Tot School ~ Christmas Fun!

~Krash is currently 31 months old~

Christmas was loads of fun at our house and thankfully both boys handled the overload very well. We were joined by my parents who visited from NC, and were thankful to have our Daddy feeling pretty good for the celebrating.

Our family opens gifts under the tree on Christmas Eve and then Santa comes in the morning. It works well for us this way, not overloading it all in one day. We spend all of Christmas Day just being together and playing, it’s wonderful.

Since Tot School obviously did not occur, in an official way, I thought I would share some of Krash’s cool new Tot School gifts!

This year I loaded all of Krash’s gift books into one big box, he was excited to open it and find all of these in there! His favorite was definitely Gallop. But he also liked the others he got: Bright Baby Animals, Busy Baby: First 100 Things That Go, Touchy Feely: Wacky Wild Animals, I Love You Through And Through, and a few more! He got a few more Cars (from the movie) to add to his collection, which he always uses to learn in creative ways! Here he’s driving them on his new Melissa and Doug Magnetic Chalk/Dry Erase BoardHe made a road out of his new Play Doh cans and drove the cars on it!Then he stacked the Play Doh cans and balanced the cars on top! He didn’t have nearly as much fun with the Play Doh when it was actually opened!!!The boys got a new Foam Alphabet Puzzle Mat which has already been set up and enjoyed!
They got many *together* gifts this year, it was neat watching them share the joy over things they both liked!Pac-Man used his own money to buy Krash a present this year…K loves his new bulldozer!We found these great Mega Bloks Cars Buildable Street Racers at Ross (the discount store) for about $12, on Amazon they are listed over 65$ right now! I am glad we got them when we did!!!Santa brought him the Tonka Bounce Back Racer, it’s awesome!!!He also got this awesome wooden alphabet puzzle from Ross, for about $10. I love how each letter has it’s own parts so we can work on just a few at a time. He is very into puzzles now so he really liked it!

I’m sure your tots got some cool new Tot School toys too!!!! Care to share??? Either link up a post below like normal or list a few favorites in the comments section! These will be great posts to refer back to in the coming year when shopping for birthdays or spending gift cards!!!!

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