Something Special ~ Falling Leaves Craft

something special

Falling Leaves Craft

I went searching for another fall craft I could “handle” and found this adorable Falling Leaves Craft from No Time for Flashcards.

I made a simple leaf printable {which you can download here if you are artistically impaired like I am} and printed it on white cardstock.  I think I would have used a fall color as a base if I could reprint, the white is a bit…well, white.  But it does show their painting well.IMG_9507

The kids used a few different painting tools and enjoyed mixing up the fall colors.IMG_9518

I loved allowing them the freedom to mix and explore…or you know, make a mess. 😉IMG_9512

Ladybug used dot paint for hers, and I also let her explore with the porcupine painters from Oriental Trading!IMG_9502

They also painted their spirals {which I drew ahead of time} and then I let everything dry before cutting it out and assembling them later in the day.  I then found the perfect spot for each craft and proudly displayed their falling leaves. The kids were really excited to see their creations swirling around!!!

             IMG_9592 IMG_9595

Thanks to Allie from No Time For Flashcards for the inspiration for this fall craft!

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Something Special ~ Impress Your SPONSORED Kids

something special Craft to send Sponsored Child


I was inspired by Amanda, on her blog Impress Your Kids.  She posted a wonderful idea called “Impress Your Sponsored Kids” which I immediately fell in love with!  It fits perfectly with my plan to do something mission/service oriented every Wednesday for our Something Special group time.image

We sponsor 2 children, both in Rwanda; one through Compassion and 1 through World Vision.  We will be adding 2 more children when Krash and Ladybug both reach age 5.  This is when we “gave” Pac Man his own sponsored child.  It was a really big deal, we even made a child sponsorship lapbook all about it! I also sponsored a child many years ago-who is actually a teenager now!  I try to write to her/email her often and plan to make sure I write a letter each time we write with the kids too!

For our first project, I was inspired by Amanda, and decided to go with not only Albert’s initial, but also names.  In order to include the littles-I made everyone their own name to decorate-with Pac Man working on the ones we were making for Albert.  I just made them in Microsoft and printed them on cardstock.  Then I let the kids get busy!

They used: dot paint, glitter glue pens, crayons, & stickers!IMG_9251 IMG_9247IMG_9243

Everyone contributed to our big “A” and it turned out cute ;-).  Ladybug was VERY into putting the stickers on it!IMG_9262

Pac Man wrote Albert a letter to go along with our crafts… IMG_9266IMG_9353

I also wrote a letter from me and included updated photos of us all on it…Albert letter 9.2010

To keep things easy when it comes time to send things to our sponsored children, I have a notebook for each of them, containing all of the letters they have sent to us and any information we have about them or their project.   I make sure to keep the 6×9” envelopes {what we use to send things to Albert via World VIsion’s requirements} in this notebook so I can always find them. They are preaddressed too, so all I have to do is load it up and take it to the PO for proper postage!

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Something Special ~ Apple Songs for Music Time

something special

Apple Songs with Printables

For our weekly music time, we will be doing many of the same songs each week {which you can find here}, and I am also planning to add in some special seasonal songs.  This week I chose two APPLE SONGS from my former Kindergarten teaching days {the printables themselves were used in my classroom many years ago!}.    We used red, yellow, and green Magneatos to be our pretend apples to use while singing. IMG_9065

This a BIG HIT with all 3 kiddos, they loved it all!!!

We had fun rolling the correct colored “apple” to each other while singing.  Ladybug giggled almost the entire time-she loves singing and was swaying back and forth!

After we had our group time, I put the songs {which are laminated} into a small basket with several red-green-yellow Magneatos.  The next day I found the boys like this {totally on their own}.


Krash was trying to sing the songs himself and Pac Man walked over to help him with the words.  It was PRECIOUS!  Both boys LOVE music so I know if I can keep this up-they will love it!



Since I made my files years ago, and didn’t have them to share, I whipped up a few for those of you who would like to print them out.

Apple Songs

Looking for more apple fun?  I have started to create seasonal webpages on the 1+1+1=1 website, to help organize seasonal ideas {both for myself as I often refer back to my stuff, AND for others-to make things easier to find}.  The page is still in the works-so keep checking back, I will be adding things as the fall season progresses!  There are a few things unlinked-as they are coming up soon and will be linked as soon as I do them!

Visit the Fall Fun webpage to see the downloads for theApple Songs and more!

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Something Special ~ Fall Tree Craft

something special

Fall Tree Craft

I was inspired by searching through old Crafty Corner posts from Totally Tots, and chose a fall tree craft I thought all of my kiddos would enjoy {it was from this post}.  I was right {which rarely happens}.  They all loved it!

We painted the paper towel tubes {I helped Ladybug use dot paint for hers}IMG_8894

Then the kids made their “ground” while the tubes dried a bit, Ladybug dot painted her ground all by herself and really enjoyed it!IMG_8902

I picked up a pack of thin leaves at Dollar Tree last week, we used these for the actual leaves.IMG_8911

The kids had a grand time positioning their leaves, just-so.IMG_8921IMG_8924

Ladybug was thrilled with the placement I helped her with! 😉 IMG_8918

The end result…the most gorgeous fall decorations I have ever had!IMG_8953

Thanks to Ramblings of a Crazy Woman for the inspiration for this fall craft!

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Something Special ~ The Plan

something special When I taught public school Kindergarten, the kids had “special area classes” each day.  They rotated between music, art, PE, and library.  The idea occurred to me last week that I could do something similar in our home.  The idea stemmed from my desire to have something each day that I could plan for all 3 kids to participate in…something uniting.

I came up with a routine, which is still under renovation as I try things out for a few weeks, but for now, here’s my plan…

  • Monday-Art/Craft
  • Tuesday-Music {I used to teach a simple preschool music class a few years ago-I plan to bring this back with a bit of a twist for my little group-thankfully Pac still enjoys this type of stuff-so he will be fine even though it is really for the littles}
  • Wednesday-Cleaning {learn a specific cleaning skill} rotated with a Mission/Service Project {write to our Compassion/World Vision children, OCC Shoe Boxes, and other projects}
  • Thursday-Cooking {this should be interesting-me and my non-cooking self}
  • Saturday {we school on Sat, and not on Fri}-PE type activity/Group Game

I am not 100% certain I won’t add more to the rotation, or even drop a few if they end up not working out, this were just my initial brainstorm.

I hope to share on the blog when I have the chance ~ no schedule or routine…but I will share as we go along.  I already have one coming up to share our first art day, it was wonderful!  I know many of you do these types of things daily, but for me-they don’t come naturally.  I am not crafty, forget music, don’t take the time to teach cleaning skills, hate cooking, forget to do fun PE, and neglect mission/service projects {even though we are missionaries ourselves}.  This little plan is my way of keeping myself accountable.  Hey, it worked for Tot School, Raising Rock Stars and a few more of my random ideas…maybe it will work for this!