Pumpkin Preschool Pack ~ Free Printables

Pumpkin FunI am using tons of stuff that other creative moms have made, but decided to also whip up a few things very specific to Ladybug and Krash for our pumpkin weeks!  We will be having our pumpkin theme this week and next.  This pack features printable for skills from Ladybug all the way through Krash and in between.  Don’t let the name “Preschool Pack” fool you!

Here’s a glimpse of what is included {all free} in this Pumpkin Preschool Pack



Focus Skills

  • Letter Pp & Jj
  • Graphing
  • Patterning
  • Sorting
  • Colors
  • Number Words
  • Color Words
  • Feelings
  • Tracing
  • ABCs
  • Sight Words
  • Basic Addition

You can download the entire

Pumpkin Preschool Pack here on my website for FREE!

If you are having any printing or downloading trouble, please see the tips in the FAQ post here!!!

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Kindergarten with Krash ~ Letter Dd, YCR Unit 10, Fall Theme


You Can Read: Unit 10 {play, find, to, run}

RRSK: Letter Dd

Theme of the Week: FALL


You can download all of the printables for this unit FREE here on the main RRSK page, just scroll down until you see them!  We do 2 activities from the set per day, making 10 total activities. 

Here’s just a few photos, as I didn’t take many this week!

Tracing his verse as we practice it together.IMG_4830

Gluing the words of the verse in order…IMG_4875



He wanted me to sing along with him this week, this one was a bit more challenging to him.  You can download the printable with the verse tune here on the RRSP Letter Dd webpage.


RRSK Letter Dd Printables Here!

If you want early access to printables beyond what I have blogged about,

you can see info about purchasing here!


We used unit 10 from You Can Read.  Here’s a glimpse into some of the You Can Read work he did.  I don’t have many photos because he is doing a lot of the work independently now while I am working with PacMan. 

He still loves BINGO…IMG_4857

We got out the Review BINGO {YCR add-on} for units 1-4 and he loved this.IMG_4864

He LOVES to do the word reading assessment {YCR add-on}.  He likes to take jewels and mark the words he can read. IMG_4964 He was SO proud to be able to read all but 1 word on this assessment!IMG_4968


Stamping his words {YCR add-on}, he really likes our new stamp padIMG_5233

He LOVES the sight word graphing {YCR add-on}IMG_5242

Finding words in sentences using our dry erase activity center  {one of his favorites}. Purple are words of the week, blue are other words he knows how to read on his own.IMG_5240



One of our word play activities was bowling!  We also did many repeats of old Word Play ideas!IMG_5261

Check out more wonderful Word Play ideas here, and add yours!


 *~*~ FALL ~*~*


I found lots of neat Fall printables for Krash and we also brought out our fall sensory bin, which he loved.IMG_4751

Leaf blowing with ElefunIMG_5035

He used Jolanthe’s Read It! cards for Read & Write the Room.  The recording sheets are from her Fall Printables.

IMG_4828  IMG_4824

He loved Ladybug’s leaves/styrofoam tray and decided to make a tree out of them one day!IMG_4843

We found this neat missing number ordering activity here, and did it in our mini pocket chart.IMG_4849

He made an adorable Scarecrow bookIMG_4868

Filling in missing numbers on the leavesIMG_4962

Putting his scarecrow puzzle in orderIMG_5052

He worked really hard on his raccoon color by numberIMG_5113


He plays iPad school almost daily, here he was showing Ladybug Kneebouncers for the first time.  He loves to teach her things on the iPad!IMG_4938

Krash takes gymnastics now and LOVES it.  He is also progressing quickly.  I am amazed with how little he could do just a couple of months ago and what he can do now, and with such strength and confidence.  He is a little powerhouse!


Handstands on the right and left, mid-cartwheel in the middle…

IMG_4970  IMG_4974   IMG_4972

He loves showing off his skills, my most common phrase these days is to tell him to stop flipping around!IMG_4988

A few items we used…

Visit Preschool Corner {& 5K too} for more fun learning ideas!

Angry Birds Kindergarten Printables

We love Angry Birds around here, so I thought I would put together some Kindergarten work for Krash based on his beloved birds. We won’t be using these for a few weeks, but I wanted to go ahead and share in case any of you have little Angry Birds fans!!  The kids not only love our Angry Birds game for our iPod/iPad…they also love our real life game!


Here’s what is included in the free Angry Birds pack…



Using a number line…



Greater than and less than, using the alligator mouth as a visual aid.Slide4


Naming coins…


Basic Fractions…




Matching descriptive sentences…



Easy reader with color word emphasis…



Rhyming Words…Slide14


Color By Word…Slide15


Sight Words…Slide16


Numbers 1-30…Slide17

I may even add more before we begin our Angry Birds fun, I will update the file with any additions if I add them!

I hope many of you can use these new Free Kindergarten Printables

and I hope to have more soon!  They are available to download for free!

Kindergarten with Krash ~ RRSK/Cc, YCR/Unit 9


You Can Read: Unit 9 {for, help, look, jump}
RRSK: Letter Cc

You can download all of the printables for this unit FREE here on the main RRSK page, just scroll down until you see them!  We do 2 activities from the set per day, making 10 total activities.



Listening and following directions… IMG_4594 

He still wants to teach the songs to other kids, so he made another video for you!    You can download the printable with the verse tune here on the RRSP Letter Cc webpage.

Letter Cc Bible Verse

He really liked glittering the word… IMG_4596

Sorting letter C words, into 2 groups {animals/not animals}…


Signing his name to the story he dictated to me.  He asked me to re-read his story to him many times, even days after we wrote it! IMG_4688


If you want early access to printables beyond what I have blogged about,


We used unit 9 from You Can Read.  Here’s a glimpse into some of the You Can Read work he did. 

He just loves this activity, can’t you tell?IMG_4478
Color by word…IMG_4658

Sight Word Search {this is a You Can Read Add-On}…


This is one of his favorites!  I chose 10 words he needed the most work on and pre-hid them in the rice.  He then had to dig them all out and graph them accordingly, using his dot paint.  Thanks again to Stephanie for this wonderful idea!

IMG_4521 IMG_4522

Here he is reading a Bob Book with me, using a jewel to help follow the words.  He is not enjoying the Bob Books as much these days, but we still use them every now and then. Mostly we do tons of phonics work on the dry erase board.IMG_4526

He definitely prefers the sight word readersIMG_4534

Tracing his words using our dry erase activity centerIMG_4686

Adding to his word caterpillar.  He re-reads the words up there to me, then we add any new words he knows.  The caterpillar really grew this week, suddenly a light bulb has switched on and he is memorizing sight words we aren’t even working on!

IMG_4692 IMG_4694

Roll & Graph Sight Words is now available in the You Can Read paid sectionKrash LOVES this activity.


He loves it even more when his kitty joins him…IMG_4579

Homeschooling at its finest. {ps-the blue tray is from Michaels}IMG_4582

Word-Play-rectangle41222I have been trying to do some sort of active word play game with him daily, simply because he loves it so much.

First I had him read through his word cards and I sorted them into piles-words he identified quickly and words he didn’t know or was slow with.  Then we played with the 2nd pile.  One day I set the 6 words up on our steps and he had to throw a beanbag on the word I yelled out.  Then we switched and he called out a word for me to throw a bean bag on.


Another day I set the words up across the room and has him sit by me.  I got a pack of fruit snacks and told him that I would tell him a word and say GO, then he had to run down and get the word and bring it back to me. If it was correct, he got the fruit snack.

IMG_4536 IMG_4539

After he got them all, I gave him a bonus fruit snack for any word he could read on his own without any help…he got all but 2 of them this time!

IMG_4541  IMG_4543 

On another day, we used our Education Cubes YCR inserts {which mostly stay in our cubes at all times now}.  I stacked them up and yelled out a word and he had to wiggle around the stack to find the word without knocking the tower down.

IMG_4602  IMG_4607

He LOVED this!  My little wiggle worm, wiggling all the time anyway!IMG_4614

He has been very into building lately, here he built a house for his kitty out of our Rainbow Blocks.IMG_4500

I finally remembered to get out our big cardboard blocks and the boys had a great time!!!

IMG_4668  IMG_4674

Krash spends time playing “school” games on the iPad almost daily. Recently he has been asking PacMan to teach him things and P taught him how to add with his fingers.  Krash now has his own profile set up on Math Drills and he is progressing quickly-amazing to me!  He is VERY into this and does it in his free time.  IMG_4651IMG_4653He also spends tons of time playing Math BINGO and Sight Word BINGO.  The new free Lakeshore Apps are wonderful too, he really likes the phonics one!

A few items we used…
Visit Preschool Corner {& 5K too} for more fun learning ideas!

You Can Read Download Bundle is ready!


If you have already paid for access to the You Can Read Ad-Free/Bonus section, you now have access to the You Can Read Download Bundle too!  There is NO extra charge-the link to the bundle has just been added to the top of the page!

For those of you who do not have access to this section yet, now is the perfect time-the entire You Can Read program is done and filled with bonus materials {details below}.  There are 2 download links now available, one containing all 18 base lessons {plus color and number words}, and one link for all of the extra bonus materials.  For $10 you can have unlimited access to all of this.  All individual lessons are also linked up below the bundle download, so you can always come back if you need something.  The download links I offer never expire, you just have to save the link and the password! 

If you are unfamiliar with the You Can Read program, you can read tons of details here in my introduction post.

One thing I changed for the bundle was the removal of the “instructions” within each set-to create smaller files.  I put these together in one file called “Details and Links” within the YCR Extras folder.  I also added a helpful links page, so be sure to take a peek if you download the bundle.


~ Bonus Materials ~

The following bonus materials are included in the You Can Read “Extras” Download Bundle.

Sight Word Graphing ~ One die for each unit, we print on cardstock and use dot paint to mark our graph.  This is K’s new favorite!IMG_4335

You Can Read Sight Words 4  You Can Read Sight Words Graphing 1

I also added in a blank set so you can write your own words to work on trouble words specifically for review.

 You Can Read Sight Words Graphing 2  You Can Read Sight Words Graphing

Sight Word Search ~ I got this fabulous idea from Stephanie {Shining Our Lights Preschool}. You can see how we use these on her blog here!  I store my little laminated cut up words in this so I can find them easily to create a new “search.”image

You Can Read Sight Word Search  You Can Read Sight Word Search2

Box Handwriting ~ Boxes can sometimes help a child who is more visual.  The boxes emphasize the “size” of the letters when written properly and for some kids this can be very helpful.imageYou Can Read Sight Words Box Words Handwriting

Unit Review BINGO ~ Every 4 units there is a larger review BINGO game.  Krash really enjoys this and it makes the BINGO game last much longer!imageYou Can Read Sight Words Unit Review BINGO2

Assessments ~ There is a reading words assessment every 4 lessons, as well as a writing words assessment.  I also include detailed instructions if you are unfamiliar with these types of assessments.

image  imageYou Can Read Sight Words Word Count Assessment2You Can Read Sight Words Word Count Assessment5

You Can Read Sight Words Word Count Assessment1a You Can Read Sight Words Word Count Assessment3 You Can Read Sight Words Word Count Assessment4

Stamp a Word ~ We use both our Melissa and Doug wooden stamps and our see-through stamps with these.IMG_4109You Can Read Stamp a Word

Any bonus materials I add will be included on the same page. I do still have some ideas I hope to make a reality!  It truly is a one-time fee for the entire You Can Read program.  I still offer the base units for FREE after I post them on my blog in my Kindergarten with Krash series.  He is on unit 9 right now, so we are about half way through!

You can purchase access to the You Can Read Bundle Download here!