Rainbows ~ Lapbook

Rainbow Lapbook

Our rainbow lapbook is complete!

Cover: Rainbow Coloring SheetInside:
Top Left: Rainbow Snack recipe book
Top Right: Noah’s Ark mini book
Top Middle: Spring Colors Book
Middle Left/Right: A Rainbow of Colors song books
Middle: Roy G Biv
Bottom Left: ABC order color words
Bottom Right: Color Wheel

Bottom Flap folded up: color words in spanish.

On the back we made a paper pocket to hold the kite he made during this unit! He also enjoyed a rainbow snack, and here’s another in-action post.  Be sure to visit our page on Lapbooks from 1+1+1=1 about this lapbook!



  1. Nice Lapbook! You guys did a great job!


  2. I just love, love, love your ideas!!!

  3. This looks great Paxton! Thank you again for sharing those wonderful printables with us!

    Okay, so how often do you use Enchanted Learning? I’m considering a membership…..lots of good stuff from there huh!


  4. Mama Teaching 2 says:


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