In the Works ~ Bible Lapbook

We are moving right a long with our Bible Lapbook, it is complete except for our intense study of the specific books of the Bible, using the cards I made for P. We made it through the first 20 in the Old Testament and began on the next 15 today, he was VERY excited to see his “Bible worm” (as he called it) grow!
You can find the PDF files for all of the Books of the Bible cards here.

In the Works ~ Bible Lapbook

We have been working on our Bible lapbook for awhile now and will continue to do so as it is becoming a simple but great resource that we keep coming back to and building upon. I imagine it won’t be officially “finished” for weeks as I have developed new goals for P recently.

The original inspiration to do this lapbook came from Valerie and her Bible lapbook from Lapbook Lessons (thanks Valerie!). I then decided to add to it and searched and searched for what I was looking for exactly and couldn’t find it, so I made it myself. I am still in the process of making the entire thing but we have already started using them.I created cards for each book of the Bible, one card has the name of the book and the other card lists the author, key characters, and some key stories from that book. After his successful memorization of the Old Testament Books (saying them out loud), I was inspired to teach him to put them in order with these cards and also to learn more facts about each book.

You can find pdf files of these cards here.

Eventually I hope to cut these cards apart and play a memory game with him, matching the name of the book with the facts of the book, but we aren’t there yet! I printed each sheet of 5 books on different colors to help him with the sorting and memory game down the road.

In the Works ~ Human Body Lapbook

We are working our way through the human body and P is enjoying every moment we spend on it. We learned about the brain and he especially enjoyed the simple memory experiment found in this book:

I think we will use MANY of the neat experiments found in here during this unit. Here he is trying to study all of the items on the tray to test his brain after I cover them up to see how many he could recall. He made a tray for me too, it was really fun!

Here he is working on his personal growth mini book, I put photos of him at different stages and he is writing a sentence to tell something unique about how he looked or what his abilities were at that age. He loves this, I do too since it brings back wonderful memories of his baby and younger childhood! It was a great personal way to talk about the human life cycle and aging.

In the Works ~ Human Body Lapbook

P has been begging me to do a lapbook about the body and I have put him off for awhile, but we have finally begun. I was putting him off until I could collect the right resources and plan it all out in my mind, this will indeed be our largest lapbook yet, so there will be many “in the works” posts! We had a great time today learning all about what is found inside/outside of your body, here he is working on the minibook I created for him…We also learned about skin and fingerprints. He had a blast using the book, Ed Emberley’s Fingerprint Drawing Book to make fingerprint animals…We also collected fingerprints from each member of our family so we could compare. Here’s Daddy helping P get his fingerprint…I broke down and bought the book, How Your Body Works and I am really glad I did, it has helped me so much with my planning. We also got tons of great books, and I made (and am still making) many of our items for the lapbook. You can see the start of the webpage about this lapbook here. Obviously, this is just the beginning!

In the Works ~ USA lapbook

We are almost done with our America lapbook and he has really enjoyed this! We learned about 2 special states, the one we live in and the one our family and many friends live in. Here he is working on his NC mini book, which I got from Homeschool Share.