Tot School

We began the week trying something new (well, old actually but we got away form the idea). I put out our bins on the kitchen table, each with a different Tot School item in them, and let Krash choose his activities like that. We are currently schooling out of our school room due to heating costs, so we’re mostly in the kitchen now, I just run into the freezing schoolroom to get the supplies we need!Right away he noticed the bottle top name cards and announced, “I wanna see Pop Pop,”

He also worked on ALL of the cards at least twice each! He really seems to like this tool!Another cool new tool we have around here is our awesome hand made alphabet bean bag set! My mom made this for us at my request and they are a huge hit. This week however, they became an even bigger hit as the new game “Bean Bag Monster” was invented! Krash lays out a row of letters and then hammers each one as he yells out the name, then Pac-Man quickly grabs it (he’s the monster) and takes it away. You can see a video of the boys in action playing this game here on our Phanfare site!
After they’re all done, they both throw them back into the chair and start over! This is by far the best Tot School activity we have ever done!!! Both boys love it!!!! If you aren’t a sewer, you can buy some online, ABC bean bags.

K also chose to use his markers again this week, he hasn’t been drawing a lot lately. I got him a new set of Crayola Pip-Squeaks and he was very excited! He is still VERY into practicing his cutting skills…We did a lot more, but I seem to be lacking in photos for the week! I can’t wait to show him our new Song Notebook tomorrow for Tot School!

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