10 Days of Christmas Fun ~ Plans

I have planned 10 days of fun Christmas focused learning for my children and am so excited to begin today!  I have never done this before and probably wouldn’t have this year had we not gotten stuck down south for a week!  I have always wanted to be this planned, just never had the time to prepare this much!

The plans are based mostly around Krash {age 4.5} since he is in the middle, but I plan to include Ladybug and Pac Man as much as possible.  Pac Man LOVES the younger stuff so it should be no problem this year.  Plus Pac still has to do normal 3rd grade during these weeks too.  Krash has December off of RRSP and will just be doing this.  Ladybug will be joining in with the fun when she isn’t sleeping!

You can download the PDF files and then you can see the links within the documents,  I linked up every activity so it would be easy for you find it {and also for me to go back next year and find some things I may repeat}.  I also included an image because I am totally visual, so hopefully that will help some of you too.  I found tons of neat stuff online, I am so excited and thankful to all of the other moms out there who offer their printables/ideas for free too!

Week 1…


Week 2…Slide2

Every day stuff, and extra links…Christmas Lesson Plan

You can download our Christmas Learning Plans here!

edited to add…Some of the links weren’t working, I updated and think I fixed them all but the PDF isn’t saving properly so I had to link u some of the images instead.  Try the words or the image and if neither work, let me know and I will add a direct link here in this post ;-).

I snapped a few photos with my measly camera {my good one is STILL away being fixed, I am going CRAZY without it}, to show you a few things I have set up to begin our week.  I took these photos Sunday night before we began on Monday.

I flipped K’s RRSP board over and attached our Christmas songs with velcro so I could possibly do this again for different seasons when we take a week off of RRSP…IMG_6464


I set up a collage making table, putting old cards into a basket.  I added white paper, scissors, glue and tape.  Pac Man got ahold of it right after he saw it !!!  Above are our focus Christmas books {all linked up in my plans}IMG_6465


Our first hands-on activity is ready {thanks Musings of Me} and on our dry erase board with magnets…IMG_6467


I am SOOOO excited about our Christmas Sensory Bin!!!  This is just the beginning {Thanks to Michaels-I got almost everything there with a 25% off entire purchase coupon}.  For the bin, I plan to add one small item each day and challenge the kids to figure out what is new.  I plan to get the bin down daily, as I know how much they all love it!IMG_6461


Finally, I decided to make myself a written note to hang on the board so I don’t go brain-dead!  It’s amazing how much I can plan and then forget something HUGE.  So, this is not the order specifically, just a cross-off sheet for things I hope to do with the kids tomorrow!!IMG_6470


A mommy side note…I am well aware that things won’t go as beautifully as I have planned in my mind and I am praying I can keep my cool.  I tend to lose it a bit when my grand plans aren’t so grand in the eyes of little ones.  Even if I have a few flops, I need to remember that they will remember my attitude more than any activity we may do.  Lord help me remain graceful, peaceful, and joyful.

Ready for Christmas Learning!

I have been “stuck” down south for several days now and not only did I create an entire new {unplanned} Nativity Preschool Pack, I also got our plans for the December all finalized-to an extreme degree.  Here’s a small glimpse…
Yup, red and green file folders and all.  I even have a detailed spreadsheet {which I will share once we get home and I get the final activities in and linked up}.  We plan to begin our Christmas schooling on Monday, so I still have the weekend to gather the rest.
Thankfully I was able to use a printer AND laminator down here {thanks Mom!!!}, and was able to get most things totally prepared.  One night my mom and Ladybug were playing in the hall while I was laminating and cutting away…I looked up and saw Ladybug helping my mom snap a photo of me…

We head back home today, and I am thrilled!  I have so much planned for the kids and am excited to be so prepared {usually I just gather some Christmas activities and hope I remember to do them all}. Have you shared your Christmas plans on your blog?  Leave me a link in a comment, I’d love to check yours out before I finalize ours! ;-).

Nativity Preschool Pack

Christmas Nativity Printables

I was not planning on creating an entire Preschool Pack for the Christmas season, BUT we are “stuck” down south for a few more days due to ridiculous car repair issues. I did not bring school books for the boys so they are continuing to play with the grandparents {who gladly soak up the playtime and are wonderful with the kids}.  I am left with a mind that creates when I am frustrated.  So, thanks to my car frustration, we all have a new Nativity Preschool Pack!

I made an assortment of printables, some to be laminated and reused, some are just simple worksheets.  You could use them all as worksheets, or even laminate the worksheets to use again and again.  If you don’t have a laminator, you can slide the pages into sheet protectors to use with a dry erase marker. I have a few ideas of how to use them all myself and will be sharing throughout the month after we get home and get in the swing of things again!

Nativity Preschool Pack Beginning SoundsNativity Preschool Pack colorsNativity Preschool Pack CountingNativity Preschool Pack Easy Reader

Nativity Preschool Pack PreWritingNativity Preschool Pack SizesNativity Preschool Pack Sorting

You can download the Nativity Preschool Pack here! 

{it now includes Kindergarten printables too}

Don’t forget I also have an entire Christmas Fun page and you can see the ideas I have collected from around the web on mytumblrsite!

PS-Aren’t the graphics precious? I broke down and bought them from Stockberry Studio!  I am so glad I did, I love them and hope you do to!

Christmas Printables for Kids

Christmas Printables for Kids

I have made a few new Christmas Printables for kids in my spare time while out of town this weekend ;-).  You can download them straight from this post by clicking on the image, or you can see the entire Christmas Fun webpage where I have a larger collection of links. Here in this post are the new printables I have created this year!

I made a few Christmas song printables for our “Something Special” music time…

Christmas Preschool Songs

This is a set of alphabet tracers based on a poem I found online {the link is in the PDF file}.Christmas ABCs

These are 2 color by shape pages I created for Krash {I may make more of these as he really loves things like this right now}Christmas Color by Shapes


There may be more to come, but I wanted to share these now as I know many of you are in full Christmas-swing right now!

See our Christmas Pinterest board for more ideas!Christmas Theme Pinterest Board

Christmas Gift Ideas ~ Preschool

Gift Ideas..allI get asked a lot about gift ideas, so I thought it might be helpful to throw a few out there with some mini reviews on each item. We personally own everything I recommend, and I will never recommend something we don’t love! You will notice some cross-over from my Christmas Ideas for Tots post. If I felt it was good for both, I listed it in both places.

I am also a believer in LESS is MORE, so although I recommend things, please know that things don’t make us happy…they are just a small addition to an already full life in Christ. I don’t in any way believe that Christmas is about stuff. I realize gifts are a natural part {especially from grandparents!}, and I love getting recommendations also, which is why I share with you! I may add to the list as I think of other ideas, so be sure to check back!

This is my list of ideas for preschoolers, gearing towards ages 3-5. I will link to everything where I find the best online price {most of the time it is Amazon}. Most links are affiliate links, some are not {if I am not affiliated with the particular company}. If you purchase anything through an affiliate link, you give back a percentage to our family…thanks!

Gift Ideas...preschoolers


image image


image image image image image


image image image


image image image image

Learning Toys

image image image image imageimage image image image image image imageimageimage


image image image


Little Bits ~ My mom makes these with ALL of the profits coming directly into our missionary account! You can see premade items here on the blog {which are ready to ship immediately}, or custom order your own special Bit through the website. {yes, that is Krash on the home page of the website!!!}120x90 LB image

Krash’s current favorites are his blankees {all premades here, custom here}, pillow, and toy bags.

Craft Supplies

  • Dot Paint
  • Perler Beads {they have these on Amazon but I recommend using a nice 40 or 50% off coupon at Michaels or AC Moore and get a cool set there}
  • Koopy Scissors {for younger kids or kids who are struggling with cutting-Amazon now sells them!}

image image image

The BIG Gift

IMG_0303 image image

If you are looking for ideas for younger children, you can check out my Christmas Gift Ideas for Tots post!Gift Ideas..

I also have more gift ideas here on my “What We Love” page on my website.