Pumpkin & Fall Preschool Fun

I am combining these two themes into one post because sadly, she was totally UNinterested in my fall theme. It would have made a really lame post to be honest. Last year she LOVED the fall theme, see it here.

 Fall Preschool Fun

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Her Fall shelf ~

Fall Theme -9130


I talked her into exploring a bit, but didn’t really choose anything on her own, except for the sensory basket…

Fall Theme -9139

She loves sorting…

Fall Theme -9370


She also sang the fall leaf songs with me, she always likes songs!

Fall Leaf Songs


She LOVED this book last year {here’s last year’s Tot School post}, in fact I created an entire Scarecrow Printable Pack because she loved it so much  This year she told me she doesn’t like scarecrows. Figures. We did read it a few times, and she enjoyed the props, but not nearly as much as last year.

Fall Theme -9372



Pumpkin Preschool Fun

Her Pumpkin Shelf ~

Home Preschool Pumpkins -9564

She was excited about the pumpkin shelf and dove right in!

Home Preschool Pumpkins -9581


We made a printable pumpkin craft from here.

Home Preschool Pumpkins -9596


She dictated and created an adorable story about a pumpkin, all with a Minecraft theme.

Home Preschool Pumpkins -9714


Cutting and matching shapes from my pumpkin pack.

Home Preschool Pumpkins -9716


This was probably her favorite printable activity.  It’s from education.com and I used wooden alphabet beads for her to find the missing letters.

Home Preschool Pumpkins -9728

Home Preschool Pumpkins -9730


We read lots of books, here she was picking out the daily reads while I sat in the bean bag waiting for her to choose!  See our pumpkin books here!

Pumpkins -0287


Her completed pumpkin work. Cat coloring on left is from here and on the right was from my Just Color Pumpkins pack.

Pumpkins -0318

Fall Theme Pinterest Board

Pumpkin Theme Pinterest Board

See more home preschool fun over at Preschool Corner!

Pumpkins ~ Just Color!

Pumpkin Coloring Printables

The idea behind Just Color! is simple ~ theme packs all focused around coloring. There are mostly coloring pages, and a few coloring activities. The coloring pages are all in one download to make it easier to download and print all at once, in case you have coloring monsters like I do!

I just added a new Pumpkin Coloring set!

Pumpkin Coloring

Remember, if you want to make a mini coloring book, you can always scale down PDF files! If you have any problems downloading or printing these or other PDF files, see troubleshooting tips here.

Looking for more Pumpkin Theme fun?

Pumpkin Theme Pinterest Board

Tot School ~ Pumpkin Theme, part 2

~ Ladybug is 42.5 Months Old ~Tot-School_thumb3_thumb_thumb_thumb_[1]

We have so many pumpkin theme activities, this was our second week with a pumpkin theme and she loved it just as much!  Our trays stayed the same, we just finished what we hadn’t done already.  You can see last week here ~ Tot School Pumpkin Theme.

Pumpkin-Tot-School-3446_thumb3 Pumpkin-Tot-School-3484_thumb3

{All pumpkin printables in her notebook, and on her trays are pinned to my pumpkin theme pinterest board!}

She loves these cut, count and glue activities…Pumpkin Theme Tot School -3564

She even helped me cut this time!Pumpkin Theme Tot School -3569

Coloring is a favorite, so I knew she would enjoy this mini book from Our Little MonkeysPumpkin Theme Tot School -3573

The 1-10 puzzle is a favorite now too, I mix them all up {I pre cut them} and have her put them in order.Pumpkin Theme Tot School -3576

She gets all goofy and gives me the wrong number on purpose, she is a ham!Pumpkin Theme Tot School -3582

Pumpkin Theme Tot School -3577

She loves her work display and asked if she could hang it up by herself!Pumpkin Theme Tot School -3586

How Many Pumpkins? with dot paint…Pumpkin Theme Tot School -3596

We played pumpkin roll and graph together with dot paint.

Pumpkin Theme Tot School-3605 Pumpkin Theme Tot School-3606

Starfall has a cute pumpkin book and she loved it!

Pumpkin Tot School-3444 Pumpkin Tot School-3435


She loves Qwirkle pieces, which are great for sorting by shape and color.  She chose to sort by shape with me…Tot School-3698

Tot School-3700


She loved making a rollercoaster with me for our art lesson!Tot School-3630


Ladybug’s week on Instagram {I am using Printsgram to make the layout for the week!}image

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Tot School ~ Pumpkin Theme

~ Ladybug is 42 Months Old ~Tot-School_thumb3_thumb_thumb_thumb_

We have so many pumpkin theme activities, this was just our first week, and it wasn’t even a full week!  Here is her Tot School area all set up, she loved it!

Pumpkin Tot School-3446 Pumpkin Tot School-3484

She loves her activity notebook, and was anxious to flip through it and choose her first activity.  She is very into mazes right now so I printed a few and sure enough, that’s what she chose first!Pumpkin Tot School-3487

{All pumpkin printables in her notebook are pinned to my pumpkin theme pinterest board!}

After the mazes, she chose to play “find the letter” with me, and soon after Krash joined in too {he used the lowercase sheet, she had uppercase}.  I called out a letter and they had to put their little marker on it as fast as they could!Pumpkin Tot School-3493

Notebook fun occurred many times during the week!  Here she is coloring pumpkins…Pumpkin Tot School-3535

Her dot fun activities are in the notebook for her to pick from and she loved the new pumpkin sheets!Pumpkin Tot School-3540


I had to direct her away from the notebook to check out her tray activities, and she immediately wanted to play roll and transfer the pumpkin erasers.  She rolled the little foam die, then transferred that many pumpkin erasers with tongs {these are from an old bug collecting kit from Target} to the ice cube tray.  We counted the total as we went too.Pumpkin Tot School-3498

Pumpkin Tot School-3496


She loved the color cubes activity I made for her!  I will have to try to make a few more as we do different themes, she loves these cubes!Pumpkin Tot School-3502


We got down our busy hands play dough box and created fun pumpkins!Pumpkin Tot School-3509


She loves our pumpkin songs, and asks to sing together daily.


One of the favorites is “5 Little Pumpkins” she loves to act her songs out!

Pumpkin Tot School-3542 Pumpkin Tot School-3545

Pumpkin Tot School-3547


Our pumpkin sensory bin is a big favorite.  This day she made a leaf/pumpkin pile for her stuffed animals to jump in!Pumpkin Tot School-3561

We have much more to do with our pumpkin theme so stayed tuned for part 2 next week!


Ladybug’s week on Instagram {I am using Printsgram to make the layout for the week!}


We are 1plus1plus1 on Instagram, follow us here!


  • Tot School Blog Roll 2012-2013 will be coming soon!
  • New to linking up here? Read this first! Basics: write a specific post about what you did with your tot, link up the permalink from your post, link back to Tot School within that post, put your tot’s age in months in ( ) like this: (43 months).

Pumpkin Sensory Bin & Tot Trays

For Ladybug’s Tot School, this week, we have a pumpkin theme!  On Sunday I will share in our weekly Tot School post photos of her interacting with all of this.  This set up was created for Ladybug who is currently 3 1/2, many activities could be enjoyed by younger or older tots.  See my post about following the lead of the child here.

I set up her Tot Trays with a pumpkin theme, with her sensory play area up on top.

Pumpkin Tot School

On her trays are many printable activities that require scissors and/or glue {most are from my Pumpkin Packs}.  Also there is a pumpkin eraser roll and transfer {she rolls the dice and transfers that many to the mini ice cube tray with the tongs}, and a color cubes pumpkin activity I made for her {I added the printable to the Pumpkin Printable Pack}.  Some orange play dough and pumpkin cookie cutters finishes up her trays.Pumpkin Tot School-3453


Her desk area hold her printable supplies, her supply bin, her dry erase markers and eraser {in the pumpkin}, her dot markers, her mini markers, and her Pumpkin Fun Notebook!Pumpkin Tot School-3484

Her notebook is FILLED with pumpkin printables she will enjoy.  You can see links to everything I used on my Pumpkin Fun Pinterest Board


Pumpkin Tot School-3473 Pumpkin Tot School-3475


Her sensory play area is up on top…

Pumpkin Tot School-3462

Pumpkin Sensory Bin

Pumpkin Tot School-3445Included in the bin itself:

  • mini foam cut out pumpkins
  • mini pumpkin erasers
  • little plastic pumpkin bins
  • fall leaves, acorns and pumpkins from our Fall Sensory Bin
  • yellow and orange spoons and tongs
  • various small pumpkins

More Pumpkin Fun…

If you haven’t read the Montessori Minute post about sensory play, be sure to read that to see why these bins are so wonderful for kids! See a Behind the Scenes look at Sensory Bin play with videos here!

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