Tot School ~ SUMMERTIME!!!

It is most certainly summertime at our house as our days are filled with fun playtime and MUCH Tot School!!! We’re all having a blast just enjoying each other, here are some highlights from our week…

K always enjoys when our Melissa and Doug Beginner Pattern Blocks come out, this day was no exception. He did better than ever naming the shapes and doing the puzzles independently!Sticker morning was a huge hit, and took over our living room as you can see! This occupied both boys for a very long time. K finally learned how to take the stickers off by himself!
Play Doh is always a hit with K!!
Daddy taught him how to drink out of the hose on our 100+ degree day last week!

I got out my old step for them to play with and after walking over it a few times and practicing gross motor skills, they grabbed the blocks I had taken out and began to build together…
Then they turned it into a boat! Mom’s toys are always so much fun!
K made his own little fort…
We read the book, Rumble in the Jungle and the boys enjoyed interacting with the different animals from the story. I pulled out the specific animals from our collection (here is their website, we get ours from AC Moore/Michael’s). We also used our Anamalz.
Painting time! I asked the boys to paint a jungle scene, P did, K insisted on using the Do a Dot Markers and had no clue what I was suggesting so he just pounded with them! 🙂

He was done quickly that day and moved onto other things while P finished! He did SUPER with this Puzzle, now naming all except the heart and diamond correctly!
And he begged (as usual) for me to get down the Doodle Pro Glow, I drew the few letters he is yet to identify on his own (U, L, V) and he proceeded to copy them 🙂
We played with our Bead Sequencing Set for awhile. I tried to get K to match up the color but he wasn’t interested. He did enjoy sticking them on his fingers this day!
I finally got out the little backyard pool and they both adored me that day!!!
K’s favorite book right now is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, he asks me to read it to him (sing it) and he is often reading/singing it to himself!

We got out the noodle play materials and he had so much fun!
We counted together like this, using his toes, and he was a giggling mess, it was so funny!
I stuck the straight noodles in the small holes in our cheerio box and he hammered them in, I was amazed with how well he did. He’s a little Daddy!
Once again I was reminded how fast he is growing as he completed the matching for these shape puzzles in no time. The last time I had this out he had NO clue how to do it, and he hasn’t seen it since.
We are up to the letter Ll now in our ABC notebook, he really enjoyed coloring on his friend, Liam’s, face and went around saying “Liam, Liam” all day long!K had an afternoon alone in the pool one day and practiced pouring a lot!
He was very excited about our new toys that I picked up form the used book sale, we practiced sorting by colors with this one!He loved the A to Z Lower Case Puzzle Finally, our newest adventure in tot school land, learning states! I know sounds ridiculous but again I am being led by his natural interest! He sees P working on states and he is naming them right along with him. He asks me for “fornia” (California) and that means he wants the USA puzzle (North America Continent Puzzle) and we work together naming them and putting the in! I think it’s rather funny that he enjoys this!

If you have a tot (approximately ages 1-3) at home, join in the fun and share what you’re doing with your tot! Here’s how to get started if you’re new…

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