Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Download Bundle Extras

I have been working hard behind the scenes to *bundle* up the Raising Rock Stars Preschool Curriculum and I am finally almost done!  In the process of bundling the program up I decided to add in a few extras and change a few things to make the printable program easier to work with and prepare.  RRSP Bundle Collage

I will be selling the bundled program as a complete download.  Details will be coming soon about this, but I wanted to share a sneak peak at the extras that will be included! Basically the bundle will include all 26 lessons, plus a folder of extras.


Editable Lesson Plan…

I am very excited to include the new and improved {thanks to my great friend Jolanthe} editable RRSP lesson plan.  You open the PDF file, type in your information AND you can save it!!!!

lesson plan

Popsicle Stick Prop Bundle…

I bundled up all of the popsicle stick props so you can print them all off at once, laminate, and cut.  This will save tons of paper, laminating film, and prep time!!!  I am all about finding ways to save $ and time and I hope this simple file will really help you with this!PopSicle Stick Props

ABC Tracing Cards…

I added a file of different letter tracing cards for review. I gave three different options, each containing a full printable set.  ABC Tracing Cards

New Intro Sheet for each Lesson…

I added a new intro sheet which tells you the focus letter, shape, sight word, and color.  It also tells you the lesson # {based on how the program was designed}.  There is also a link straight to the blog post I wrote for that unit so you can see what other ideas I added in easily.  I also provided a link to the website in case you want to see the suggested music and supplemental books for the unit.RRSP letter Aa 1

Master RRSP at a Glance…

This is actually the spreadsheet I used as I was designing the program and I filled it in as I went along.  Now that it is done, I cleaned up the file and saved it in case anyone found it helpful.  It shares all of the details for each unit all on one sheet.RRSP Master Spreadsheet 1


FAQ & Helpful Links…

I included the FAQ found here, plus a few more.  I also added 2 pages including the links that I thought would be most helpful to have all in one place.

RRSP FAQ and Helpful Links  RRSP FAQ and Helpful Links2  RRSP FAQ and Helpful Links3

Sample Lesson Plan…

I have been asked a few times if I had the sample lesson plan that is available here online, in printable format.  I do now!  It is the same info as you can find online, just condensed into a pdf file.

RRSP Sample Lesson Plan RRSP Sample Lesson Plan1 RRSP Sample Lesson Plan3 RRSP Sample Lesson Plan4

The Raising Rock Stars Preschool Download Bundle will be available to purchase within the next 1-2 weeks! 

~the lessons online now for free will stay free, the bundle download will be an additional option for users to purchase for easier and more organized access.

~The printable bundle is entirely separate from the Members Only section which features PowerPoint lessons. A few of the printable extras {key cards, A-Z vocabulary, review units} are featured in the MO section and will stay there and be a part of the RRSP printable bundle download.

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