This counts as school, right?

Cake decorating…. And birthday card reading…
Yes, I do believe that counts as a full day of school.

We are celebrating P’s 6 years of life this weekend with both sets of grandparents. We are taking him to the circus for the 1st time later on today, shhhh he doesn’t know yet!!!


  1. Yes, that was plenty of school on that day! Actually, we take off on birthdays. My children all started out in the school system, and it always broke my heart to send them off to school on their birthdays. Now, we have the option to make the entire day amazing!!!
    Your cake looks GREAT!!

  2. SchoolinRhome says:

    HAPPY HAPPY Birthday, Paxton! WOW! THe circus will be so exciting. We have to do that with our kids sometime too! And what an awesome cake! I love it! I want my 36th birthday to be just like yours! 🙂 All the animals and clowns, performances… definately a great place for learning and definately a FULL day of school. (I even smell a possibility for a cool lapbook! ) heehee
    Have a wonderful weekend with your parents- tell Sandi Hi! I hope she read how much my baby enjoys her Little Bit blankee!

  3. One LIttle, Two Little says:

    I would agree that this counts as school! Happy Birthday, Pax!!

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