Rainbows ~ Lapbook

Rainbow Lapbook

Our rainbow lapbook is complete!

Cover: Rainbow Coloring SheetInside:
Top Left: Rainbow Snack recipe book
Top Right: Noah’s Ark mini book
Top Middle: Spring Colors Book
Middle Left/Right: A Rainbow of Colors song books
Middle: Roy G Biv
Bottom Left: ABC order color words
Bottom Right: Color Wheel

Bottom Flap folded up: color words in spanish.

On the back we made a paper pocket to hold the kite he made during this unit! He also enjoyed a rainbow snack, and here’s another in-action post.  Be sure to visit our page on Lapbooks from 1+1+1=1 about this lapbook!


  • Sheila

    Nice Lapbook! You guys did a great job!


  • CC

    I just love, love, love your ideas!!!

  • Valerie

    This looks great Paxton! Thank you again for sharing those wonderful printables with us!

    Okay, so how often do you use Enchanted Learning? I’m considering a membership…..lots of good stuff from there huh!


  • Mama Teaching 2