Truth in the Tinsel ~ Advent for Little Ones


Truth in the Tinsel launches today and is on BIG sale for just $2.99!

How can you beat that?  Even if you just do a  few of the activities, it is wonderful to have them all at your fingertips AND to support the wonderful mom {my pal Amanda} in her efforts in creating this resource!

We WILL be using Truth in the Tinsel this year and I have many of our activities prepared.  We are officially Jesse Tree drop-outs.  I can never seem to make it till the end-mostly because of traveling.  This year I have decided to NOT stress about it and just do what we can.  When I talked with Amanda at Relevant when she was in the earlier stages of launching this eBook, I encouraged her to go for it-mostly to help people like me!  I am creative-yes, crafty-NO.  My kids love crafts, but I need someone to plan them ALL for me.  Thank You Amanda.

So, join me this month for some Truth in the Tinsel fun, grab your copy today during the Black Friday sale.  If you miss it today-don’t worry, the regular price is still totally affordable-$4.99.  Think of it as your way to send a tangible thank you to Amanda for her hours and hours and hours of work!

Get your copy of the wonderful eBook here!