In the Works ~ Flowers Lapbook

We are moving right along with our lapbook all about flowers and are both really enjoying this! Here’s what we did today and yesterday…

Each day we are beginning with book time, so he can browse through the many flower books we have (personally, from friends, and the library). Each day he chooses a book or a part of a book (if it’s a long science type book) for me to read. Yesterday he chose to read about the Cactus and today the Venus Fly Trap! I didn’t have either of those things planned in our lapbook, but we enjoyed reading about them! You can see our book list here.
He reviewed the parts of the flower with the game I made for him
And we learned about adjectives using this activity.
He made this simple mini book to label the flower~stem~leaves~roots.
And today he worked on a grid coloring, although he doesn’t know what it is yet!And he spent some time outside drawing flowers!