Tot School

~”Krash” is currently 32 months old~
We had a very fun start to our week, getting to go on a staff retreat with our church staff family. Krash particularly enjoyed getting to swim!!!!This week while home, our Tot school times were much shorter and more sporadic. I wasn’t good at keeping to a routine and Tot School suffered a bit because of that. But even sporadically, we still had many Tot School moments! We had a great time playing with ABC nesting blocksKrash worked on his Pets Sound PuzzleHe knows all of his states. HA HA just kidding! Pac-Man did this for geography one day and K joined in helping him put the pieces in!He had fun building with mini blocksLacing Beads again this week… The highlight was our many different play times with the *step* Here they are body surfing…Now it’s a boat, singing our version of Row, Row, Your Boat…“Into the water you go….”This was one of those moments that made us laugh and say wow. K held up his fork with a scraggly bite of pizza hanging off of it and said, “look, a jellyfish.” At first I couldn’t remember him ever being exposed to a jellyfish, in a book, me telling him or anything. Then I remembered the Brainy Baby – Animals video we watch in the car sometimes, and in it J is for Jellyfish! Both boys love this video and obviously it’s teaching him something!More step activities! I wanted to give K more physical opportunities so I created a mini course for him…Her preferred to turn it into a bed, announcing his favorite request these days…”cova yaup (cover you up).”Finally we switched to play with our dog for physical time, this went much better as tons of energy was released by all involved, including the hefty dog who needs a workout!

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