me for her Tot Time Notebook and we colored in it together.IMG_6768

Showing me her face she drew…IMG_6785

Massive amounts of cutting, MASSIVE.IMG_6791

I lined up the skyscraper building set for her and showed her how to balance the marbles on top, she loved this!IMG_6793

Then she got creative building things herself!IMG_6800




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