The Didj

Our son Pac Man, who is soon to be 7 knows many kids that own a Nintendo DS. Of course, he wants a DS. Well, for many different reasons, we have NOT given in to this trend for a couple of years now (he’s been asking that long). First, we don’t like the idea of him *lost* in a little hand-held world and also we don’t like the idea of him wanting something just to have what everyone else has. There are a few other reasons, but those are the main ones.

Well, knowing how much he loved his Leapster L-MAX, we decided to look into the older-kid version of this, the LeapFrog Didj. We liked what we saw (and the price) and got it for him recently. It was one of those spontaneous LOVE gifts (perfect for our theme this month :). He was ecstatic!!!

He loved how grown-up it looks and that it is similar to what he wanted. We LOVE that is is educational too! It hooks up to my computer and I can download skills onto it that appear in the games he plays. So far we only have the game that comes with it and I was able to adjust the math skills he has during the game. In the spelling games, I can put in his exact spelling list! Here he is setting up his little character, there’s also a *store* where he can *buy* upgrades to games as he earns points.We are very happy with our decision so far, so is he! If you have a kid like mine, it might be worth looking into. AND, check your going-out-of-business Circuit City and see if they have any first, we got ours there and saved a bit!Krash doesn’t know it yet, but he’s happy too because now the LMax is entirely his! He is a bit too young for it, but Pac Man got it when he was around 3 1/2 and loved it for years.