Summer Challenge Success!

P is moving along with his summer challenge, although not at the pace I expected. 🙂 If it were me, I think I would earn all of the points I could to rack up the prizes quickly!!! He is taking his sweet time! Fine by me though, he’s keeping himself busy and entertained–having a fun summer! Today was a big points day for him as he told me he was bored this morning. Of course I kicked him into gear, challenging him to earn the rest of his 25 points to earn the privilege of opening the Webkinz that Nanee and Baba had sent as one of his prizes. It’s been hanging in a gift bag on the schoolroom door for over a week now! I think it’s been torturing me more than him, since I knew it was the ONE he wanted so badly!

Finally holding the bag, after reading me 3 books in a row ( and challenging books for him), to earn his last 6 points!Moments after opening it, the WEBKINZ – Reindeer he has wanted for months!

He did already earn the Webkinz accessory (Webkinz Camo Pet Carrier) for his first 25 points, so he has earned a total of 50 points since we began. Now he is onto his next 25 for his next prize!


  1. Mama Teaching 2 says:

    Oh yay PAXTON! What a neat incentive! 🙂

  2. MAMA BEAR says:

    I was telling my oldest about Paxton’s incentive summer program and we decided that he would also do one. The first thing that my son wants to earn points for is also a Webkinz…too funny. I laughed when I saw your post because my son chose the Beagle Webkinz this week.
    My son is 8 and I’ve held off getting him one since they came out, and ya know he’s still really excited about getting a Webkinz and I’m glad.

    I love not spoiling my kids with whatever comes out on the market because then a Webkinz or whatever toy/game is so exciting to them WHEN they do get it.
    Especially when they earn it!!!

    See, his friends have WII, NINTENDO DS and whatever else is out there and he doesn’t, so a $14 Webkinz is AWESOME to him!

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