Up For a Challenge? ~ Bridge Builder


When I saw Up For a Challenge I just knew I had to join in, for Pac Man’s sake. He is a challenge kind of guy, and I was right-he loved the idea!
The first challenge was Bridge Builder, you can see other solutions here.

Now, I must say, I am not a challenge type of gal, so I barely even understood the directions. But, we eventually figured it all out. Although, at first I thought he was a genius, completing the task with 100 out of 100 points in under the time limit.

Here’s the 1st bridge he built, which was eventually disqualified after I re-read the rules-duh-it couldn’t touch the floor between the white circles. Like I said-I am no engineer.

He handled it well though (knowing he was getting attitude points), and got right back to work on the bridge with the correct directions…
He did manage to create a bridge…
But, it did not hold any weight, here is his expression when it collapsed!!

Thankfully Daddy had just walked in the door and was all about bridge building. He worked on it with Pac, and they failed a few times ;), then Daddy kept working (yup by himself)…not about to be beat by other homeschooling kids (who I told him DID create bridges that help weight). Daddy created his own bridge that held all 10 pennies…YAY Daddy-you get lots of points!

It was fun, next we’re gonna give the Boat Race a try!

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