Tot School

Thankfully I have more than just a few photos to show for this week! I have definitely not fully recovered from my prego sickness, but I am happy to report that I am have a few *good* hours per day (at least for the past 2-3 days now). I still haven’t left the house yet, but that’s OK!

My great hubby took the boys to Linvilla Orchards where they got to see farm animals, pick apples, choose our pumpkins, and play on their awesome playground. I was sad to miss it but I am so thankful that he took them!On Saturday morning I actually led an entire Tot School hour! I was EXHAUSTED and down for the day afterwards but I had so much fun!!!!

First I made the boys simple Fall pictures on the computer, with the goal being to glue these little fall confetti things we had on the letters. K wasn’t interested at first but then got into it…He really likes the glue stick so we kept going with it, getting out some pom poms for him to glue on paper…a big ol mess but he had a great time!The I got out our Discovery Toys Progressive Puzzles for the 1st time and K did great! These puzzles are great, starting with 4 pieces and going up to 9. He did all of the 4 pieces, although I started them out with 2 pieces in so he only had to put 2 in, and he did it!!!!Then we went on to crazy floor play with our Hopscotch Mat (Foam), having a blast counting and being nuts… P even built K a little fort!
It was a fun morning together!

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