Tot School

~”Krash” is currently 32 months old~

We had a wonderful surprise early in our week which made our entire week great! My mom, “Nanee” flew up at the spur of the moment to just give us a week of help and support. It was pure joy when she arrived around 8:45 am on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately she is gone now, but we enjoyed many fun Tot-School moments with her! She cooked with them… We are finalizing potty training, so you’ll see some unique outfits and some strategically placed circles, and camera angles :).
Krash enjoyed some time with his Aquadoodle

I finally opened this new Geometric Stacker, which he loves. I got him the Parents brand one from Target, but I like the colors (primary) better in the one I linked to-I wish I had ordered that one instead.

He worked on Beginner Pattern Blocks Puzzles for awhile…

He continues to love using chalk on his Chalk board.We had a bit of fun playing “Bean Bag Monster” if you haven’t seen the video of K playing this game, you can see it here.We finally got our membership renewed to a great children’s play-museum here in our city. Krash had never been there and Pac-Man hadn’t been in years. It was recently renovated and was SOOO incredible, here’s a few shots of K playing there… I was so proud of his food selection from the “grocery shopping area”And, here’s a current pic of the fam, showing my large 26 week prego belly-my belly is much bigger this time, maybe cuz she’s a she, who knows, but it hurts already!
Finally, last night Krash drug this book, I Can Spell (got it CHEAP at a consignment sale, I couldn’t find it online), off of our bookshelf and sat down and began playing, yelling out to me, “where’s the F Mommy?” and many other requests. It was neat to see him do this entirely on his own!!!

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