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Favorite Apps

We got an iPad {2} recently and have been scouring to find the best apps for educational purposes! 50% of why I caved and got the iPad was for school, the other 50% was to help me organize my life a bit more. I never thought an iPad was that great, until we got one-WOW it really is that cool.

We have had iPods for years now and have tons of apps, you can see a few of our favorites here on Apps for Tots/Preschoolers, Apps for Big Kids and Apps for Moms. I won’t be updating those pages anymore.

All links are affiliate links, so if you purchase any apps using these links, I will get a tiny percentage-thank you! The apps are sorted {loosely} by the ages I would recommend introducing the apps-youngest to oldest. Always give the free version a try {if there is one} and come back to purchase if your child loves it! I am not writing detailed descriptions for all, but know that I will ONLY put apps my kids and I truly enjoy on this list. Prices are obviously subject to change based on when you are reading this!



Tickle Tap Toddler Pack 1 {$3.99 for 5 games}

We were given this awhile back for a review and Ladybug still loves it. I like how it has grown with her as she now plays the more advanced games.



Preschool Adventure {.99 –a steal for the MANY games included}

This is one of the very first apps we bought back when we got our iPods and they have since upgraded it to include 18 games! It is wonderful and Ladybug loves it.


imageTozzle {$1.99 for full, lite is free-we have full}

Tozzle has tons of puzzles that are the drag and match type. Some are just for fun, others are focused on letters/numbers/shapes. They all improve visual discrimination skills as well as hand eye coordination.



Kids ABC Alphabet Puzzles {FREE!}

This is a wonderful free app, you can adjust the difficulty settings of the puzzles. Ladybug loves this one and chooses it a lot!


imageStarfall {$2.99}

No explanation needed I am sure! The app is an exact replica of the ABC portion of the Starfall website! Ladybug and Krash both love this one!



GoFun {lite is free, Full is $1.99 ~ we have full}

The free games are wonderful, BUT they do have ads at the bottom. We enjoyed the assortment of games enough that we bought the full version. The concept is similar to Tozzle {above} with drag and drop puzzles. There is no voice over though.


imageToca Doctor {lite is free, full is $1.99 –we have full}

Try out the free and I bet you’ll get hooked like we did, even I think this one is fun! All 3 of my children LOVE fixing whatever is wrong with the guy!


imageToca Tea Party {$1.99}

This app is fun and encourages imagination. My boys love it too! Nothing really educational as far as specifics-but the creativity is genius-we love this cute app!



First Words {lite is free, full is $1.99 ~ we have lite for now}

Ladybug LOVES this one for some reason. It is a nice simple word builder and she chooses it a lot! We may upgrade to the paid version soon!



Alex Toys Moody Monsters {free}

Both Krash and Ladybug LOVE this app, it is really cute!




iWriteWords {lite is free, full is $2.99 ~ we have full}

Krash has loved this for over a year now.



imageimageBob Books #1 & Bob Books #2 {$1.99 each}


We love our real Bob Books and seeing them come to life on the iPad is priceless! Krash LOVES this app, here is a post showing him in action!

imageMontessori Crossword {$2.99}

This app is wonderful for both Krash and Ladybug-but mainly Krash. He loves the little “reward” that comes after her spells a word correctly, it’s really cool!



Teach MeToddler, Kindergarten, 1st Grade {currently .99 each}

Krash really enjoys this app and plays it for “school” time a lot! He breezed through toddler and is now completing the K version.



Math BINGO {.99}

LOVE this!!!




Word BINGO {.99}

LOVE this!!!!



imageUnited States Puzzle Map {lite is free, full is $2.99-we currently have lite}IMG_5572

Pac and I are competing for the best time, so far he is beating me! This is a perfect partner with my USA Geography PowerPoint show!


imageStack the States {.99}

We are loving this on the iPad {and have used it on our iPod for awhile now-it’s definitely a favorite of Pac Man’s!}. We have Stack the Countries but it is a bit too hard for him so he doesn’t really like it!



Montessori Geography ~ USA Lite {free}

Another great USA game.




Math Drills {$1.99}

This is a great math facts app, PacMan uses it for school and Krash will begin using it this year. You can program it for facts they are working on.



Skill Builder Spelling {free}

This is a relatively boring app, but great for spelling list practice. PacMan never chooses it, but likes practicing his word list with it.



Rocket Math {.99}

This is one of PacMan’s apps, but Krash loves to watch him play!



imageLego Creationary {FREE}

PacMan LOVES this game and Krash loves to watch!



If you like purchasing apps from your device but still want to support by using an affiliate link, the best thing to do is purchase a gift card and load it into your account, then you can make your purchases from your balance! That’s what we do!

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