Tot Tray Ideas from Target…

I managed to make it to Target the other day (which was HUGE for me because I am really struggling with pain as my pregnancy comes to an end-I rarely leave the house). I was excited to see the 1$ section restocked with cute items :). Here are a few I set up for Tot Trays, K worked on them today and really liked them.

The first is a mini George sticker book, great for concentration and fine motor skills :). This little blank book came with 4 rolls of stickers. Today I just put on of the rolls on the tray, he really enjoyed working with it and seeing his friend George!Next is a puffy (bath style) Nemo book, that just has color words in it. I added the colored pom poms for him to find as we read the book together. They also had this book with a Cars theme, which I am going to find the cars we have for him to match up with the book while reading.I also got a few more things, but these are the only ones we’ve used so far. Just thought I would share in case anyone is heading out for a weekend Target trip!!!!

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