Something Special ~ Family Pumpkin Patch Craft

something special

John 15 5 Family Pumpkin Patch Craft

We created a Family Pumpkin Patch Craft based on John 15:5!


I had each family member do the knuckle painted pumpkins and then I drew the vine and wrote John 15:5 at the top…

I am the vine; you are the branches.

If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit;

apart from me you can do nothing. 


I then wrote our names by our pumpkins {along with the ages of the kids on the back} and laminated it.  I didn’t get any photos of the process since I was controlling paint covered hands ;-).  While each child was waiting, they free-painted pumpkins…


Krash isn’t into free-painting so he lasted all of about 30 seconds ;-).  Ladybug made dot-paint pumpkins 😉 and Pac LOVES free-painting so he stayed for awhile enjoying it all!

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Something Special ~ Pumpkin Songs

something special Pumpkin Songs

For our weekly music time, we sing many of the same songs each week {which you can find here}, and I am also adding in some special seasonal songs. This week I chose a few PUMPKIN SONGS from my former Kindergarten teaching days. I decided to make new printables for us and for you this time!  I printed our songs 1 per page this time {trimming a bit after printing} and then mounted them to colored cardstock before laminating.

Pumpkin Songs

After we had our group time, I put the songs into a small basket with some little foam pumpkins {we got ours from Jo-Ann Fabrics}, and some books about pumpkins and Halloween from a Christian perspective .We have been using our basket each day to review our songs and read our pumpkin books too.

We own many of these and enjoy the others from the library!


Visit the Fall Fun webpage to see the downloads for the Pumpkin Songs and more!


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Something Special ~ Marble Painted Pumpkin Craft

something special Marble Paint Pumpkin Craft

This week I get full credit for my pumpkin craft idea!  I am sure someone else has done exactly this, but I didn’t use the internet to search, I used my creative {ahem} brain.

I made a simple pumpkin printable {which you can download here} and printed them on white cardstock.  I saved some perfect cardboard box tops and we marble-painted pumpkins!  When I told the boys how we were going to paint, they were both overjoyed!IMG_0017

Look at K’s face as he was beginning his “painting game” as he called it!IMG_0010

We used a paint tray {ours are from Oriental Trading but I have seen them at Michaels and AC Moore} and plastic spoons to help keep my hands clean {I did the transferring for them}IMG_0040


I put a small tape roll to hold the paper in place, the boys loved how the box top looked when we took the first one off!IMG_0051

Each child made 1 large pumpkin and then 4 smaller ones {I had decorating ideas in mind ahead of time!}.IMG_0044


Ladybug made one too, except I really had to help her so no action shots of her!  She kept trying to grab the marble!!!  She giggled and giggled though-loving the process!IMG_0075-2

After they dried, I laminated them all, and then used them as fall decorations!  I made a leaf chain for our living room mirror, and hung the big ones in different places.  One in a window and the other two in our schoolroom!  The kids LOVE seeing their art up as decorations!



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Raising Rock Stars ~ The Pumpkin Patch Parable

Bible Focus…The Pumpkin Patch Parable

We had fun talking about Halloween again, and what it means for our family as Christians. I made the boys a coloring book based on the book, The Pumpkin Patch Parable, to help illustrate the meaning of the story for them.

First, Daddy read them the book (Ladybug was napping)…
Then we headed to the table where I told them the story again using the coloring pages I created for them. We all colored them together as we talked all about the meaning. Even my Dad joined us!

I also had Pac Man make a Memory Cross to illustrate the story, he did a great job!
It was a fun night, and we are all looking forward to bringing the lesson we learned to life when we select and carve our REAL pumpkins this week!

Weekly Bible Verse…
Songs for Saplings ~ Ee
We work on our verse every day during calendar time, and we also listen to the entire Songs for Saplings CD during recess at least 1-2 days per week!

Resources used this week: