Tot School

We are actually at the beach right now, but I got this done before we left! We had a wonderful week of Tot School, one of our best in awhile, I just really enjoyed my moments with K this week. He is growing up so fast, this was one of those weeks where I just felt like I stared at him in awe of my love for him all week! He did drive me nuts of course, but it just didn’t matter this week, my immense love for this kid overruled every bad moment.

I remember when he could not do this puzzle by himself, not so long ago…This one too. He was cute this time, lining all of the letters up!
We worked on colors with this and he quickly turned it into a rolling ramp for his car…
And I guess he is a genius since he can read upside down 🙂
P was beyond impressed with K’s t-ball abilities. I had taught K to hit the ball one day when P wasn’t there, and K showed him this day!
We played a little peek a boo with the Parachute P got this cool Rocket Balloon thing for his birthday a few months back and this day he taught K how to use it, I love watching them work together. K always asks us to write K’s for him…
We worked with his Ratatouille Tot Book this week. He likes it, but Cars still beats out all the rest!!!
I got this and a couple of other neat books at the dollar section at Target this week, they are some of their better ones!

I just love this sight. My boys at home, at the table, learning side by side.
K enjoyed playing with P’s magnetic shape board (it came with his Calvert K set).
He laced for the first time this week!
He’s a big boy now, the crib was converted this week!
K loves Cranium Balloon Lagoon. It’s actually P’s game, but K plays with it tons.Here he is fishing for letters…
He pounded bubble wrap…
and pinched it…
He water colored for about a minute…he just doesn’t enjoy watercolors, but I keep offering it in case he changes his mind!
Finger paint was a big hit!! I got the special Finger Paint Paper and both boys loved it’s slippery feel!

I did have to encourage K to get messy though, he kept saying “wipe it” just like his bro used to!!
He played with this book, Rescue Trucks, but was more interested in taking the cars in and out of the holder on the front!
He did run them on the track too though!
WE LOVE these blocks, it was a wonderful $10 spent back at Christmas, he likes them more and more each time they come out. I originally got one of these great nets from Ikea to hold our balls at the back door. I returned to get 2 more to use just for play! We did many things with them and had a blast creating new uses and silly games!
K loved to be covered up with it!

Then we put all of his blocks inside of one, And shook them all around and then he dumped them! We had a fun night at Chick Fil A this week with my friend Shannon and her son Daniel. K loved the nature sound board, although he got a little freaked out by some of the sounds!
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