Tot School

I got out the lacing beads for K early in the week. He won’t lace for long but at least he will attempt it now! This day we mostly talked about the colors and shapes on the beads! It was a VERY musical week around our house, and I think it will be from now on. I used to teach a toddler music class and I am finding that K is really enjoying the songs and activities I do with him that I remember from that! We have several musical instruments, all kept in a big box, both boys love them.
He enjoyed our wooden spelling boards, I really like these since they are exposing the lower case letters. He knows most of his upper case but not many lowercase, so I really like getting these out.
Trainswere a big hit this week also. K is finally learning the fact that they won’t hook on both ends, it frustrated him at first but then he discovered turning them around to make them hook. He also practiced being gentle with the big track brother made for them, doing much better than normal!

I would have never imagined this toy would be a Tot School tool, but it has been this week. He has played with it TONS and we’ve used his many Cars-cars to talk about all sorts of skills (color, size, positional words, etc.)
This was his way of telling me he wanted to go outside…
He loves trucks, particularly bulldozers, right now. He was very into reading this book
We got P’s old trike out for K and he has really enjoyed it all week. Here he is using it to give the tambourine a ride…Part of our little music class is a song that uses little finger puppets, I believe this might be his favorite part…Automoblox were a big hit this week. They haven’t been lately so I was really excited when I set them out and K got right to building… We got several made together and he played for a long time with them, these cars are great for so many reasons!
On Friday’s we have *junk cereal day* (thanks Dad) and K turned it into Tot School on his own, saying “I count them Mommy” :). He also showed me colors, and even held up 2 blue ones and said “2 blue Mommy!”
He had a good time with this sounds puzzle

Animalz came out this week too, I loved how he made the gorilla beat it’s chest and “oooh, oooh…” 🙂
I got this game, Pegs in the Park at the Homeschool Conference awhile back, to hang onto for K until he was ready. We tried it out a bit, he’s not ready to actually play but had fun playing on his own!!! One last music day…told ya we did it a lot! Here he’s *singing* into our dollar store microphone to the Laurie Berkner DVD.Bells on the ankles while marching– also a big hit!

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