I’m Back!!!!

I wanted to wait a day to write this so I could be a bit more sure, but I do believe I can officially say I am on the mend!!!! We did an entire Tot School morning yesterday AND today and Pac-Man and I even began a new lapbook yesterday as a way to get back to the fun part of school. For so long he’s just been completing the basics, I figured it was time to do some child-led learning for his sake. He was THRILLED!!! His choice…


Lovely. I was excited to see him excited about learning again, I think he really needed a lapbook! I said to him, “wow, you are behaving beautifully with your work today…” he said, “that’s because we’re doing a lapbook, I love doing lapbooks!” 🙂

We got this great pre-made (free) lapbook from Homeschool Share, and began with a few of the mini books yesterday. We also began the writing portion, with him dictating a worm story to me and me typing it in on our Starwrite program for him to trace over to work on his cursive.I can’t say enough great things about the Startwrite program, it is wonderful and I find myself using it almost every day for him now.

It feels good to be back, although I am really lacking on the energy, I don’t really feel sick much during the day (it kicks in still in the evening though), so I can be with my boys. Thanks again to all of you for prayers and kind emails and comments, sorry I am so behind with replying to most of them :(. I am trying to get caught up!