Tot School ~ back to normal!!!

I am SOOO happy to say we had a normal Tot School week this week!!!! I got up on Monday morning determined THIS would be the week I would feel better and it was!!! I seem to only be facing normal pregnancy issues now, praise God!!! Our week was filled with lots of fun Tot School time, here’s some of what we did…

This was Krash’s first exposure to Lite Brite, I thought he would love it…he wasn’t all that thrilled!
He was VERY into lacing this week, I found him a few times playing with these after our initial time together early in the week. We soon got out his tractor and other animals so they could all ride along…We played with our Magnetix (similar to Magneatos) and Krash worked on his own for quite some time.We got back to working on our ABC notebook and he had a fun time coloring his Cc page with markers…he loves markers!He did this entire ABC Puzzle almost on his own this day, I was so impressed!I often make Tot Books before I ever give them to K so I have a few saved up. I decided to bring out Thomas and see if he’d like to do some of the activities! To my delight…he did! He colored the entire train book and worked with some of the other parts! He played with our great Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter toy a lot and he finally learned that the animals go in specific places. His favorite was the elephant, he kept putting him in and out!

We have been reading a lot this week and he really likes this pumpkin book we have…Pumpkin Faces
He played with his Pattern Blocks Puzzle set…
Starfall was a HUGE hit with Krash this week, I think he played it everyday! The great part is that Pac-Man is very patient and will sit and do the ABC portion with him, letting K choose the letters.

K has a big collection of Disney Cars and he added the Mac truck with the street racers to it this week (thanks to an old Walmart gift card we found). We could probably get rid of all of his other toys and just have these and he’d be fine. He loves these cars! I love that he is often found counting them!!! We do lots of fun learning with his beloved Cars!He asked me to get out the Travel ‘N Doodle Matagain this week…
The best learning moment for K this week was probably learning to use the drill with Daddy!!

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