Tot School ~ finally a normal week!

~”Krash” is currently 32 months old~

We were finally back to normal around here last week and it was SO nice! We had a fun Tot-School filled week and even got back to K’s YMCA gym class, which he loves and has been going to for over a year now! We do that twice a week, it’s great! Here’s most of what Krash did during Tot School this week…

We got out the instruments and song notebook several days. He finally learned how to play the triangle holding the string, thanks to his brother teaching him!We worked on colors a bit with our sticks/bottle tool…Then moved onto our color mats, only working on a few colors at a time. He didn’t last long with this activity!He did about 6 letters of the ABC puzzle (got it from Ross)By far, his favorite activity of the week was anything involving these eggs and spoons! I got them at Target on clearance awhile back and we have played with them before but this week he couldn’t get enough of them! We used them in SO many different ways.The boys had fun working on colors using our new Twister Hopscotch game. The game itself is neat, I mostly just like the colored rings as tools to work on colors while being active!He really enjoyed the chalkboard side of his new Chalk/Dry Erase Board, especially the erasing part!We got back to work on our ABC notebook, completing the letter Aa. He loved that his cousin Aubrey (that he just saw) was on the sheet!Krash is a big Buzz fan so when I saw this in the dollar section at Target last week I grabbed it for him.He loved drawing in it….Then he had tons of fun taking the caps off of all of his Crayola Pip-Squeaks and lining them up, then he colored double fisted!

Another day we got out our ABC bean bag mat and our homemade alphabet beanbags. Pac-Man was intent on lining up the letters and Krash was messing up his efforts, as usual! He much preferred running over the top of P’s line up…

Or just carrying them around like a dog…We also had a great time with our The Laurie Berkner Band DVD, here they’re playing Catch You-a big favorite in our house!

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